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Google mulling to add Buy feature to Search Results on Mobile

Google is looking for ways to allow its customers to make purchases without leaving its site. As such, the company will allow people to purchase certain items directly from its search results pages. Google will do this by featuring a […]

Candy Crush

Oh no! Candy Crush Saga will come pre-installed on Windows 10

Games like Solitaire, Hearts, Minesweeper have been popular on the Windows platform. These games have been played millions of times over the years in Windows. And they are coming back in Windows 10 going to be joined by the smash-hit […]


WinYahoo PUP changes Secure Preferences in Chrome Browser

Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) tend to interfere with everyday computer use by placing advertisements, tool-bars in web browsers and resorting to other nefarious tactics. Options that generally trick you into installing potentially unwanted programs are common during the setup of […]

Google Chrome

Chrome to allow installation of extensions from its Web Store only

To prevent Chrome users from accidentally installing malware, Google has taken a bold step of blocking Windows and Mac users from loading Chrome extensions which not hosted on the Google’s own Chrome Web Store. Beginning today, installing Chrome extensions from […]

Microsoft Surface 3 tablet

Microsoft Surface 3 commercial targets College Students

Microsoft is busy promoting its new 10.8-inch tablet with a series of TV commercials. The latest commercial that features Surface intends to attract college going students with tidbits of how the device can help students with their work and distract […]


Edge Browser gets Sync Passwords, Bookmarks, Tabs Support

Microsoft’s earlier offering – Internet Explorer had many shortfalls to overcome. As such, the company decided to kill it and feverishly started working on Project Spartan, later changed to Edge for reasons best known to them. Edge Browser gets Sync […]

one drive

OneDrive Roadmap reveals Universal App coming in Q4 2015

At its first-ever Ignite Conference, Microsoft Corp. announced a range of new products and services that aims to help IT professionals and make their work easier. One such session of the conference was dedicated outlining upcoming features to OneDrive for […]

SQL Server

Microsoft gears up for SQL Server 2016 Summer Preview

Taking a leap forward in the company’s data platform history, Microsoft announced the first public preview of its upcoming version of SQL Server, called SQL Server 2016, for delivery this summer. The Windows giant has been focusing on its hybrid […]

windows 10 middle finger emoji

Windows 10 will be the first OS to support Raised Middle Finger Emoji

Microsoft has shown the audacity of including raised middle finger emoji support in Windows 10, the forthcoming operating system for Microsoft’s phones, PCs and tablets. Actions speak louder than words! This was the prime reason why there was a surge […]


Microsoft reportedly killing Windows Media Center in Windows 10

Microsoft reportedly, has decided to kill the support for its digital video recorder and media player – Windows Media Center. Debuted in 2002 as part of a special edition of Windows XP, offering support for PC-based TV tuners and an […]


Mozilla intends to deprecate Non-Secure HTTP

In this day and age, there are millions of Internet users benefiting from improved security on the web. Still, some fall prey to non-secure websites. As such Mozilla has initiated an action of phasing out non-secure HTTP from its browser. […]

visual studio

Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2015 RC now available for download

We have been kept busy for long by Microsoft Build conference announcements. The latest announcement is just an addition to this. Speaking at the San Francisco developers’ event, Visual Studio Online product manager Ed Blankenship revealed details based on software […]

windows apps

One big Store for all digital content, says Microsoft

As more and more details about Windows 10 are announced out, new ways for building more personal mobile experiences are surfacing. We just learned that Microsoft is exposing a number of ways to make it easier for developers to bring […]


Boomerang confirms Microsoft Partnership for Outlook.com API launch

Extensions benefit users by allowing them to add more features and functionality to the app that make their life more convenient. Keeping view of this, BUILD conference held this year announced the cross-platform email and productivity solution Boomerang will be […]


New capabilities for Office Platform unveiled at Build Conference

While Microsoft is making Windows gear up for big challenges, it also focuses on efforts to increase Office applications adoptions across multiple platforms. The big announcements the company made and changes it introduced or plans to introduce in future were […]

Windows 10

Microsoft welcomes Developers to Windows 10 Platform

In its renewed bid to make Windows 10 the most attractive development platform ever, Microsoft at BUILD, announced several new capabilities coming to Windows 10. The company anticipates Windows massive adoption by customers across the world by making the platform […]


Reports claim Microsoft smartphones infringe on two InterDigital patents

Microsoft is likely to face a ban on importing handsets into the US after a ruling issued by the International Trade Commission. The commission noted, Microsoft had used technology for which InterDigital owns the patents without obtaining the relevant permission. […]

opera account

Opera 29 introduces tab synchronization

The new version of Opera – Opera 29 has been released for Windows. The latest version brings significant improvements including added support for more mouse gestures, the addition of a History button to the Speed Dial and other start pages, […]

apple watch

Skype use extended to Apple Watch via Apple Watch Skype support

The launch of the Apple Watch witnessed almost 1 million pre-orders in three days time and to boost the sales further, the list of iOS apps with Apple Watch support continues to grow. Apple’s smartwatch is geared up for something […]


Facebook activates Safety Check feature for Nepal Earthquake Victims

While Nepal switches to recovery mode from the frightening aftermath of Yesterday’s earthquake that left scores of people dead, tech behemoths like Google and social networking giant – Facebook have pitched in with their relief efforts in the affected areas. […]

Greate place

Microsoft Bags Global Randstad Award First Time In 15 Years

Money doesn’t always buy happiness, job satisfaction is important too. An office that has a family feel in terms of workplace culture with immense facilities on site for employees can be rightly recognized as ‘Great Place to Work’. For the […]


Microsoft earnings for Fiscal Year 2015 Q3 released

Microsoft Corp. on Thursday announced its revenues for the quarter ended March 31, 2015 grew to $21.7 billion. The upward growth in the revenue was contributed by increased usage of services like Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Bing and Xbox Live. […]


Facebook releases TrueCaller competitor “Hello”

True Caller was a well-known moniker for caller ID solution. Now, the service is up for competition against Hello. It’s not a start-up but Facebook owned app that unveiled its launch today. The service ties up closely with the social […]

google project fi

Google Project Fi wireless service unveiled

Google Project Fi, a new mission that Google has embarked upon aims to leverage the strongest possible network based on a consumer’s location, and intelligently switch between networks, as need be. Google Project Fi Project Fi has broad implications for Google. […]


Microsoft Surface Pro 3 prices further cut by $ 150

In its renewed bid to boost sales, Microsoft has cut further the sales price of its third-generation Surface tablet – Microsoft Surface Pro 3. The tablet appears to be a more radical choice as a laptop replacement. It is better […]

CrypVault Ransomware Sdelete

Ransomware uses Sysinternals SDelete to delete encryption key files

Researchers have discovered and analyzed a new crypto-ransomware variant with new routines, CrypVault, that encrypts files and make them appear as if they were quarantined files. The ransomware malware then deletes the key files using Microsoft Sysinternals SDelete tool. The growing […]