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Anonymous hacks hundreds of Israeli websites

Anonymous launched a massive hack attack on hundreds of leading Israeli websites, in support of the Palestinian people. The attack was codenamed #OpIsrael and was launched in protest against Gaza Operation – Pillar of Defense. Several important Israeli government websites including […]

16 year old Indian ethical hacker creates Windows Phone 8 malware

Barely had the dust settled over the Windows Phone 8 OS launch – the OS sees its own malware being developed! A teenager and a researcher – part of the Indian National Security Database program – Shantanu Gawade claims to have […]

The First Free Antivirus to be Windows 8 Compatible is… avast!

Windows 8 users need not install a 3rd party antivirus software since Windows Defender in Windows 8 is actually Microsoft Security Essentials. But still many prefer to install some good free antivirus software like avast! Windows 8 users will be […]

Microsoft no longer features among the top 10 vulnerable products

Russian-based cyber security company, Kaspersky Labs the developers of Kaspersky Internet Security and other security software, has released its latest IT Threat Evolution Report. Some new and interesting findings have been revealed in the regular quarterly report. The report after taking […]

Key Websites of Indian Defense Organizations Hacked by an Algerian Group

Servers that host websites of most precious and important organizations in India were hacked successfully by a group of Algerian hackers. SanFour 25, as the group identifies itself planned and carried out a successful cyber attack on websites operated by the Defense Research and […]

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Kaspersky to develop a secure operating system

Kaspersky, the name that works secretly behind the scenes to help you defend your PC and your children against malware and internet infections has now been busy developing its own secured operating system to be used in industrial information systems. […]

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Google acquires VirusTotal

While there are several free online malware scanners available, the most popular among them have been Jotti and VirusTotal. There is now news that Google has acquired VirusTotal. While announcing its acquisition by Google, on its blog, the VirusTotal Team […]

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Apple quietly changes OS X security message on its website

In wake of the recent Flashback botnet which plagued more than 600,000 computers running on Apple’s Mac OS X and the security ‘brouhaha’ that ensued later on, Apple has removed a statement on its website that earlier said that Mac […]

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Mac users panic! New Flashback.S trojan installs without a password!

The Apple woes never seem to end as for now. After the various malware attacks, including the recent potent FlashBack attack, we thought maybe the attackers might just want to let it go, having taught Apple an important lesson in […]

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Apple is 10 years behind Microsoft : Kaspersky

If you think that your Mac computer comes with the most advanced security options and prevention strategies, then probably you are living in an unreal world. The Apple product isn’t safe anymore, as underlined in our previous posts. And according to […]

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Sophos compares an infected Mac to a person who has Chlamydia

After the recent spate of malware attacks on Mac computers, it is pretty clear Mac computers aren’t exactly immune as was being believed by Mac users. One Mac in every five is infected with some kind of malware, reveals a new […]

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Apple catches the rot; Flashback Trojan infects 600,000 Mac systems

If you think that your Mac laptop/desktop is safe, think again! The (misplaced) confidence of Mac users, about the security of its operating system may backfire, as happened again, recently in the case of the  BackDoor.Flashback.39, also known simply as Flashback […]

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BitDefender’s free Online Malware Scanner QuickScan is much faster now

Bitdefender has released a faster, smoother version of its free online malware scanner, that allows computer users to scan their computers for malware, in less than a minute. QuickScan has been accessed by 2.9 million users in 2011 and turned […]

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Suit filed against Symantec, claiming it sells Scareware

If you recollect, we had first broken the story, some time back, on how about how Norton PC Checkup Tool threw up exaggerated and even false findings about the health of your PC, and then tried to sell you some […]

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Apple shoots the messenger for discovering security loophole in iOS

BAM!! Apple is behaving in a strange way. Yes it is. Those who have heard the Charles Miller side of story would definitely agree. Charles Miller who? Okay lets revisit what has had happened. Charles Miller, a computer security researcher with […]

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Online Safety and Privacy Tips from Google Good To Know website

Google recently launched a new website simply called Good To Know, to inform users about Online safety and privacy, and about how to manage online data. Google Good To Know website There are so many fascinating things to do and […]

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Cricketing superstar Sachin Tendulkar to endorse Kaspersky products

Kaspersky Labs today announced at a Channel Partners Meet in Mumbai, that the have appointed star cricketer Sachin Tendulkar as its brand ambassador for its Kaspersky brand of security software. Starting this October, Tendulkar will represent the Kaspersky brand in […]

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Linux Foundation websites hacked

The, and websites have been taken offline. The reason? They appear to have been hacked! While how this has exactly happened has not been explained, it does appear that was compromised which gave the hackers root […]

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Mac OS X more vulnerable than Windows 7 !

Consider this situation; I wait at the airport lounge for my flight and the person sitting beside me opens up a Mac with Apple Mac OS X with while I binge upon my Acer 5742Z with Windows 7. What would […]

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Microsoft Malware Protection Center expands to Munich

Microsoft Malware Protection Center is opening a new research and response lab in Munich, Germany, its 5th one now! The new lab coming up at Munich complements the existing European antimalware lab in Dublin, Ireland, and will allow Microsoft to […]

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Scareware comes to Mac OS X!

Windows users may be used to reading about scareware, but it now appears that scareware has made its way to the Apple Mac computer. A fake antivirus program calling itself the MACDefender is attacking Apple Mac computers.

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Free Sophos anti-virus for Apple Mac released

Its great news for Mac users! Sophos has just released a Free anti-virus for Mac. As malware attacks on Apple computers grow, they’re now an increasingly-enticing and easy target for hackers.

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The Twitter website is being widely exploited by users who have stumbled across a flaw which allows messages to pop-up and third-party websites to open in your browser just by moving your mouse over a link. UPDATE: The flaw has […]