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WindowsPhone 7.8 Update for old Windows Phones confirmed by Telstra

Long awaited update for older Windows Phone devices would soon end! Yesterday, Telstra – An Australian Telecommunications and Media Company confirmed that it is planning to roll out Windows Phone 7.8 software for older Windows Phones, latest by next month. […]

Google+ iOS Apps Extended to 48 New Countries and Territories

In recognition of its growing popularity, Google Plus has released its Google+ iPhone and iPad apps in 48 new countries and territories around the world. The service has 500 million registered users, of which  235 million are currently active. Although […]

Amazon Reduces Dependency on iTunes Store; launches MP3 Web Store

In an effort to reduce dependency on Apple’s iTunes Store for downloading and playing music, the retail giant – Amazon today announced the launch of mobile version of its MP3 store for iPhone and iPod Touch. Amazon.com believes, the offering […]

Zavers by Google – A Coupon Book for your Smartphone

Google, the Internet giant has announced a new product, named Zavers by Google. The product is digital coupon that you can add to your online cards for buying stuffs when you find discounts on your favorite retailer websites. The amount […]

Former Microsoft executives launch online sex products portal

Some shops look like any other ordinary stores, except that the products they are licensed to sell are mainly meant for adults who look to spice up their lives. Buying such products from direct stores may embarrass some – hence the rise of […]

Firefox, and now Apple decides to block Java

After discovering a potential security vulnerability in the current version of Java (Java 7 update 10) Mozilla added it to the add-on block list. Now, Apple seems to be following suit. The company on Thursday quietly disabled Java 7 on […]

Google Chrome 24 Released; Boots Even Faster

A new version of Google Chrome – Chrome 24 has been released. Prior to the release, there was no word from the Internet search giant. No fireworks! Just a short description on Google Chrome read as – ‘With today’s Chrome […]

Valve’s Gabe Newell describes Windows 8 as ‘Giant Sadness’

Valve’s founder Gabe Newell made some faces frown after he made a comment last year about Microsoft’s latest OS release Windows 8, referring it as a ‘catastrophe’. He has again followed the same path and chastised Windows 8 one more […]

Microsoft rolls out second Firmware Update, fixes distorting Sound Issue

When Microsoft Surface, the first tablet in Microsoft’s history was out buyers reported of having audio issues with the device. Many complained of experiencing the distorted sounds after waking up their tablet from standby. However, it looks the company has […]

Stunning New Windows 8 Hardware displayed at CES 2013

The existence of Windows 8 was first announced at CES 2012. A year later, the world’s largest trade show – CES 2013 sees a number of hardware devices from some leading brands being favored by the current release of Windows […]

Samsung Leads 2012 U.S. Mobile Subscriber Market Share

The latest report by ComScore, a leader in the digital world has revealed nearly 90% of the U.S. smartphone market is captured by Apple and Android devices, combined. With this, the two rivals have taken complete control over U.S. smartphone […]

New Data Centers in Asia to help increase adoption of Google Services

According to an investigate organization StatCounter, India is one of the largest markets for Google, with over 100 million users. On an average, a normal Indian user spends about 2.5 hours each day on Google websites, including Gmail, Google+, YouTube and more. […]

Google Removed 50 Million Infringing Webpages From Search Results in 2012

The number of valid DMCA takedown requests processed by Google has dramatically increased. them and used the data to downgrade the rankings of sites that were found guilty. As of date, Google is processing over 500,000 alleged infringing links every […]

TwitPic Blocked by Google Chrome over Malware Issue

Yesterday, some Twitter users reported they encountered a problem while trying to log into their Twitter or TwitPic account using Google’s Chrome browser. Google referring TwitPic as a malware distributor and citing reasons that the micro-blogging platform’s picture sharing service […]

App Scam: The Halo 4 in the iOS Store is not from Microsoft

Halo 4, the fourth installment in the Halo series remains officially available only on Xbox 360 but the same app appears to have just hit the iOS App Store. Naturally, the 2 apps advertised with screenshots featuring actual Halo 4 […]

Oracle Rolls out Java 7 Update 10 with New Features & Control Settings

Multiple studies and analysis reveal Java as being the least secure plugin but the revelation hasn’t dampened the spirits of the workers at Oracle. The company has rolled out Java 7 update 10 (Java 7u10), the latest in the Java 7 series to improve […]


Instagram now owns your photos – Updated Terms of Use states!

Instagram, the Facebook subsidiary has announced new terms of service that will give it the right to use your photos and even use them in ads and sub-license them to third-parties. The rule states that by using the service “you […]

Malware can now Steal Bank Data Sent by SMS

Cybercrime has become a cause of concern worldwide! 2013 is expected to be even worse for mobile users! Virus code writers have been developing several malicious Android apps, specifically to steal Mobile Transactions Authentication Numbers. These malicious apps uses a […]

Nokia Lumia 510 launched in India; Lumia 820 & 920 coming in Jan 2013

Advertised as the cheapest Lumia smartphone in the world, Nokia Lumia 510 is now available in India through many online retailers. Nokia India unveiled the phone a couple of weeks ago but it has been officially made available now. The […]

Hotmail & Outlook can be hijacked using Cookie Handling Vulnerability

Hotmail and Outlook,  the popular email service from Microsoft is reported to be susceptible to hijacking using ‘stolen’  Cookies. A cookie handling vulnerability has been discovered that can allow cybercriminals to gain access to the accounts of Hotmail and Outlook users. Hotmail […]

Google not interested in developing Native Apps for Windows 8

Google has no interest in developing apps for Windows 8. The company’s app product management director Clay Bavor, in an interview to a British tech website said that it has no plans of building Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 […]

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Twitter Introduces New Profile for Everyone

Twitter is all set to start rolling out new profiles for every Twitter user.  The micro-blogging platform via an announcement made it clear that it would automatically introduce its users to a new profile setup by December 12. The new […]

NVIDIA Releases GeForce Experience for Closed Beta Testing

Gone are the days when a gamer had to enter a command to run the game. Today, you simply have to click on a game icon and you’re done. That said, you have to manually tweak the game settings to […]

Google to organize The Great Indian Online Shopping Festival

E-shopping in India has never been so popular. Although a large proportion of the online community in India uses Facebook and Twitter for most part of the day, they are rarely seen shopping online. Somehow they feel it is not […]

Panda Cloud Antivirus now offers anti-exploit protection

Former version of Panda Cloud Antivirus AV 2.0 boasted many UI changes, included support for Microsoft’s latest OS – Windows 8, and had a solid disinfection engine. That’s past! The new version, Panda Cloud Antivirus AV 2.1 is out and […]