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Reddit now allows users to embed the comments and threads

You can now embed the comments threads from Reddit, says the official blog. This new feature added to Reddit enables users to showcase the Reddit comments on their website directly by pasting the embedded code into the web page. After […]

reddit live

Reddit Live, a live blogging tool, launched

Reddit has launched a live blogging tool called as Reddit Live. Aimed at users who want to keep posting about live events in real time, the feature has been in semi-open beta version since February. Reddit Live With Reddit Live, […]

Aaron Swartz, Internet activist & Reddit co-founder hangs himself

Internet activist and co-founder of Reddit Aaron Swartz hanged himself in his Brooklyn apartment on Friday January 11, 2013. Aaron Swartz was set to face a trial next month for a controversial computer hacking case. Aaron Swartz was charged of […]

Top 10 posts of 2012 on Reddit

When it comes to social media platforms, 2012 will be remembered as the year of the rise and rise of Reddit. It stood out from others thanks to its sincere simplicity and interesting content being shared across. Its popularity increased […]