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Microsoft Office Free for devices under 10 inches

Microsoft decides to roll out free Office for Small Screen Devices

Microsoft announced that it will make its Office suite, free of charge for phones and tablets with screens smaller than 9 inches. The move is primarily designed to help boost the company’s market share and get Office onto as many […]

HP zero day

Popular Browsers hacked at Pwn2Own 2015 Event

Every year, browser vendors tighten up the security features of their browsers ahead of the Pwn2own browser hacking competition in a bid to prevent exploitation and prove their browser is most secure. However, these efforts rarely impress the hackers in […]

Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Programme

Microsoft all set to invest in Cloud Data Centers in India

Worried about data security, most governments across the globe are adopting cloud technology. The technology takes care of much privacy related concerns. The US-based software company, Microsoft views this move by different governments as an opportunity to tap the cloud […]

Cisco Cloud Architecture for the Microsoft

Microsoft and Cisco join hands to expand their cloud storage business

In the course of recent trading session, Microsoft Corp. and Cisco Systems were found to have most active stocks. The achievement has enabled the two tech giants to come together and concentrate in expanding their cloud storage business, further. Cisco […]


Microsoft Convergence Program 2015 – Satya Nadella to deliver Keynote

Scores of business establishments believe that the best way to get insights from industry leaders, anticipate developments or trends and materialize actions into opportunities can be best achieved only via Microsoft Convergence – a premier event for its business community. […]


Microsoft rolls out Cloud Adoption Program for greater SME adoption In India

As devices like laptops, tablets, mobile phones have penetrated into our daily lives and become indispensable, Internet has become has become pervasive. The most recent offering of the Internet – Cloud Computing has become a trend of sorts. Major business […]


Microsoft Tech Support Scam calls get uglier with death threats!

Online Tech Support Phone scams have this uncanny habit of influencing novice computer users into giving their personal details to get remote access to their pristine machines and charge hundreds of dollars for fixing imaginary problems. The story has remained […]


Yahoo completes 20 years

Yahoo! helps you discover the news and information you care about quickly and easily. The company has seen better days and also survived through some turbulent times. In the transformation process, it has tried to evolve into something more useful […]


Microsoft grabs an Instagram Account

Shedding its reluctance over joining Instagram, Microsoft finally grabbed a formal corporate account and is learned to have launched its official channel on Instagram, yesterday. The channel hints at changes in the approach adopted to tell the company’s story. Instagram […]

new places

Facebook launches New Places Directory

The Facebook team has been hard at work on several new tools in the last few months. Its latest launch – New Places Directory looks to be a big step in the direction of local search. The new feature rolled […]

Google Indian Language Internet Alliance

Google forms Indian Language Internet Alliance

Penetration of Internet in recent years in India has been good but still remains distant from best. Language support comes across as the main barrier in this progress. To overcome it, Google on Monday announced alliance with industry partners to […]


Mozilla introduces the Firefox Developer Edition browser

A few days ago, Mozilla embarked upon a new mission in creating a browser catering specially to developers’ needs. Fast forward a week, we learn the browser maker has revealed some additional details about the Firefox Developer Edition browser. On […]

Lumia Denim Update

Lumia Denim Update for Windows Phone 8.1 to start roll out

Microsoft’s latest update to Windows Phone, Lumia Denim follows the company’s Cyan refresh. In addition to the standard set of features, the new update comes with improvements to Lumia Camera and Cortana. Here is the breakdown of features accommodated in […]

Microsoft and rackspace

Microsoft’s cloud platform comes to Rackspace

Rackspace, the cloud service provider bagged another achievement with better quarterly earnings. The company was once under the shadow of outright or partial acquisition. Overcoming its rough phase successfully, the company has now decided to join hands with Microsoft. It […]

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WireLurker malware infects over 350K Mac and iPhone devices

A new malware called WireLurker is reported to be targeting Apple products in large numbers. Researchers discovered the new variant infecting  iOS devices via OS X carried from untrusted third-party app stores. The malware exhibits the ability to ‘jump’ to […]

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Microsoft 2014 Q3 earnings up…beats expectations!

Microsoft witnessed higher-than-expected quarterly revenue, helped by stronger sales of its smartphones, Surface tablets and more importantly cloud-computing products for companies. The company also succeeded in keeping its profit margins largely intact. The performance is striking since other tech stalwarts, […]

Google Inbox

Google rolls out Inbox, a new product from the Gmail Team

Google is here to help you organize messages via a free email app now, currently available by invitation only – Google Inbox. The product developed by the Gmail team intends to coexist with Gmail and not replace it. Google brands […]


Satya Nadella launches Diversity Campaign

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella’s remarks at women’s technology conference was not well received by many Women employees working hard to earn 2 square meals a day. The CEO’s comment that women should not ask for a raise but trust that […]


Flipboard now lets users pin favorite items to Windows Phone Start screen

Flipboard has released a new update for handsets running Windows Phone OS. The new update enables Windows Phone 8.1 users to pin favorite items to their Phone Start screen. Apart from this, Flipboard now features improvements in video playback in […]

snapchat hacked

Snapchat Service breached: Photos leaked

The troubling incident reported about Snapchat suggests the service was breached. Members of anonymous online messaging forum 4chan claim to have accessed gigabytes of private photographs shared on Snapchat by breaking into cloud storage servers of a third-party application that […]


Google eyes $1 billion revenue from India in FY15

The Internet exposes space of infinite opportunity and smart companies like Google know to make better use of it. The search engine giant, sources say is eyeing a $1 billion (Rs 6,000 crore) revenue mark from India in the year […]


Skype to bar calls to mobiles, landlines within India

Microsoft owned Skype announced, it is terminating calling facility from its application on mobile and landline within India by early next month (November 10). Telecom operators in India have complained time and again that OTT players make profits using their […]

Microsoft Surface

Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) for Surface Pro 3 gets several new features

Sometime earlier when an Adobe executive announced that the Adobe’s applications would be updated to support Microsoft Surface nothing special was noted. Fast forward five months, things have transformed! Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen were seen […]

Windows 10

Microsoft Metro Apps now called Universal Windows Apps

Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 at an event in San Francisco, leapfrogging Windows 9. The new windows upgrade Microsoft claims is scalable across broad set of devices (from 4-inch screen smartphones to 20-inch desktops). The Windows Store or Metro or Modern […]


Microsoft to close its Research lab, Trustworthy Computing Group, etc.

The victim of the latest round of Microsoft restructuring underway is the company’s esteemed Silicon Valley research group. Yes, the news is that Microsoft is shutting down its research facility that focuses on distributed computing. The Microsoft Research lab was […]

refreshed msn

A refreshed cloud-first MSN to include Sync options

MSN – Microsoft’s popular web portal user base has declined in the recent years. Despite this, the company has decided to refresh the site and add new lifestyle tools to it. Why? People prefer reading news on their portable devices […]

Bing   Image Widget

Getty lawsuit forces Microsoft to take down Bing Image Search Widget

Beta version of Bing Image Search widget, a product from Microsoft has been taken down owing to alleged copyright infringement. Getty – An American stock photo agency which brings to you top breaking news photo gallery online has slapped a […]