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Open source multiple AV Scanner

PlagueScanner, an Open Source multiple AV scanner framework released

Recently, GitHub published an open source multiple AV scanner framework, called as PlagueScanner. This open source multiple AV scanner framework is created by security researcher Robert Simmons. PlagueScanner framework is quite similar to the popular AV scanner owned by Google, VirusTotal. […]

Microsoft patches critical vulnerabilities in Windows, Office & IE

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for July 2015 has been released and it includes critical patches that fix many critical security vulnerabilities in Windows, Microsoft SQL Server, Office, and IE. The official blog shows a table summarizing the security bulletins for this […]

Mozilla decides to block Adobe Flash due to security flaws

Seeing some critical yet unpatched vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash, Mozilla Firefox has decided to block all versions of Adobe Flash. As per the report posted by Adobe Flash last week, some critical vulnerabilities were identified in Adobe Flash Player […]

Stay Anonymous and access WiFi from 2.5 miles away

This is not just about how to increase range of WiFi. Ever since Edward Snowden dropped the bomb about NSA snooping the data packets travelling in and out of the US, people have become very nervous. They are taking all […]

DDoS attack

Canadian Government website hit by DDoS attack, making it offline

It’s an unfortunate news for the Canadian Government Website, as it was hit by a DDoS attack and was made offline. As per the reports, the attack was made by an anonymous group that apparently did this due to outrage […]

Microsoft Word Intruder: Malware with a difference

The programs used to create malicious documents that exploit vulnerabilities in Office applications such as Word are now being advertised in underground forums. One such new tool that has recently come up offers the ability to track the effectiveness of […]

LastPass compromised; change your master password ASAP

LastPass, the password manager recently announced suspicious activity on its network. While the encrypted user vault data is safe, the company acknowledged that some of the data including email addresses, password reminder and authentication hashes were compromised. While everything now […]

Antimalware Scan Interface

Microsoft Antimalware Scan Interface (AMSI) in Windows 10

Here is a reason why Windows 10 users would have added security from malware. Microsoft has announced a new tool called as Antimalware Scan Interface (AMSI) for Windows 10 that allows application developers to further strengthen up the security of […]

Toolbars like will be viewed as ‘high-threat’ malware by Microsoft

Microsoft announced its security products will detect programs with browser search protection functionality as malware from this month. Browser protection code and search protection code are used by some programs, especially by toolbar, to make it difficult to change […]

Venom, bigger than Heartbleed, affects all datacenters as a zero day bug

Even as people are still patching Heartbleed, another zero day bug called Venom, has surfaced, that leaves almost all data centers vulnerable to hackers. Heartbleed is a bug where hackers can use memory overflow to compromise computers. It had been […]

Mac security

Mac Security flaws found by a former NSA employee

Avira, the antivirus software company, recently reported that serious Mac security flaws were found out by a former NSA employee, Patric Wardle. As per this report, Patric brings to notice that Apple’s Gatekeeper code-verifying the technology for OS X can […]

WinYahoo PUP changes Secure Preferences in Chrome Browser

Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) tend to interfere with everyday computer use by placing advertisements, tool-bars in web browsers and resorting to other nefarious tactics. Options that generally trick you into installing potentially unwanted programs are common during the setup of […]

Google Chrome

Chrome to allow installation of extensions from its Web Store only

To prevent Chrome users from accidentally installing malware, Google has taken a bold step of blocking Windows and Mac users from loading Chrome extensions which not hosted on the Google’s own Chrome Web Store. Beginning today, installing Chrome extensions from […]

Lenovo again found risking users to massive security breach

Lenovo it is again and this time hitting users in the form of Lenovo System update (previously known as ThinkVantage System Update). Reported by security consultancy IOActive, a Lenovo PC owner is exposed to malware attacks from remote hackers, while […]

Windows 10 to ditch Patch Tuesday, to offer Security updates 24×7

In the Ignite 2015 event, Microsoft revealed that they are going to adopt new security mechanisms embedded in Windows 10. The new security mechanism includes a change in how software updates are delivered to end user devices. Windows Chief, Terry […]


Mozilla intends to deprecate Non-Secure HTTP

In this day and age, there are millions of Internet users benefiting from improved security on the web. Still, some fall prey to non-secure websites. As such Mozilla has initiated an action of phasing out non-secure HTTP from its browser. […]

TorrentLocker ransomware changes its name to Crypt0L0cker

A new TorrentLocker form called as Crypt0L0cker has been detected in parts of Asia, Europe and Australia. Crypt0L0cker is a ransomware and derives its name from another popular ransomware CryptoLocker. The noticeable difference between the two names is that the […]

Lenovo PC

Lenovo to ship a clean (Superfish-free) recovery media for free

Lenovo has made an announcement that it would be shipping the ‘clean’, (Superfish-free) recovery media for free. This recovery media will make sure that the rather dangerous adware, Superfish, will be eradicated and won’t reappear when users reinstall Windows from […]

Defenders should design the best Graph to combat attackers, says Microsoft

Microsoft has shared few important tips to folks who are into network security, administration and design. Microsoft has shared details on aspects like having a right defender mindset, security dependencies and effectively designing and managing graphs. Defender Mindset In the instances […]

Mojang confirms it has fixed Minecraft Vulnerabilities

Mojang, the company behind the popular Minecraft game has announced that it has fixed a security issue which exploited a loophole causing the game servers to crash. A security researcher by name Ammar Askar observed that the exploit allows any […]

CrypVault Ransomware Sdelete

Ransomware uses Sysinternals SDelete to delete encryption key files

Researchers have discovered and analyzed a new crypto-ransomware variant with new routines, CrypVault, that encrypts files and make them appear as if they were quarantined files. The ransomware malware then deletes the key files using Microsoft Sysinternals SDelete tool. The growing […]


Threat Finder Ransomware, suspected to be Cryptolocker cousin, surfaces

A new ransomware called as “Threat Finder” has been discovered by a security researcher at Rackspace. Threat Finder is feared to be a copy of Cryptolocker and can infect Windows PC’s via multiple sources; the most common infection is when […]

Minecraft Vulnerability makes it easy to crash the Game Servers

Minecraft was the undisputed indie success story of 2010. The game with in 3 years of its launch became third most popular computer game of all time, following Tetris and Wii Sports. Recently, a security researcher posted an exploit that […]

Oracle’s last publicly available Java 7 critical update released

Oracle today released the April 2015 Critical Patch Update. The latest critical update by Oracle includes patches for 98 security issues across different products. 14 of these 98 security issues addresses Java. This is going to be the last Oracle […]

Windows vulnerability which steals login credentials discovered

Cyclane, a cyber security company has announced that its SPEAR team has discovered a vulnerability that impacts all versions of Windows including the latest version of Windows 10 Technical Preview. The vulnerability which is discovered by the SPEAR team of Cyclane […]

Microsoft and Interpol partners to tackle Simda network

Microsoft has joined hands with a group of leading IT  and security companies like Kaspersky Lab, TrendIn a global operation coordinated by the Interpol Global Complex for Innovation in Singapore, Trend Micro and Japan’s Cyber Defense Institute, in collaboration with […]