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Microsoft buys LiveLoop

Microsoft buys LiveLoop, an Office Collaborator app

After the acquisitions of email App developer Acompli in December and popular Calendar App Sunrise in February, Microsoft has now bought LiveLoop, an Office Collaborator App, to share PowerPoint Presentations online easily. LiveLoop helps multiple users to simultaneously collaborate on […]


Samsung to pre-install Microsoft applications on its devices

Microsoft Corp. yesterday announced that they had entered into a global partnership with Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., to bring Microsoft mobile productivity services and applications to consumers and business customers. The partnership further strengthens Microsoft’s commitment on its mobile-first, cloud-first vision, […]


Microsoft aims to earn money by providing freemium products

Microsoft is offering a free upgrade to Windows 10 for users of Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. After offering freemium games, it has announced “freemium” products for Xbox and PC console users of Windows 10. It is even […]


Microsoft and Fuji Xerox enters new cross-licensing agreement

On Thursday, 19th March, Microsoft made an announcement that it is updating their cross-licensing agreement with Fuji Xerox. The cross-licensing agreement between Fuji Xerox Co. Ltd and Microsoft Technology, first happened in 2007, where both the companies had agreed to […]


Microsoft collaborates with various organizations to bring value to customers

The Microsoft Convergence 2015 that took place recently in Atlanta, brought about a lot of new announcements from Microsoft. One of these announcements was Microsoft’s collaboration with various industry leaders in order to bring value to the customers. This collaboration […]