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Satana Ransomware encrypts User Files and replaces MBR

Satana is the latest ransomware threat for Windows PC users. It is actually a Ransomware which encrypts your files as well as the MBR (Master Boot Record) leaving your Windows device unable to load. Satana brings a boot locker along […]

Incidence of Cyber Crime surpasses Physical Crime in the UK

Cyber-crime is the biggest recorded offense in the UK lately. A new Cyber Crime Assessment 2016 report released by NCA (National Crime Agency) confirms that cybercrime now outpaces any other kind of crimes in the United Kingdom. The most commonly recorded […]


Pokémon Go is a serious threat to user’s Google account

The recently released Pokémon Go (released on July 6th, 2016), is the latest sensation amongst the video game players. Gamers across the US are downloading the game. However, this free-to-play and augmented reality mobile game is causing a serious threat […]

Microsoft releases a cybersecurity checklist for Government agencies

Government agencies are the ones that have been the epicenter of cyber attacks. Since the Government agencies have a sensitive database which might contain crucial information about the countries armed forces it just becomes more appealing for the attackers. The […]

Avast Software

Avast Software to acquire AVG for $1.3B

Avast Software, the antivirus giant with a user-base of 230 million users has announced its plan to acquire its rival AVG for $1.3 billion. The initial process of this acquisition has already started and it will be an all-cash deal. […]

Trends in cybersecurity

Microsoft publishes e-book on Trends in Cybersecurity 2016

If you are looking for some good information on trends in cyber security for this year, then Microsoft is here for your help. Microsoft has recently published a free-to-download e-book on cyber security trends, titled as “2016 Trends in Cybersecurity: […]


EduCrypt Ransomware teaches Internet users a much needed lesson

With the rise in the Internet usage, the security threats have also increased. It is every day that we come across the new type of virus, ransomware, and malware. EduCrypt is yet another new Ransomware, but it begs to differ […]

CCTV botnet

DDoS attackers using large CCTV botnet for attacks

DDoS is a commonly seen attack on important websites and web portals. Today’s technological advents have successfully mitigated DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attacks. However, the DDoS authors are now using unique and unrecognizable techniques for the attacks. A […]

Locky ransomware

Locky ransomware is back with a bang in Japan, US & South Korea

The infamous Locky ransomware has struck again. Released in February 2016, the ransomware had affected all versions of Windows OS, such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and even Windows 10. The ransomware is now back with […]


Crypto-ransomware attacks rose 5.5 times during 2015-16, says Kaspersky

According to a study conducted by Kaspersky Lab, crypto-ransomware attacks have seen a tremendous growth in the recent months. In the year 2015-16 alone, the attacks have shockingly increased 5.5 times in comparison with the same period during the year […]


Microsoft to show how to respond to major business security risks

Microsoft has come up with a security webinar that is aimed at empowering business owners on how to tackle some of the major security threats. The webinar is titled “Top 5 security threats facing your business – and how to […]


New ransomware targets Office 365 users in Australia

Malware and ransomware mostly find their way to our machine via email. After a little work to fix the problem we dismiss it just as an attempt to access data. In reality, the situation is more worrisome. It is more […]

154 million Voter Records exposed in the U.S.

The latest data breach exposed the 154 million voter records which includes not only voter registration data but many personal details like addresses, Facebook profiles, income details, education, gun-ownership, age, gender, languages one knows, phone numbers and much more. This […]

BadTunnel vulnerability has a massive security impact for all Windows

A recently discovered, but now patched BadTunnel vulnerability for Windows PC was recently unveiled by a security researcher Yang Yu. Microsoft addressed the flaw in its security bulletin MS16-077 and in CVE-2016-3213 and released a fix. BadTunnel vulnerability As per […]

Worrying changes in the European Union Threat Landscape

IT security professionals try building high-performance security tools keeping in view the changing nature of the threat landscape. However, they note two fundamental issues have stayed constant. First, the threat landscape continuously evolves and gains sophistication. Second, attackers remain a […]

Out of Box Exploitation

OEM Updaters make Windows PCs vulnerable, says study

Duo Labs recently did a complete security analysis of OEM updaters that come with theWindows machines by default. Their study found out the many of the PC manufacturers come with preinstalled updater that can make the system vulnerable. Duo Labs […]

IBM Security uncovers GozNym malware, a Trojan targeting bank accounts

According to a recent report from CNBC, the IBM Security team has uncovered a serpent-like Trojan called as GozNym. The GozNym malware targets banking accounts and it remains asleep until the user starts logging into his bank account using net […]


Microsoft to ban common passwords

In a bid to boost users’ online security, Microsoft has decided to ban common passwords that look too basic and can be easily decoded by the hackers. The company maintains a database of banned passwords which are insecure and commonly […]

New ransomware

Link (.lnk) to Ransom, a new ransomware, threatens Windows users

Recently, a new ransomware was detected by Microsft, which could be a huge threat to Windows users. According to Microsoft Malware Protection Center, this new malware Ransom:Win32/ZCryptor.A shows worm-like behavior. Moreover, this ransom leverages removable and network drives to spread itself […]

TeslaCrypt ransomware shuts down; Master Key released

In a surprising move, developers of TeslaCrypt ransomware have made their malware defunct. The developers of the ransomware have changed the message on their last operation site and rendered an unconditional apology for the inconvenience caused to all whose data […]

Microsoft expands Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection

After testing the preview version of Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection for a few months, Microsoft now has decided to make it public. Customers’ security has always been the top most priority at Microsoft and moving with their aim to […]

Cyber criminals

UK computers under Cyber criminals’ attacks

Microsoft’s News Center in UK recently reported the growing attacks on UK computers by the cyber criminals. As technology is advancing, cyber criminals too are getting smarter. As a result, the incidents of cyber crime is increasing across the globe. […]

How to stay safe from ransomware

Microsoft participates in Swiss Government’s Ransomware Info Day

The Swiss Government observed a Ransomware Info Day today, on May 19th, 2016. This is an initiative by the Swiss Internet Security Alliance to increase awareness regarding ransomware and help people protecting themselves from it. Microsoft Malware Protection Center (MMPC) […]


Chinese language Ransomware is on the rise

When it comes to cyber-attacks, Ransomware is the latest breed which is threatening both individuals and corporates. This particular breed of cyber-attack has made many millions of dollars from all across the world. According to computer experts, the use of […]

Spam emerges at the main tool to target Internet users

New findings from Kaspersky Labs signal some worrying facts. The report suggests Spam has emerged as the favorite tool for fraudsters to target Internet users. It also reports the mails with malicious attachments has increased significantly in the recent years. […]

Cerber Ransomware emerging as a major threat

A study reveals, the Cerber ransomware attacks have been showing an upward trend continuously. The ransomware mainly exploits a security flaw that targets PCs running on Windows. When infected, the data on infected computers becomes encrypted with AES encryption and […]