Latest XBox Music news.

Microsoft finally putting to death the Zune streaming service

Many might have thought the Zune Music service is dead since Microsoft came out with Xbox Music, which is now called Groove Music. Well, such is not the case, but it will be placed 6-feet under soon. Microsoft launched its […]

Xbox Music renamed to Groove, Xbox Video renamed to Movies & TV

As Windows 10 release date nears, its progress is going on well. And things are shaping up on entertainment front too. Xbox Music has evolved with new features and now has been renamed to Groove. And along with it, Xbox […]

OneDrive lets you access music files across all Windows devices

Since some time, we have been hearing about OneDrive getting ready for Music. Starting today, you can put your personal music collection on OneDrive and access them across your Windows devices with the Xbox music app for free! Just upload […]