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Malware to combat malware could become legally available

If it was up to the American “Intellectual Property Commission”, malware could soon be used to legally combat intellectual property theft. In their 84-page report the independent organization demands the usage of techniques that usually can be found in ransomware, […]

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Symantec kills PC Tools product line, including Spyware Doctor

Symantec, the security software vendor, recently killed its PC Tools security product lines. It was in October 2008 that Symantec had acquired PC Tools, a global provider of security and utility products, including the then popular Spyware Doctor. The announcement can […]

PrivacyChoice acquired by AVG

AVG is one of the better known security software companies which provides security software for various platforms.. The security firm has added another feather to its cap by acquiring and online privacy organization, PrivacyChoice. PrivacyChoice acquired by AVG Founded in 2009, PrivacyChoice is an […]

Fake Internet ads entice surfers to install rogue Flash Player

You may have experienced a situation, where a site may have asked you to install a third-party software like Adobe Flash Player or Silverlight, in order to be able to view a video. taking advantage of this familiarity factor, some […]

Kernel vulnerability in Linux discovered

All Linux loyalists have a firm belief that it is one of the most secure systems around. However, the lack of security advisories for the OS has been the subject of intense criticism for many in security circles recently. Some […]

Global Botnet Visualizer keeps you up-to-date on Bot activity by the second

Launched late last month by Anubis Networks, Cyberfeed’s Global Botnet Visualizer is a service that tracks botnet behavior, growth, dispersion, live time and displays botnet connections per second and infected devices in the last 24 hours. This helps in getting […]

Dangerous Trojan can redirect your browser to a malicious web page

Dr. Web one of the well-known anti-virus company from Russia has come up with a report that has studied one of the most widespread threats in April 2013, the Trojan.Mods.1. Trojan.Mods.1 works by intercepting the system functions necessary for translating DNS […]

New data shows Java malware most prevalant in 2012 Q4

Every week hundreds of thousands of new samples of malware are reported. New variants continue to evolve daily. New data at Microsoft reveals that the Java environment has favored the growth of malware, the most. Even if your system was up-to-date, […]

Keygens have become the number one threat – Microsoft

As per the latest report from Microsoft Security Center, Keygens have become the number one threat reported by users, especially in newer versions like Windows 8 & Windows 7. This research is done on the basis of reports received from […]

Norton Zone, new secure file sharing service officially released

Symantec recently announced Norton Zone for consumers, a new secure file sharing service that allows users to safely access, sync and share photos, videos and documents from any of their PC, Mac, Android or iOS devices. Norton Zone has been […]

IFrameRef worm replaces Conficker as the No. 1 threat

Malware is a serious threat for computers and hence companies like Microsoft are always on their toes. The Conficker, infected millions of computers across 200 countries, which included the home, business and also government computers, and went on to become […]

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Millions of computer are not running up-to-date antivirus, says Microsoft

In its latest Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR), Volume 14, released recently, Microsoft has found that millions of computer are not running up-to-date antivirus. In terms of percentage, Microsoft found that almost 25% of the computers did not have an […]

AV-Comparatives Real World AntiVirus Protection Test results are out

AV-Comparatives conducts a Real World Protection Test to simulate the typical risks a Windows PC user has to face these days. In particular, active exploits (e.g. drive-by downloads), and direct links to malware are the primary reasons for most infections […]

Bitcoin mining Skype malware spreading at 2,000 clicks per hour

As the value of Bitcoins is soaring high, a new piece of malware is discovered mining the Bitcoins in a high speed on victim’s computer system. This is a Skype-borne malware, and it secretly installs a Bitcoin-mining software on your […]

Google Help Center For Hacked Sites launched

Site hacked and don’t know what to do? Google has launched an initiative for webmasters and bloggers that will help site-owners to recover their hacked websites. The Google Help Center For Hacked Sites gives complete step-by-step instructions on what to do […]

Various NBC websites hacked and spreading malware, warns Emsisoft

Visitors to NBC’s websites are in danger of having their PCs infected with malicious software. NBC belongs to the most visited TV and news portals worldwide. A hitherto unknown organization has obtained access to the NBC webservers. The attackers managed to […]

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Java Version, Update 15 released to patch critical remote compromises

Oracle has released the updated February 2013 Critical Patch Update for Java SE.  This Java Version, Update 15 delivers 5 additional fixes which could not be included when Oracle accelerated the release of the Critical Patch Update by publishing it […]

Facebook hackers attack Apple Inc employee’s computers

The same group of hackers who recently hacked Facebook, appear to have attacked computers belonging to Apple Inc. No data was however stolen, says Apple. Facebook Security team had revealed that hackers from China had carried out a sophisticated attack […]

Anonymous India brings down IIPM websites

Hackers group, Anonymous India hacked IIPM (The Indian Institute of Planning and Management) websites yesterday on Saturday February 17, 2013. The Indian Department of Telecom (DoT) has issued an order for ISPs to block about 78 URLs. and […]

27 million new strains of malware were created in 2012 – Panda

According to the most recent PandaLabs Annual Report, 27 million new strains of malware were created in 2012. The report comes before us after conducting a thorough survey over security issues, ranging from mobile malware to cyber-war that happened in […]

Hackers compromise Clicksor Ad Network to distribute malware

The research team of Trusteer recently investigated malvertising campaigns from several of the leading online advertising networks that distribute Blackhole Exploit kits that utilize this vulnerability to compromise user endpoints. Malicious Advertising or Malvertising makes use of online advertising to […]

Safer Internet Day 2013 is being celebrated today

The Safer Internet Day (SID) is organized by Insafe in February of each year to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially amongst children and young people across the world. This year too, the […]

Justin Bieber Scandal Video unearthed – Just Don’t Click Here!

After being a center of Marijuana controversy for a while, spotted with a large bottle of codeine at the shindig – aka sizzurp, a new Justin Bieber controversy has popped up. It’s a scandal actually. According to ESET Threat Blog, […]

ComboFix, the malware removal tool, infected with Sality Virus

In a recent not-so-good development, ComboFix, the popular malware removal tool, hosted by well-known Bleeping Computers has been found to be infected with the Sality Virus and has been termed as dangerous for download. Confirming this discovery, Lawrence Abrams says:  “Unfortunately it […]