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apple watch

Skype use extended to Apple Watch via Apple Watch Skype support

The launch of the Apple Watch witnessed almost 1 million pre-orders in three days time and to boost the sales further, the list of iOS apps with Apple Watch support continues to grow. Apple’s smartwatch is geared up for something […]


Facebook activates Safety Check feature for Nepal Earthquake Victims

While Nepal switches to recovery mode from the frightening aftermath of Yesterday’s earthquake that left scores of people dead, tech behemoths like Google and social networking giant – Facebook have pitched in with their relief efforts in the affected areas. […]

Greate place

Microsoft Bags Global Randstad Award First Time In 15 Years

Money doesn’t always buy happiness, job satisfaction is important too. An office that has a family feel in terms of workplace culture with immense facilities on site for employees can be rightly recognized as ‘Great Place to Work’. For the […]


Microsoft earnings for Fiscal Year 2015 Q3 released

Microsoft Corp. on Thursday announced its revenues for the quarter ended March 31, 2015 grew to $21.7 billion. The upward growth in the revenue was contributed by increased usage of services like Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Bing and Xbox Live. […]


Facebook releases TrueCaller competitor “Hello”

True Caller was a well-known moniker for caller ID solution. Now, the service is up for competition against Hello. It’s not a start-up but Facebook owned app that unveiled its launch today. The service ties up closely with the social […]

google project fi

Google Project Fi wireless service unveiled

Google Project Fi, a new mission that Google has embarked upon aims to leverage the strongest possible network based on a consumer’s location, and intelligently switch between networks, as need be. Google Project Fi Project Fi has broad implications for Google. […]


Microsoft Surface Pro 3 prices further cut by $ 150

In its renewed bid to boost sales, Microsoft has cut further the sales price of its third-generation Surface tablet – Microsoft Surface Pro 3. The tablet appears to be a more radical choice as a laptop replacement. It is better […]

CrypVault Ransomware Sdelete

Ransomware uses Sysinternals SDelete to delete encryption key files

Researchers have discovered and analyzed a new crypto-ransomware variant with new routines, CrypVault, that encrypts files and make them appear as if they were quarantined files. The ransomware malware then deletes the key files using Microsoft Sysinternals SDelete tool. The growing […]

facebook page plugin

Facebook introduces Page Plugin; retires the Like box plugin

‘Experimentation’ is a maxim Facebook seems to have adopted without any reserves and reservations. The company’s latest move of depreciating the Like box plugin is indicative of this trend. The social networking giant – Facebook quietly announced its plans to retire […]


Microsoft Research develops, Handpose, a Motion-Sensing System

Microsoft Research has developed a new system that can track in real time, all the sophisticated hand motions that people make in their everyday lives. Microsoft has always shown interest in developing motion-sensing systems. While the advancements in the technology […]


Minecraft Vulnerability makes it easy to crash the Game Servers

Minecraft was the undisputed indie success story of 2010. The game with in 3 years of its launch became third most popular computer game of all time, following Tetris and Wii Sports. Recently, a security researcher posted an exploit that […]


Xbox 360 to support 2TB Hard Drives

A recent post on Major Nelson’s blog pointed out an Xbox 360 system update available to the members of Xbox preview program. The news make some sense since Xbox users for long have been demanding support for bigger external hard […]


BBM App for Windows Phones arrives

In times when some partners are deciding to part their ways with Microsoft and abondon Windows Phone platform, the Canadian giant – BlackBerry has shown keen interest in developing an updated version of Blackberry Messenger (BBM Beta) app for Windows Phone. […]


Logitech Keys-To-Go Keyboard for Windows unveiled

Logitech recently unveiled a super-slender ultra-portable keyboard in terms of shape/size – Logitech Keys-To-Go. The design of the product makes it a perfect partner for on-the-go typing, since it’s quite thin and easy to type on. The Keys-To-Go Ultra-Portable Keyboard […]

image not found

Windows Server Nano, a stripped down version of Windows Server announced

Ever since Satya Nadella assumed the charge of CEO, Microsoft has started changing with the times. On a recent occasion, the company announced that it would add Linux-like container technology to the future version of Windows. Microsoft is reshaping Windows! […]


Kabam drops Windows Apps Development Support

Last year, Microsoft – the software giant signed a deal with fairly established mobile game developer, Kabam. Fast forward 12 months we learn the company has decided to discontinue the apps development for Windows Phones. Kabam to focus on Apple […]


Windows Redstone, a Windows 10 Update, to arrive in two waves

Windows 10 isn’t released for the general public use yet and the news and reports about the the next updated version of Windows has already broken out. The new update, codenamed ‘Redstone’ coming in 2016, is likely to follow Windows […]

work and play

Microsoft is offering ‘Work & Play’ Bundle for $149 only

Microsoft is offering discounts on many of its subscription-based services, as it did last year. Microsoft ‘Work and Play’ bundle as the offer is known will be available to customers for $149 only. Microsoft Work and Play Bundle The bundle combines […]

Microsoft Autism

Microsoft exploring ways to hire people with Autism

In a big push to fill out its ranks at various positions, Microsoft on the eve of World Autism Day announced it will hire individuals with Autism. The statement about the pilot program came at the United Nations offices in […]


Surface 3 up for Pre-order at Costco Website

World’s third largest retail site specializing in bulk sales – Costco has come up with a deal for Microsoft Surface lovers. The device Microsoft Surface 3 is now available for pre-order through Costco’s website. The retailer website is rolling out […]

Microsoft Office Free for devices under 10 inches

Microsoft decides to roll out free Office for Small Screen Devices

Microsoft announced that it will make its Office suite, free of charge for phones and tablets with screens smaller than 9 inches. The move is primarily designed to help boost the company’s market share and get Office onto as many […]

HP zero day

Popular Browsers hacked at Pwn2Own 2015 Event

Every year, browser vendors tighten up the security features of their browsers ahead of the Pwn2own browser hacking competition in a bid to prevent exploitation and prove their browser is most secure. However, these efforts rarely impress the hackers in […]

Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Programme

Microsoft all set to invest in Cloud Data Centers in India

Worried about data security, most governments across the globe are adopting cloud technology. The technology takes care of much privacy related concerns. The US-based software company, Microsoft views this move by different governments as an opportunity to tap the cloud […]

Cisco Cloud Architecture for the Microsoft

Microsoft and Cisco join hands to expand their cloud storage business

In the course of recent trading session, Microsoft Corp. and Cisco Systems were found to have most active stocks. The achievement has enabled the two tech giants to come together and concentrate in expanding their cloud storage business, further. Cisco […]


Microsoft Convergence Program 2015 – Satya Nadella to deliver Keynote

Scores of business establishments believe that the best way to get insights from industry leaders, anticipate developments or trends and materialize actions into opportunities can be best achieved only via Microsoft Convergence – a premier event for its business community. […]


Microsoft rolls out Cloud Adoption Program for greater SME adoption In India

As devices like laptops, tablets, mobile phones have penetrated into our daily lives and become indispensable, Internet has become has become pervasive. The most recent offering of the Internet – Cloud Computing has become a trend of sorts. Major business […]


Microsoft Tech Support Scam calls get uglier with death threats!

Online Tech Support Phone scams have this uncanny habit of influencing novice computer users into giving their personal details to get remote access to their pristine machines and charge hundreds of dollars for fixing imaginary problems. The story has remained […]


Yahoo completes 20 years

Yahoo! helps you discover the news and information you care about quickly and easily. The company has seen better days and also survived through some turbulent times. In the transformation process, it has tried to evolve into something more useful […]