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New Linux Malware attacks AVTech IOT devices

A new malware that targets Linux-based Internet of Things (IoT) devices has been detected by Search-Lab, a Security research and development firm. This Linux ARM malware called as ELF_IMEIJ.A exploits a vulnerability in devices from AVTech, a surveillance technology company. […]

Clear Linux OS now available in Azure Marketplace

Microsoft today announced the much-awaited availability of Clear Linux OS for Intel Architecture in the Azure Marketplace. Clear Linux OS is a free and open source Linux distribution software built from the ground up for cloud and data center environments and built to complement the […]


Microsoft joins Linux Foundation as Platinum Member

In an unexpected turn of events, the prestigious Linux Foundation announced that Microsoft, the world’s second most valuable corporation, had joined as a Platinum member during Microsoft Connect event held in New York.   This move comes after Microsoft has […]


Linux 4.8 Kernel Support for Microsoft Surface 3 touchscreen

After subjecting it to repeated tests and lot of tweaks, Linux 4.8 Kernel was finally made available for Windows Surface tablet. The availability of Linux Kernel 4.8 for Surface tablets signals the merger of Linux and Windows and marks the […]

Microsoft’s Service Fabric is now available on Linux

Businesses around the world have been relying a lot on the cloud to fuel innovation. Cloud apps are slowly becoming the future because they do not need to be installed on a computer to work. The only downside is the […]

Skype Alpha

Microsoft launches Skype Alpha On Linux, Chrome

What comes as good news for Linux users, Microsoft has finally announced an update to its outdated Skype for Linux application. The company released the Alpha version of Skype app for Linux client yesterday bringing years of neglect to an […]

Sign up for the Preview of Azure Service Fabric on Linux

Service Fabric makes the work of managing and developing cloud applications simpler. Its deployment is simple and manageable since applications are built and run in small building blocks — known as microservices. Microsoft had earlier introduced Azure Service Fabric somewhere […]

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Microsoft gets Oracle’s Linux man on board

Wim Coekaerts, the senior vice president of Linux and virtualization engineering for Oracle is now a Microsoft man. Famously called as “Mr. Linux” at Oracle, Coekaerts helped Oracle become a Linux superpower in his 20 year tenure. Coekaerts joined Oracle […]

Ubuntu soon to run on Windows 10

You may soon be able to run Ubuntu on Windows 10. The Redmond giant Microsoft has reportedly partnered with Canonical with a goal to bring Ubuntu on Windows 10. Users will now be able to run Ubuntu as a subsystem […]

New Linux Trojan takes Screenshots and Records Audio

A recent report released by Doctor Web has detected a new Trojan for Linux users. The Trojan named as the Linux.Ekocms.1 reportedly takes the screenshots, download different files on the compromised machine and helps the hackers spy on the users. […]


Microsoft introduces new Certification for Azure on Linux

Microsoft has announced the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Linux on Azure Junction. The non-profit organization has been created in tandem with the Linux foundation and will cater for the mass innovation needs thanks to its open source approach, further […]

Microsoft and Red Hat announce a Partnership

Redmond giant Microsoft and Red Hat, the Linux vendor are now partners. The companies recently revealed their partnership via official blog posts. The sole aim of this partnership according to the companies is to help users deploying the Red Hat […]

AV-TEST tests Linux security solutions against Linux and Windows threats

The recent tests on Linux security solutions by AV-Test Lab indicate a worrisome situation – Linux systems are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Yes, Linux machines are no more completely secure. The test results show that Linux systems can act as […]

Microsoft offering limited support for Azure where Linux is concerned

Linux on Azure is a thing, but Microsoft will only provide limited support. It means that if you’re not very knowledgeable about troubleshooting Linux for Azure, then don’t go to Microsoft for help with your problems. We’re not exactly certain […]

Microsoft and Docker unite Linux and Windows in the cloud

Microsoft has made it clear over the past decade that it is a big supporter of Linux, and today the company made that claim even more precise. At DockerCon 2015, Microsoft announced that it will support Docker by integrating the […]

Microsoft announces Free Visual Studio Code for Linux, OSX and Windows

Microsoft announced a new cross-platform code editor called Visual Studio Code in the BUILD 2015 conference. Visual Studio Code is a first of its kind, lightweight cross-platform code editor for writing modern web and cloud applications that runs on OS […]

Kernel vulnerability in Linux discovered

All Linux loyalists have a firm belief that it is one of the most secure systems around. However, the lack of security advisories for the OS has been the subject of intense criticism for many in security circles recently. Some […]

Linux Foundation UEFI Secure Boot System released

UEFI Secure Boot System has now been released. This was released to Linux Foundation by Microsoft. This release will allow Linux to work on computers running UEFI firmware. “The Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) is a specification that defines a […]

Linux Academy to offer free lessons

People who love programming and Linux have high regards for Linux Academy. The academy not only helps web developers polish their Linux skills anytime they want but also get valuable help needed for Linux study. It also offers hands on […]

Free Software Foundation says Ubuntu acting as Spyware

Richard Stallman President and Founder of The Free Software Foundation has claimed that Ubuntu is tracking its users and selling its data. Specifically he called Ubuntu Linux a spyware because it collected data about users searches and sent it to […]

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Linux Foundation websites hacked

The, and websites have been taken offline. The reason? They appear to have been hacked! While how this has exactly happened has not been explained, it does appear that was compromised which gave the hackers root […]

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75% of Linux code is written by paid developers

The Linux world makes much of its community roots, but when it comes to developing the kernel of the operating system, it’s less a case of “volunteers ahoy!” and more a case of “where’s my pay?”

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Windows 7 to target Linux at the retail level.

A member of the Overclock forums who is an employee of Best Buy, has uploaded slides from a Microsoft presentation intended for the company, showing what they want workers to say about Linux.

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Windows 7 market share doubles that of Linux

StatCounter is reporing that the global desktop market share of the yet to be publicly released Windows 7 is almost double that of Linux.

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Branded Platinum Visa Credit Cards from Linux!

Linux Foundation, the non-profit that supports the growth of the Linux kernel, is today announcing an affinity Visa Platinum credit card for people who want to contribute to advancing the OS through the organization’s initiatives.