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Major WordPress sites including Readers Digest infected by malware

A majority of content-centric sites across the Internet are running on WordPress. There are reports that the Angler exploit kit has compromised many WordPress sites either directly or indirectly. The attack was carried out by injecting a malicious script within […]


Rogue Certificate eDellRoot found installed on new Dell laptops

It’s not uncommon to see laptop manufacturers try to make an extra buck by preinstalling the system with malware and the best example for this was the Superfish debacle by Lenovo. This time around Dell seems to have done the […]

Buhtrap malware distributed via Ammyy website

The security researchers at ESET discovered that visitors to the Ammyy website, somewhere in late October were being served up malware along with the popular and portable Ammyy Admin Remote Desktop Software that allowed the Buhtrap gang to gain control […]


iOS and Android Apps found to be leaking sensitive user information

Amid growing concerns of smartphones being exploited to leak sensitive user’s data, a research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard, and Carnegie-Mellon has revealed that mobile apps are leaking user’s information to the third parties in a massive […]

Google Site Status section will now display more info about site warnings

With the increase in online activities, attackers are getting smarter and disguising themselves in different avatars to attack the user. Google has launched a new Site Status section in the Transparency report which will let you know why the website […]

New Adware clones the entire Chrome browser and deletes the original

Security vulnerabilities and Malware are on a constant rise and it becomes important for the users to be aware of these threats and take cautionary measures. A new adware unearthed by Security researchers clones the entire Chrome browser and it […]

AV-TEST tests Linux security solutions against Linux and Windows threats

The recent tests on Linux security solutions by AV-Test Lab indicate a worrisome situation – Linux systems are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Yes, Linux machines are no more completely secure. The test results show that Linux systems can act as […]


Patreon donation site’s user data published online after hack

If you have ever made any donation via crowd funding website Patreon, your personal details and donations details are supposedly published online. A recent hack on the website reportedly resulted in a huge data theft which include the names, addresses […]

Hackers can remotely exploit bug in HP PCs, Laptops and Tablets

If you have a HP Laptop, PC or a Notebook with HP lt4112 LTE/HSPA+ Gobi 4G Module onboard, it might have a few bugs recently reported. The HP machines according to a recently submitted security report are susceptible to some critical […]

Malware using WordPress to infect thousands of visitors

WordPress sites are incredibly popular and common in use since it allows users to create a free website or easily build a blog on with the aid of free, customizable, mobile-ready designs and themes. It also offers free hosting […]

Indian Government moves forward towards replacing Windows with BOSS OS

News is that the operating system BOSS (Bharat Operating System Solution) may soon replace Microsoft Windows in government offices in India. There will be a meeting this week to discuss this and other uses of BOSS. In the meeting, Home […]

Microsoft fixes security vulnerabilities in Windows 10, IE, Edge, Office, etc.

Microsoft released updates for Windows yesterday. The update is a summary of the new and changed content.It lists Microsoft security bulletins released for September 2015. Of the 12 bulletins released, 5 bulletins are identified as Critical and the remaining seven […]

bug bounty

Microsoft expands Bug Bounty Programs, doubles bounty amount

It is a good news if you are bug hunter as Microsoft has announced further extension of its Security Bounty Programs. In an effort to woo bug finders, the Company is  doubling  bounty amount for defence, launching authentication bonus and […]

Yahoo affected by malvertising attack

Cybercriminals use different methods to gain access to your computers in a hope to get information they can use for their benefits. Most of the Internet users think that cybercriminals’ activities are limited to smaller websites only. But this proved […]

Open source multiple AV Scanner

PlagueScanner, an Open Source multiple AV scanner framework released

Recently, GitHub published an open source multiple AV scanner framework, called as PlagueScanner. This open source multiple AV scanner framework is created by security researcher Robert Simmons. PlagueScanner framework is quite similar to the popular AV scanner owned by Google, VirusTotal. […]

Microsoft patches critical vulnerabilities in Windows, Office & IE

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for July 2015 has been released and it includes critical patches that fix many critical security vulnerabilities in Windows, Microsoft SQL Server, Office, and IE. The official blog shows a table summarizing the security bulletins for this […]

Mozilla decides to block Adobe Flash due to security flaws

Seeing some critical yet unpatched vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash, Mozilla Firefox has decided to block all versions of Adobe Flash. As per the report posted by Adobe Flash last week, some critical vulnerabilities were identified in Adobe Flash Player […]

Stay Anonymous and access WiFi from 2.5 miles away

This is not just about how to increase range of WiFi. Ever since Edward Snowden dropped the bomb about NSA snooping the data packets travelling in and out of the US, people have become very nervous. They are taking all […]

DDoS attack

Canadian Government website hit by DDoS attack, making it offline

It’s an unfortunate news for the Canadian Government Website, as it was hit by a DDoS attack and was made offline. As per the reports, the attack was made by an anonymous group that apparently did this due to outrage […]

Microsoft Word Intruder: Malware with a difference

The programs used to create malicious documents that exploit vulnerabilities in Office applications such as Word are now being advertised in underground forums. One such new tool that has recently come up offers the ability to track the effectiveness of […]

LastPass compromised; change your master password ASAP

LastPass, the password manager recently announced suspicious activity on its network. While the encrypted user vault data is safe, the company acknowledged that some of the data including email addresses, password reminder and authentication hashes were compromised. While everything now […]

Antimalware Scan Interface

Microsoft Antimalware Scan Interface (AMSI) in Windows 10

Here is a reason why Windows 10 users would have added security from malware. Microsoft has announced a new tool called as Antimalware Scan Interface (AMSI) for Windows 10 that allows application developers to further strengthen up the security of […]

Toolbars like will be viewed as ‘high-threat’ malware by Microsoft

Microsoft announced its security products will detect programs with browser search protection functionality as malware from this month. Browser protection code and search protection code are used by some programs, especially by toolbar, to make it difficult to change […]

Venom, bigger than Heartbleed, affects all datacenters as a zero day bug

Even as people are still patching Heartbleed, another zero day bug called Venom, has surfaced, that leaves almost all data centers vulnerable to hackers. Heartbleed is a bug where hackers can use memory overflow to compromise computers. It had been […]