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Microsoft migrates Windows Technical Documentation to

The technical details with regards to deploying, update, managing and securing Windows 10 and other technologies have been included on the The documentation covers Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft Edge, Windows Store for Business, Windows for Education, Surface […]


TechNet Gallery now offers Chrome and Firefox as downloads

What can be termed as extremely surprising, Microsoft’s web portal “TechNet” is offering Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers as downloads, in its Gallery. What is even more astonishing, is the fact that TechNet Gallery is projecting both its competitor […]

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Microsoft to kill TechNet subscriptions

Microsoft has announced that it will retire TechNet Subscription service on August 31, 2013. Usage shift from paying to free evaluation resources and experiences seems to be the reason behind this retirement. In a statement, Microsoft mentioned that, “Microsoft is […]

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Microsoft has launched Bytes by MSDN and Bytes by TechNet

Microsoft has launched Bytes by MSDN and Bytes by TechNet – a series of interviews with the brightest and the best amidst the developer and IT Pro community and Microsoft.  Each interview shares tidbits on the latest technologies and announcements, providing you […]

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Microsoft launches TechNet Wiki

Microsoft has launched TechNet Wiki, a portal for community generated content about Microsoft Technologies.