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    Microsoft to close its Research lab, Trustworthy Computing Group, etc.

    The victim of the latest round of Microsoft restructuring underway is the company’s esteemed Silicon Valley research group. Yes, the news is that Microsoft is shutting down its research facility that focuses on distributed computing. The Microsoft Research lab was [...]

    refreshed msn

    A refreshed cloud-first MSN to include Sync options

    MSN – Microsoft’s popular web portal user base has declined in the recent years. Despite this, the company has decided to refresh the site and add new lifestyle tools to it. Why? People prefer reading news on their portable devices [...]

    Bing   Image Widget

    Getty lawsuit forces Microsoft to take down Bing Image Search Widget

    Beta version of Bing Image Search widget, a product from Microsoft has been taken down owing to alleged copyright infringement. Getty – An American stock photo agency which brings to you top breaking news photo gallery online has slapped a [...]

    Xolo Windows Phone

    Xolo Launches the lightest Windows 8.1 Phone – Xolo WinQ900

    Following the launch of Xolo Win Q900, the Android version of Xolo Handset, the phone manufacturer has come up with Windows Phone 8.1 version of the handset, Win Q900. Pre-bookings for the smartphone was made open from June this year [...]


    Critroni crypto ransomware uses the Tor network for control

    As if Cryptolocker, the ransomware was not enough to target computers running Microsoft Windows, we have a new clone of it called Critroni that uses private key mechanism similar to Cryptolocker to attack computers. Cryptolocker, if you remember is a [...]


    Chrome to give out bolder Malware and Phishing warnings

    Phishing has become a growing menace where cyber criminals trick you into sharing information, usually via a fake website. As such, there is dire need to have some kind of mechanism in place to avoid such unwelcome instances in the [...]


    Google develops Technology to crack CAPTCHAs

    A CAPTCHA (an acronym for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart” is a program that protects websites against bots by generating and grading tests that humans can pass, but current computer programs cannot. CAPTCHAs use [...]

    Twitter guide for business

    Twitter Small Business Guide released

    The Twitter community is expanding by thousands, if not millions with each passing day. The micro-blogging platform that allows you to express your opinion in 140 character long tweets has become an indispensable tool for communication, today. The website is [...]


    China forbids Windows 8 use on government computers

    China’s decision to forbid the use of Windows 8 OS on government computers to minimize security-related risk has grabbed eyeballs. The decision, many believe, was motivated by the US indictment of five Chinese military officers for alleged cyber-espionage of six [...]

    API Management

    Microsoft Azure API Management Service Preview released

    API has some serious applications. It now appears to be no more an afterthought for most organizations. The prime reason convincing many developers is that it is API facade which can create or destroy architectures and affect high business returns. [...]


    Windows Store Refreshed for Windows 8.1

    Windows users having Windows 8.1 Update installed on their machines or devices are qualified to get Windows Store Refresh, beginning from today in Windows Update. Why a refresh now? For once, you will agree, although Windows Store has a healthy [...]

    Security Reinforce for Windows XP

    Advanced System Care Free 7.3 offers Security Reinforce for Windows XP

    The latest version of IObit Advanced SystemCare v7.3 is out. This version comes equipped with brand a new security feature – Security Reinforce for XP. Yes, IObit’s system optimizing software continues to extend protection to Windows’ outdated and support-lacking Windows XP. [...]

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    Skype makes Group Calling free

    Google, as all of us are aware offers free group video chat through its Hangouts platform. As such, its rival – Microsoft too has decided to step in and join the league. The company announced yesterday that it is making [...]


    Microsoft and Nokia Devices & Services unite

    Microsoft was elated after it received an approval from all governmental regulatory agencies across the world and Nokia’s shareholders to complete Nokia’s full and long pending acquisition. The Finnish giant completed the transfer of its devices and services business to [...]

    Office Mix

    Microsoft launches Office Mix website

    Growing Office 365 service user base has prompted Microsoft to widen or expand its popular Office suite by offering new apps. As such, you can observe, beginning today, roll out of a new service called Office Mix. The service is [...]


    Mozilla launches WebMaker

    Mozilla Foundation has launched Webmaker, a project dedicated to help you create amazing web applications and more. WebMaker is a place for all creative persons whereby the selective group of individuals can come up with something amazing on the web. Besides [...]


    Outlook.com stops support for new custom domain sign ups

    Google Apps Free Edition was killed long ago. The tech-giant then (in 2012), had shocked the tech community by announcing the end of support for the suite. It was considered as one of the best options available for small businesses and [...]


    Websites still using Windows XP OS for hosting, vulnerable to hackers

    Although Microsoft has ended support for its age-old but still viable OS – Windows XP, thousands of websites continue its use for hosting purposes, opening themselves to hackers. Yes, it’s not just users who have refused to transition the old OS [...]

    Windows Xp

    Google wants Windows XP users to switch to Chromebook

    The 12 year-old Microsoft XP OS support ended yesterday, forcing scores of Windows users to protect their aging systems either via third-party software installation or upgrade it to newer modern operating system. Both, Microsoft and Google see Windows XP’s end-of-life as [...]


    Lumia smartphones to get new features with Windows Phone 8.1

    Nokia Lumia Smartphones users get ready for giving your device a new life! Microsoft, at Build 2014 provided an initial glimpse of the new Windows Phone 8.1 OS. It looks immersive and good news that follows is the update is [...]


    Windows will be FREE for OEM devices with 9 inch or less, screen size

    Microsoft has announced it would be making the Windows operating system available free of cost to smart phones and tablet manufacturers that build products with screen size smaller than 9 inches. Windows will be free for small devices Until now, [...]


    Windows Phone 8.1 introduces cool new features

    Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8.1 at its BUILD 2014 keynote event. The company also revealed that the update would be arriving on new Windows smartphones as early as late-April and early May, and rolling out to compatible phones ‘in the [...]

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    Microsoft SQL Server 2014 now Available for Deployment

    Microsoft SQL Server laid the foundation of the company’s cloud-first data platform. Its latest version SQL 14 has been made available to the general public. It was locked up to manufacturers for a brief period of 2 weeks, but now, [...]

    Office for iPad

    Microsoft Office apps, now available for your iPad

    Microsoft has decided to offer Office apps and services for iPad. Satya Nadella announced that the company is bringing Microsoft Office, a popular productivity suite, to iPad. The decision of getting Office apps on iPad was taken during a major press conference [...]

    MS DOS

    MS-DOS and Word for Windows code goes Open Source

    The company that started with a simple OS, has grown into a potential global corporation with over 100,000-plus employees in a few short decades. As the figures stands, Microsoft has managed to sell more than 200 million licenses of Windows [...]


    Bank ATMs still not ready for XP Armageddon

    In less than a month’s time we could see more computer machines installed in ATMs, running Windows XP or with Windows XP Support being exposed to potential threats. Why? Microsoft is pulling the plug on Windows XP on April 8. [...]


    Mozilla kills Modern UI Firefox; explains reasons!

    Last week Mozilla decided to suspend development of Firefox for Windows 8 owing to the low adoption rate. The numbers, it believed were not just sufficient to find the amount of bugs that could be encountered by the larger Firefox [...]

    bing maps

    Bing Maps now shows a map with estimated travel time and mileage

    Bing Search engine is regularly updated with new features. The latest addition to it comes in the form of faster way to get directions between two places. After having added support for different standard apps (Travel app, a Weather app, [...]