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Microsoft Flux

Microsoft Flux launched to help the Finnish startup community

Microsoft is back with yet another innovative initiative and this time it is for the startups. The company has started a Finnish startup community called as Microsoft Flux that helps startups succeed by providing them access to free network, high […]

Microsoft Trust Center gets new Compliance Attestations

We have been hearing a lot about the Microsoft Trust Centre lately and that is because the company is ramping up its efforts. The Trust Center will now cover Microsoft Commercial Support, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Power BI. Microsoft […]

Microsoft Envision

Microsoft Envision is bringing thinking minds together

This year’s Microsoft Envision brings together the most forward thinking minds in business and technology. This is an event where a business leader, a decision maker and even a technology enthusiast will be interested. This is a one-of-its-kinds opportunity that […]

New Microsoft Technology Center opened in Houston

Earlier this week, Microsoft opened a new Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) in Houston, Texas. This is one of many MTCs around the world that offers customers hands-on experiences of the software giant’s latest offerings. These offerings include the likes of […]


Microsoft UK too hiring people with neurodiverse conditions

Microsoft has decided to extend its Autism and Inclusive Hiring Programme to UK. Microsoft in the UK says it will begin to hire ten people with neurodiverse conditions such as the likes of Autism or Asperger’s syndrome. We understand that […]

Microsoft to acquire Xamarin, a platform provider for mobile app development

Microsoft is ready for its next acquisition of this year. Xamarin Inc., a leading platform provider for mobile app development will be the next name in the list Microsoft’s procurements. With a focus to based software development tool maker. Microsoft […]

Microsoft’s Employee Giving Program donated $125 million in 2015

Microsoft employees did a solid job back in 2015 after they raised a whopping $125 million for non-profit organizations. The program is called the Employee Giving Program. What’s interesting about this, is the fact that Microsoft employees increased the program’s […]


Microsoft hiring program opens doors to people with Autism

While many believe that people with autism would struggle to find a competent job, Tech giant Microsoft thinks otherwise. In its endeavor to find unique talent; the company has hired 11 new employees who have autism and is looking for […]

Microsoft acquires Groove, the Music App

Microsoft has finally acquired Zikera’s Groove app and the year old confusion is finally solved. Back in July 2015, Microsoft renamed Xbox Music to Groove but there was no official word about any such acquisition or deal. There is no […]

Microsoft and partners planning Windows 10 devices advertising mayhem

Microsoft and its partners are planning to a huge advertising blitz that is aimed at educating the masses about Windows 10 and the various devices coming out that supports the new operating system. It’s a good plan, but can it […]

Microsoft acquired Havok and it was a good move

Microsoft recently announced that it had acquired Havok from Intel. For those who are not aware, Havok is the leading provider of physics, and now that it is owned by Microsoft, we should expect great things. This is an important […]

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Microsoft jumps on the carbon pricing bandwagon

Alternative energy is the way the future is shaping up, and all the big companies, including Microsoft, are venturing down this path faster than ever. The company is even considering the price of carbon whenever it is time to calculate […]

Microsoft now supports Disney Movies Anywhere with Movies & TV app

Microsoft and Disney have teamed up on something quite interesting recently. The software giant made the big announcement that Microsoft Movies & TV will now support Disney Movies Anywhere. What does this mean? Well, with your Windows 10 machine, it […]

Microsoft to cut up to 7800 jobs for restructuring Phone business

Microsoft announced today its plans to restructure phone business and in doing so announced reduction of up to 7800 positions mainly in the phone business. The plans of restructuring phone business was outlined in a mail from Microsoft CEO Satya […]

Nokia’s ex-CEO Stephen Elop quits Microsoft

Nokia’s ex-CEO Stephen Elop who joined Microsoft as a head of Microsoft Devices Group (MDG) is leaving the company. The news broke out when Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft addressed an email to his employees about the organisational re-alignment and […]

Microsoft Translator Partner Alliance Program

Microsoft Translator Partner Alliance Program launched

Microsoft has announced the Microsoft Translator Partner Alliance Program. With this program, Microsoft makes sure that they have a strong partnership with their partners so as to meet customers’ needs and drive innovation. The Microsoft Translator Partner Alliance Program will […]

subsea fibre cables

Microsoft invests in Subsea Fiber to connect Datacenters worldwide

With a plan to make stronger connections across Pacific and Atlantic oceans, Microsoft recently announced the investment in subsea fiber cables. The Company has been significantly investing in the fiber partnerships for last nine months with and aim to connect […]

Verizon to acquire AOL Inc. for $4.4 billion

American mobile giant Verizon Communications Inc. had decided to buy AOL Inc. for $4.4 billion. After the acquisition, AOL will be included as a separate division in Verizon. The transaction is however expected to be completed by summers this year. […]

Reports claim Microsoft smartphones infringe on two InterDigital patents

Microsoft is likely to face a ban on importing handsets into the US after a ruling issued by the International Trade Commission. The commission noted, Microsoft had used technology for which InterDigital owns the patents without obtaining the relevant permission. […]

Microsoft Bags Global Randstad Award First Time In 15 Years

Money doesn’t always buy happiness, job satisfaction is important too. An office that has a family feel in terms of workplace culture with immense facilities on site for employees can be rightly recognized as ‘Great Place to Work’. For the […]

Microsoft earnings for Fiscal Year 2015 Q3 released

Microsoft Corp. on Thursday announced its revenues for the quarter ended March 31, 2015 grew to $21.7 billion. The upward growth in the revenue was contributed by increased usage of services like Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Bing and Xbox Live. […]

Microsoft acquires Datazen, a Mobile Business Intelligence company

Microsoft has announced an acquisition of Datazen Software which is an industry leader in the area of mobile business intelligence. Datazen Software is an industry leader in mobile business intelligence, KPIs, and data visualization for mobile platforms like Windows, iOS […]

5 ways Microsoft changed the World in 40 years

Microsoft has been around for the past 40 years. The company recently recently celebrated its anniversary and Bill Gates even sent out a letter to all employees, where he talked about how great the software giant is. How Microsoft changed […]