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Microsoft for Startups program unveiled

Microsoft has reinforced its commitment towards providing startups with a mix of marketing help, technology and more by launching Microsoft for Startups program. Earlier too, the software giant had been encouraging startups via several initiatives like BizSpark credits for Azure, […]

Microsoft Inspire

Microsoft Inspire 2017 Partner Event Highlights

Microsoft held its one of the greatest events of the year, Microsoft Inspire, from July 9th to 13th, 2017 at Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, D.C. This 5-day event saw several big names from Microsoft as well as from […]

Microsoft House opens up in Milan, Italy

Microsoft has opened up its new office called the ‘Microsoft House’ in Milan, Italy. The office is expected to allow public and private companies to leverage new and smart opportunities in order to shape up their organizations in a better […]

Microsoft wins $927 million contract with US Department of Defense

Big news on the enterprise end came for Microsoft this week when the US Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) announced that a $927 million, 5-year contract to provide technical support had been awarded to the tech giant. This move is […]

Australian Department of Human Services achieves full Windows 10 deployment

More of Australian citizens can now get a faster and more personal access to Windows 10 services. Microsoft Consulting Services and Windows team together with Australia’s Department of Human Services recently achieved full Windows 10 deployment for its 35,000 employees […]

Microsoft to launch share buyback scheme worth $40 billion

Microsoft has announced that it would be running a share buyback scheme for all its retail shareholders, wherein it would be buying back around $40 billion worth or 9% of its current $440 market valuation. A similar buyback scheme was launched […]

Satya Nadella says BOTs will shape the future of consumer technology

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, was recently at the Global Partner Summit 2016, where he expressed his thoughts over how artificial BOTs would shape the future of customer experience on most consumer tech devices. Said Nadella, “Bots are now learning in […]


Microsoft signs White House Equal Pay Pledge

The White House Equal Pay Pledge, which was earlier launched this year at United State of Women Summit to narrow the wage gap , now has 39 new signatories to promote equal pay which includes Redmond’s Microsoft. With the main […]

Microsoft acquires Genee, a service designed to simplify scheduling

Microsoft is in the acquisition mode again. Just recently, the company acquired a company known as Genee, which is basically a scheduling service with an artificial intelligence core. Genee first came to life back in 2014, and was designed to […]

Changing browser experience

Microsoft slashed 2,850 jobs from the Mobile division

Things are not looking well for Microsoft’s phone division as the software giant is set to cut a whopping 2,850 jobs. This is not good news for Microsoft’s plan for mobile, and also bad news for the fans of the […]

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Microsoft selling Feature Phone business for $350 Million

FIH Mobile Ltd. a subsidiary of Hon Hai/Foxconn Technology Group is buying Microsoft’s feature mobile business in Vietnam as part of a big $350 million deal. Microsoft is selling its entry level feature phone assets to two separate buyers, i.e. […]

Microsoft building 4 Data Centers in Ireland

Microsoft is doing some interesting work in Ireland right now that will cost the company $1 billion. From what we have come to understand, the software giant is moving to build 4 data centers in Dublin, though we have no […]

Microsoft Flux

Microsoft Flux launched to help the Finnish startup community

Microsoft is back with yet another innovative initiative and this time it is for the startups. The company has started a Finnish startup community called as Microsoft Flux that helps startups succeed by providing them access to free network, high […]

Microsoft Trust Center gets new Compliance Attestations

We have been hearing a lot about the Microsoft Trust Centre lately and that is because the company is ramping up its efforts. The Trust Center will now cover Microsoft Commercial Support, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Power BI. Microsoft […]

Microsoft Envision

Microsoft Envision is bringing thinking minds together

This year’s Microsoft Envision brings together the most forward thinking minds in business and technology. This is an event where a business leader, a decision maker and even a technology enthusiast will be interested. This is a one-of-its-kinds opportunity that […]

New Microsoft Technology Center opened in Houston

Earlier this week, Microsoft opened a new Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) in Houston, Texas. This is one of many MTCs around the world that offers customers hands-on experiences of the software giant’s latest offerings. These offerings include the likes of […]


Microsoft UK too hiring people with neurodiverse conditions

Microsoft has decided to extend its Autism and Inclusive Hiring Programme to UK. Microsoft in the UK says it will begin to hire ten people with neurodiverse conditions such as the likes of Autism or Asperger’s syndrome. We understand that […]

Microsoft to acquire Xamarin, a platform provider for mobile app development

Microsoft is ready for its next acquisition of this year. Xamarin Inc., a leading platform provider for mobile app development will be the next name in the list Microsoft’s procurements. With a focus to based software development tool maker. Microsoft […]

Microsoft’s Employee Giving Program donated $125 million in 2015

Microsoft employees did a solid job back in 2015 after they raised a whopping $125 million for non-profit organizations. The program is called the Employee Giving Program. What’s interesting about this, is the fact that Microsoft employees increased the program’s […]


Microsoft hiring program opens doors to people with Autism

While many believe that people with autism would struggle to find a competent job, Tech giant Microsoft thinks otherwise. In its endeavor to find unique talent; the company has hired 11 new employees who have autism and is looking for […]

Microsoft acquires Groove, the Music App

Microsoft has finally acquired Zikera’s Groove app and the year old confusion is finally solved. Back in July 2015, Microsoft renamed Xbox Music to Groove but there was no official word about any such acquisition or deal. There is no […]

Microsoft and partners planning Windows 10 devices advertising mayhem

Microsoft and its partners are planning to a huge advertising blitz that is aimed at educating the masses about Windows 10 and the various devices coming out that supports the new operating system. It’s a good plan, but can it […]

Microsoft acquired Havok and it was a good move

Microsoft recently announced that it had acquired Havok from Intel. For those who are not aware, Havok is the leading provider of physics, and now that it is owned by Microsoft, we should expect great things. This is an important […]