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Spamtraps set in December 2016

The top 10 email senders who were caught in the Spamtraps

Spamtraps, Email Service Providers love them and spammers hate them! However, Spamtraps can be really useful in controlling the spam emails reaching your inbox. A report by MainSleaze mentions about the Spamtraps set in December 2016 by some of the […]


Embarrassing Glassdoor goof exposed over half a million user email IDs

Glassdoor, a company that’s best known for offering a platform where both current and ex-employees get a chance to review their respective organizations anonymously and disclose salaries as well as interview details, recently goofed up its users’ privacy pretty badly. According […]

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Millions of Email passwords compromised – Change Yours Now!

In case, you hold email accounts with popular service providers such as, Gmail, Yahoo or Microsoft, it is extremely important that you change their passwords now. What can be termed as the biggest scandal of password steal to be […]

Gmail now lets you send emails to your Google+ contacts

Google has pushed a new feature that integrates its email client, Gmail and social network Google+ in a very handy way. Gmail users will now be able to send emails to people they have in their Google+ circles. This feature has outdone […]

Microsoft too can recycle your inactive email ID

Similar to Yahoo,, the email service from Microsoft can also recycle inactive email account IDs. Microsoft has had a similar policy with Hotmail and Live ID, and it seems like it has been inherited by as well. Yahoo […]

Security loophole emerges in Yahoo recycled Email IDs

In June this year Yahoo announced that it will be deactivating the email accounts which haven’t been used for past 6 months and will make them available to other users. Although their intention was all nice and noble, this however couldn’t […]

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Microsoft launches, a new personal mail service

Microsoft has launched a preview of a new modern personal mail service. The new service offers a faster, cleaner and a more fluid user interface, sure to blow you away. Its interactive design makes it easy to use on a […]

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The Great Race of the E-Mail Service Providers

Google’s Gmail has surpassed AOL as the third most visited e-mail service in the U.S. and is poised to pass Windows Live Hotmail in about seven months.