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Avast reprimanded by Google for weakening browser security

The common belief is that security products from big brands like Avast make browsers secure, even if free. This belief fades to some extent if the latest report from Google on security product is to be believed. Google, recently reported […]

virus total

VirusTotal to detect & report firmware malware

Virus Total, the free Internet security service from Google has now been equipped with a feature that lets a user know whether the firmware is infected. We all know, just as any application, even firmware is prone to attacks by […]


Intel announces Intel Authenticate to make PC less vulnerable

Popular chip maker Intel Intel Corporation has started shipping its 6th Generation Intel Core vPro processor family. It comes equipped with a hardware-enhanced multi factor authentication solution called Intel Authenticate designed to strengthen identity protection. Past experiences serve as a […]


Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware Beta available for download

Ransomware has become a growing threat in today’s online word for small businesses. This variant of malicious software empowers cybercriminals using malware in bogus email to freeze computer files of a user until a ransom is paid. In the face […]


Cortana updated to help better manage your Calendar

Many of the built-in features in Cortana application are designed to help its users get things done effortlessly. Different tasks ranging from tracking flights/packages to setting a location-based reminder can be easily accomplished via a simple tap on Cortana. However, […]


Microsoft rolls out Mimicker Alarm App for Android

It is a daily struggle to wake up early morning. Whenever the alarm rings, we wake up, hit the snooze and roll over again in bed but that is a temporary relief with the new Mimicker Alarm app designed specifically […]

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Google offers Free, High-Speed Wi-Fi to Railway Commuters in India

A study reveals, more than the combined population of the whole of Australia travel daily via Indian Railways in India. As such, Indian Railways have become a lifeline of India. People spend more time at stations looking for the ways […]


Brotli is the new Compression Algorithm for Chrome and Firefox

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox will soon be faster than they are now.  Soon we will see a change in its speed as a new compression algorithm called Brotli will find its place in these two browsers. In comparison to […]


Brain, the first PC Virus turns 30 today

The transfer process of virus is much sophisticated today. Earlier, it was pretty simple! Business people who traveled the world with floppy disks in their briefcases could infect the computers on which they used the disks. BRAIN was the first […]

rebrand internet explorer

Internet Explorer 11 will now lock Home Page and Search Engine

You may have noticed that some programs users download or install seek to tamper the default browser settings without the user’s consent. Microsoft has now decided to tackle this issue head-on by disallowing changes in Internet Explorer home page and default […]


LastPass users vulnerable to Phishing attacks

The potential dangers of storing all your important passwords in a single place have been exposed by a most recent attack against LastPass users. The Phishing attack, it is reported does not require any special skills but exploits the existing […]

bing internet speed test

Microsoft adds a Speed Test Widget to Bing

There seems to be a new addition made to the existing capabilities of Microsoft’s very own search engine – Bing. The search engine has new feature in the form of a widget that allows you to test your Internet speeds. […]


Microsoft apologize for a less-than-perfect Surface Pro 4 experience

Windows 10 was still in its nascent stage while it received the November Update. Many users receiving the update reported bugs. Also, despite firmware and driver updates, Surface users reported persistent problems with Microsoft’s few days old tablet. The device […]


Microsoft 12 Days of Deals offers Groove Music $50 Promo Gift Card

It’s raining deals ever since Microsoft 12 Days of Deals began. Buyers are in a dilemma as to which deals to look forward to over the next few days. Midway through the deals promotion, we learned the software giant was […]


Microsoft PowerApps opens for Invites

Technology can be defined as the application of latest knowledge. It has changed the way we do our work today, different what it was a few years ago. Mobile revolution has played a significant role in this regard. To take […]


Microsoft Product Donations website launched

Donation is an act of giving something in charity. The term is very closely associated with philanthropists as they seek to promote welfare of others by making generous donations intended for their well-being. There are many non-profit organizations that strongly […]


Download your Android Apps on Windows Phone via AppComparison

In the latest bid to educate its users more about the OS and increase its adoption widely, Microsoft rolled out an app called AppComparison. The app automatically inventories the applications, installed on the Android phone and also suggests equivalent versions, […]

apple mac malware

VirusTotal begins analysis of Mac malware in a sandbox

The absence of adoption of antivirus solutions on Mac OS X is not surprisingly popular since the OS is considered safest and stable however, this innate ability doesn’t stop some adventurists from exploring different avenues that remain unknown. VirusTotal, reputed […]

Windows Update

Microsoft pulls down the released Windows 10 November Update

A few days ago Microsoft rolled out a major Windows 10 November update or “Fall Update” or “Version 1511″. It was worth updating as there were some cool features. However, the process wasn’t a smooth affair for some Windows users. […]

Project Oxford

Microsoft Project Oxford has the ability to gauge your Emotional State

The software that used to power our smartphone cameras and apps can also now be used for recognizing emotion states. Yes, the next version of Project Oxford software tools for developers will have the innate capability of recognizing emotional states […]

Buhtrap malware

Buhtrap malware distributed via Ammyy website

The security researchers at ESET discovered that visitors to the Ammyy website, somewhere in late October were being served up malware along with the popular and portable Ammyy Admin Remote Desktop Software that allowed the Buhtrap gang to gain control […]


Outlook 2016 rolls out new Attachment features

The familiar user interface and a careful and well thought selection of new features makes Outlook 2016 a welcome update. The most recent Windows release of Outlook 2016 makes attaching files in email a child’s play with the new ability […]

compatible games

Microsoft lists Xbox One Backward Compatibility Games

In its latest bid to evolve and fit a changing marketplace, Microsoft announced that its gaming console – Xbox One will be updated to include backwards compatibility for multiple Xbox 360 games. Yes, the company has announced a whopping 104 […]


Skype Share Button for Websites introduced

Taking cues from the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and more, Microsoft’s Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service Skype has made available its own ‘Share’ button.  Skype team has introduced a new Skype share button for websites, which would […]