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Google AdSense accounts infected with malvertising attack

The popular Google AdSense program that supplies advertisement to most websites has become the latest victim of malware abuse. It has been reported that serious malvertising attacks were delivered on websites registered with Google’s AdSense program. Denis Sinegubko, senior malware […]


Win32/Virlock: First self reproducing Ransomware raises its head

Win32/Virlock is a new type of ransomware that not only locks the screen, but it also behaves as a polymorphic parasitic virus that infects files on the user’s machine. So, we have a new virus having a combination of a […]


FIN4: Phishing Threat Alert From FireEye

A new cyber-attack has recently been discovered by the a Silicon Valley security firm FireEye. These attacks mainly target the Wall Street Companies and are reportedly being carried by a highly educated group FIN4. This sophisticated phishing attack basically targets […]

spying trojan

Regin, an international spying Trojan active since 2008, says Symantec

Symantec has discovered a dangerous spying Trojan called as Regin that could have been involved in spying operations against government bodies internationally. What’s most shocking about this Trojan is the fact that it has operated for so many years without […]

GozNym malware

Citadel Trojan starts attacking Password Managers

It’s a discovery made by IBM’s Trusteer Researchers that cybercriminals are now using a new weapon to cause threat to your online security. In this new way of security breach, cybercriminals are using Citadel Trojan to compromise authentication solutions and […]

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WireLurker malware infects over 350K Mac and iPhone devices

A new malware called WireLurker is reported to be targeting Apple products in large numbers. Researchers discovered the new variant infecting  iOS devices via OS X carried from untrusted third-party app stores. The malware exhibits the ability to ‘jump’ to […]

Microsoft explains change to Browser modifiers and Adware

Microsoft explains detection change for Browser modifiers and Adware

Recently Microsoft released important changes to detecting browser modifiers and adware, with a view to improving Internet Explorer security and browsing experience. Microsoft has mentioned the changes to how it detects browser modifiers and adware and they are: Unacceptable behaviors […]

Coordinated Malware Eradication

Coordinated Malware Eradication aims to eradicate malware

Security vendors, Financial institutions, online search, and advertising businesses and Law enforcement have come together to form Coordinated Malware Eradication, with a view to eradicate malware. This one-of-its-kind initiative aims towards bringing various organizations in the field of cyber security as […]

malicious advertising campaign

Google takes out malicious advertising campaign

Malvertising and malicious activities of hackers have affected a number of popular websites. And the matter of concern here is that the hackers have used and Zedo for making these attacks. These popular advertising networks, one being a subsidiary […]

USB firmare

USB firmware: Beware of a new threat called BadUSB

When we think and talk about malware and viruses, we often try and secure our computers with antivirus programs. The obvious threat comes from web where we visit a number of websites and online applications; some of them posing a […]

Rogue antivirus software

Incidence and usage of rogue antivirus software dropping

Rogue antivirus software is a malware that pretends (and acts) like an antivirus software. However, in reality it simply downloads malicious software on your system and displays false detections of viruses on the computer. After displaying this, the rogue antivirus […]

Reveton Ransomware

Reveton ransomware steals your passwords and takes over your bank account

Reveton isn’t a new malware to the world. Reveton ransomware has been here for quite a long time, ‘working’ as a LockScreen-only version. However, the bad news is that Reveton ransomware is now being updated! It has become extremely dangerous […]


New ransomware ZeroLocker, pretends to help, and then encrypts your files

We have new ransomware in town called ZeroLocker. Ransomware are considered as a get-rich quick tool by malaware writers these days. ZeroLocker encrypts all your data including files with AES encryption key once it is done, it display a message […]


Critroni crypto ransomware uses the Tor network for control

As if Cryptolocker, the ransomware was not enough to target computers running Microsoft Windows, we have a new clone of it called Critroni that uses private key mechanism similar to Cryptolocker to attack computers. Cryptolocker, if you remember is a […]


Cryptolocker ransomware is not dead!

Ransomware Trojan, Cryptolocker was first discovered in September 2013 and are known for attacking PC’s running Microsoft Windows. Cryptolocker could infect PC’s using various sources, the most common being a legitimate email attachment. Earlier this month, the FBI came out […]


Chrome to give out bolder Malware and Phishing warnings

Phishing has become a growing menace where cyber criminals trick you into sharing information, usually via a fake website. As such, there is dire need to have some kind of mechanism in place to avoid such unwelcome instances in the […]


Beware of NgrBot malware; it can wipe out your hard disk!

Remember IrcBot? They could easily connect to Internet Relay Chat as a client, and fool other IRC users as being another user by performing automated functions. But here comes a new addition to this malware family, identified as NgrBot. NgrBot […]

VBA Micro

VBA macro malware makes a resurgent comeback

There is one more reason now to watch out for the security of your PCs. The deadly VBA macro malware which infected millions of Word and Excel files during the 1990s has made a comeback. The curse of 1990’s, the […]

Secure Search

AVG Safeguard and Secure Search Toolbars found to be vulnerable

According to a research from the CERT Coordination Center, the AVG Safeguard and Secure Search Toolbars have been found to be insecure and vulnerable and could provide access for remote attackers to inflict malicious code on computers. The report says […]

Scam Cryptolocker file decryption tools start making an appearance

Many people have lost their data and money to ransomware like GameOver Zeus and Cryptolocker. While users are still recovering from the losses there is yet another breed of malware writers that are exploiting the hysteria and chaos created by Cryptolocker. […]


FBI and Microsoft join hand in cleanup of GameOver Zeus botnet

Zeus (also known as Zbot) is an infamously known botnet that infects the computers running under various versions of the Microsoft Windows OS. Now, yet another variant from the family of Zeus malware is making big news and this variant […]

Pakistan, Indonesia, Algeria top Malware Encounter Rate globally

According to a report by Microsoft Corp., Pakistan, Indonesia, Algeria, lead the group in the number of malware infections worldwide. Data released by Microsoft Security Intelligence Report volume 16 this month mentions the above countries as the leading locations with […]


Facebook to offer free malware cleanups to infected computers

Imagine the count of visitors that Facebook attracts every day. More the traffic, increased is the chances of many getting affected by threats such as malware. Though it is almost impossible to protect against all modern security threats, Facebook seems […]

Finland, Japan, Norway show the lowest malware infection rates

Malware infection rates are lowest in Finland, states the latest Security Intelligence Report Vol. 15 released by Microsoft in a quarterly test. Microsoft measured the malware infection rates in 106 countries/regions quarterly. According to the report the infection rates are […]

ZeroAccess botnet

Microsoft and Partners hunt down ZeroAccess botnet

Continuing its crusade against botnet, Microsoft announced that it has disrupted a dangerous botnet called ZeroAccess that has impacted millions of PC across the US and Western Europe. Teaming up with Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), the Federal Bureau of […]

CryptoLocker Ransomware Authors Raise Ransom Demands

CryptoLocker has become a reason for rising panic among the Microsoft Windows-based computers users for the last few weeks. A malware variant that fits in the ‘ransomware’ category primarily spreads through email attachments where it arrives as an executable file […]