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Corsair’s new wireless gaming keyboard offers 75-hour battery life

Gaming and battery backup are often mutually exclusive to each other. Most of us realize that gaming guzzles up all the power and drains the battery quickly as opposed to normal usage. Well, the new Corsair wireless gaming keyboard is set […]

SteelSeries Apex M750 keyboard launched

Advancement in technology has changed the way we communicate with others. We have become increasingly reliant on websites and apps to facilitate our interpersonal interactions. Keyboard has become an indispensable tool in facilitating such a type of communication. It has […]

Microsoft’s new Surface Ergonomic Keyboard will cost $130

Microsoft updated its Surface line-up and launched new products like the Surface Studio at its recent event. However, there is one launch that received less attention … the new Surface Ergonomic Keyboard. Priced at $130 the keyboard seems to be […]

Foldable Keyboard

Microsoft launches new Universal Foldable Keyboard for mobile devices

Any accessory that works well while you’re on the go with your mobile device is always preferable. A mobile keyboard for your smartphone or tablet is one such device that certainly add functionality. With a mobile keyboard,  you are no longer required […]

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Amazing Glass Multi-Touch keyboard and mouse

Having a glass keyboard and mouse on your table may not be very far away now in the future now – especially if this Kickstarter project from  Giddings Product Development gets the required funding. This computer peripheral is being made […]