Latest Bing Maps news.

Bing Maps v8 September update comes with new visualization features

The regular update for Bings Maps Version 8 Developer Control now comes with new data visualization features which will help you deduce the business data in a much better way. Data binning is a process in which point data are […]

New Windows 10 Maps for Phone released

Microsoft has unveiled details on Maps app for Windows 10 for Phone. The new Maps app includes features like aerial imagery, rich local search data, and voice-guided navigation from Bing and HERE maps. What makes Microsoft’s upcoming OS different from […]

Bing Maps start showing Movie set locations

Movie fans can now explore the area around their favorite movie scenes, may it be the famous cliff jump scene from the movie Six Days and Seven Nights or the iconic steps at Philadelphia Museum of Art from the movie […]

Bing Map Adds Over 100 Cities Streetside Images and 3D Images

Bing Maps is now all set to compete with Google Maps as it now has Street-side view, aerial imageries and 3D imagery for over 100 cities. A new and large update of Bing Maps was announced yesterday, where the search […]

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Facebook Places launched using Bing Maps

Facebook has launched their location-based check-in service dubbed Facebook Places, using Bing Maps to pinpoint everyone’s location-based experiences on

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Follow Tour de France via Bing Maps application

Bing Maps has produced a map application that will  bring to you the Tour de France. The new application is designed to help users visualize the overall race, the stages and how variables such as weather and elevation will impact […]

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Be a King of Bing Maps!

Microsoft Bing is looking for a King of Bing Maps! Someone to lead the way in Bing Map App development. Someone who will set the bar for what a Bing Map App should be.