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Mobile users, Windows, Businesses, to bear the brunt of malware attacks

Internet security software giant McAfee recently released their Security Threat Predictions Report. McAfee predicts that the year 2013 will be the year of mobile security threat. Online technology is rapidly moving from computers to the mobile Smartphone and thus hackers and […]

Android Phones Exposed To Spam Botnet Attack

Android users beware, a new virus attack can whip up your next month’s phone bill. This virulent attack is infecting the Android Smartphones. Each infected Android phone then sends thousands of virulent spam text messages a day whooping up your […]

Malware can now Steal Bank Data Sent by SMS

Cybercrime has become a cause of concern worldwide! 2013 is expected to be even worse for mobile users! Virus code writers have been developing several malicious Android apps, specifically to steal Mobile Transactions Authentication Numbers. These malicious apps uses a […]

Mobile Malware to grow at an outstanding rate in 2013

The coming year, 2013 will witness malware and its upcoming variants targeting mobile operating systems more, predicts Cybersecurity Software maker, Eset. The company predictions outline key issues IT managers  would need to face in the year ahead. Mobile Malware in […]

Free Software Foundation says Ubuntu acting as Spyware

Richard Stallman President and Founder of The Free Software Foundation has claimed that Ubuntu is tracking its users and selling its data. Specifically he called Ubuntu Linux a spyware because it collected data about users searches and sent it to […]

Android All Set To Replace Windows As Malware Writers Favorite Target

Sophos recently released its Security Threat Report 2013 for public consumption. The report was based on new platforms being developed and the changing threats and such as BlackHole, Java attacks, Polymorphic attacks, Mac malware and Android threats. The security threat […]

16 year old Indian ethical hacker creates Windows Phone 8 malware

Barely had the dust settled over the Windows Phone 8 OS launch – the OS sees its own malware being developed! A teenager and a researcher – part of the Indian National Security Database program – Shantanu Gawade claims to have […]

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Internet Explorer is the best at blocking malware, reports yet another study

Public Perceptions can sometimes be truly divorced from reality! Yet another study, this time by NSS Labs, has found that Internet Explorer browser is the best, at blocking malware – blocking near-consistently around 95% of malware, as compared to Chrome […]

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Mac users panic! New Flashback.S trojan installs without a password!

The Apple woes never seem to end as for now. After the various malware attacks, including the recent potent FlashBack attack, we thought maybe the attackers might just want to let it go, having taught Apple an important lesson in […]

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Sophos compares an infected Mac to a person who has Chlamydia

After the recent spate of malware attacks on Mac computers, it is pretty clear Mac computers aren’t exactly immune as was being believed by Mac users. One Mac in every five is infected with some kind of malware, reveals a new […]

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BitDefender’s free Online Malware Scanner QuickScan is much faster now

Bitdefender has released a faster, smoother version of its free online malware scanner, that allows computer users to scan their computers for malware, in less than a minute. QuickScan has been accessed by 2.9 million users in 2011 and turned […]

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Suit filed against Symantec, claiming it sells Scareware

If you recollect, we had first broken the story, some time back, on how about how Norton PC Checkup Tool threw up exaggerated and even false findings about the health of your PC, and then tried to sell you some […]

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Scareware comes to Mac OS X!

Windows users may be used to reading about scareware, but it now appears that scareware has made its way to the Apple Mac computer. A fake antivirus program calling itself the MACDefender is attacking Apple Mac computers.

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Snow Leopard to include an Antivirus!

Mac users may be happy to know that they will now no longer have to resort to using 3rd party antivirus solutions to protect their Mac from the increasing onslaught of malware, in recent times.

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Mac malware poses as Foxit reader.

Foxit Corporation, a leader of secure mobile/desktop PDF solutions, is encouraging its users to be alert to pirated software malware attacks that claim to be Foxit Reader for Macintosh.