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IE11 Page prediction, Preloading, Prefetching features make it even faster

Internet Explorer 11 lets you browse the web fast as it loads the page content instantly, says Microsoft. In an official blog post, Microsoft explains how its premium web-browser tackles the network latency issue and utilizes battery life, memory, and […]

Windows 8.1 Engineers fail to address major concerns at Reddit AMA

On the occasion of the release of its new operating system, Microsoft participated in the popular Reddit AMA. A group of engineers from the Windows 8.1 team sat down to talk about user experiences, the new Internet Explorer and the […]

opera 17 developer

Opera 17 First Developer Version Released

The first developer version of the Opera browser, Opera 17 Developer has finally been released with a few bug fixes and a handful of new features. Downloadable from the Opera Desktop Team website this developer stream brings several requested features […]

Internet Explorer 11 Developer Preview for Windows 7 released

During Microsoft’s Build conference, the IE team had promised the availability of Internet Explorer 11 (IE11), the latest version shipped with Windows 8.1 to be also available for Windows 7. Fast-forward a month on July 25, the team has released […]

Microsoft to open up its Bing search engine to developers

This is just the first step towards our vision for Bing as a platform. As we continue to build out our intelligent fabric services you can expect to see additional capabilities that will enable you to create experiences that are […]

Windows Dev Center

Microsoft launches new revamped Windows Dev Center

The Windows Dev Centre was launched in October, 2011. Since then, Microsoft has worked on it continuously to increase its efficiency. Microsoft’s team works closely with software architects and developers all across the world to understand the requirements and then […]

Microsoft Invites Young Developers For AppFest On Feb 26

Microsoft after launching, to support youth micro projects has now come up with a new platform AppFest for students to develop apps for Windows 8 platform. This Appfest will be conducted on February 26, 2013 by Microsoft Corporation (India) […]

Windows Phone Next App Star Contest Open For Developers Worldwide

If you are a registered Windows Phone developer, this might be good news for you. With an intention to use some marquee apps for its mobile platform Microsoft is launching its “Windows Phone Next App Star” contest today.  The company […]

Microsoft announces the Windows Startup Challenge

Microsoft, in association with Startup Weekend and DEMO, has announced the launch of the Windows Startup Challenge. The initiative has been launched with the idea of promoting the development of apps and accelerating their progress from prototype to development to […]

Microsoft announces Circle Of Experts program

Microsoft has organized a training and certification program for IT professionals, dubbed ‘Circle of Experts’. The program has been launched in an effort to help IT professionals update their knowledge as their profession is fast, ever-changing and requires enhancing skills. […]

Microsoft releases SkyDrive SDK for Windows Phone & .NET

Microsoft platform developers who are working for .NET platform and Windows Phone apps development may be happy to know that Microsoft has released a new SDK for developers to make their life easy and enhance the quality and power of […]

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Microsoft Windows Store plans revealed; First Apps Contest announced

Microsoft has revelead the details of its Windows Store.  The Windows Store will be a part of Windows 8 and the distribution point for Metro style apps. Microsoft today at its Store Preview event in San Francisco,  also described the […]

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Microsoft to develop software to monitor employee habits?

The next time you intend to end a conference call early being inside a Microsoft Office, be careful. Because there might just be a software to monitor that. Yes, we know that’s hard, but maybe that’s what Microsoft may want […]

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Kinect for Windows website is now live

Microsoft has launched the Kinect for Windows website. In fact it’s more than just a website – it really kick starts the journey for the Kinect for Windows commercial program that’s coming in early 2012. Whether you’re educating students, entertaining […]

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App Developer Hackathon coming in October 2011

Didn’t the Yahoo Open Hack 2011 satisfy your ‘hacking‘ appetite? Or is there more that your fingers want to engross themselves in by repeatedly banging on the keyboard with full vigor as you proceed towards your next hack? If yes, then […]

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Microsoft launches

Microsoft has launched a new website called This website has been launched with the purpose of reporting developments and happenings of its new developers conference named BUILD.

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Free Accessibility Tools and Training for Developers from Microsoft

Microsoft has released its Accessibility Tools & Training package of free online accessibility training courses, tools and other resources to help developers worldwide create technology products, services and websites that are accessible to people with disabilities.

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Coming Soon: The 2011 Scripting Games!

And here we are! The 2011 Scripting Games are coming! Beginning on April 4, 2011 and running through April 15, 2011.  Scripting Games are the premier learning event of the year for IT Pros and others who wish to master […]

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Dev Unplugged: HTML5 Contest for Web Developers

Dev Unplugged is a contest that challenges web developers to push the limits of a modern browser without the use of plug-ins. The contest believes that HTML5 and related technologies, in conjunction with faster and faster  browsers, finally give developers […]

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Microsoft launches the MEA Windows Phone 7 challenge for students

Microsoft has launched the MEA Windows Phone 7 challenge for students from the Middle East & Africa. The MEA Windows Phone 7 challenge is a technology contest that is open for highly inspired and self motivated students from Middle East […]

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Be a King of Bing Maps!

Microsoft Bing is looking for a King of Bing Maps! Someone to lead the way in Bing Map App development. Someone who will set the bar for what a Bing Map App should be.

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Windows Azure – Now available in 41 Countries

Microsoft Windows Azure platform, including Windows Azure, SQL Azure, and Windows Azure platform AppFabric will now be generally available in an additional 20 countries, making the flexible cloud services platform available to a global customer base and partner ecosystem across […]