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Google Chrome support for Windows XP will end from April 2016

Google Chrome has announced that it will be finally ending support for Windows XP and Windows Vista starting April 2016. Chrome will also stop supporting OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.7 Lion and 10.8 Mountain Lion. This move will hopefully […]

New Adware clones the entire Chrome browser and deletes the original

Security vulnerabilities and Malware are on a constant rise and it becomes important for the users to be aware of these threats and take cautionary measures. A new adware unearthed by Security researchers clones the entire Chrome browser and it […]

Google is making Chrome speedy again, hooray!

Recently, Google has updated its popular web browser, Chrome, to be faster and more efficient. After what seems like forever, the Internet giant has finally felt the need to address some of the huge concerns users have had with Chrome. […]

firefox favicon bug

Favicon bug can crash Chrome & Firefox browsers

Are you, at times, facing some strange Chrome or Firefox crashes these days? If yes, this might be due to the Favicon bug. Yes, a Favicon bug reportedly can crash your Chrome & Firefox browsers. Strange but true, the small […]

WinYahoo PUP changes Secure Preferences in Chrome Browser

Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) tend to interfere with everyday computer use by placing advertisements, tool-bars in web browsers and resorting to other nefarious tactics. Options that generally trick you into installing potentially unwanted programs are common during the setup of […]

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Chrome to allow installation of extensions from its Web Store only

To prevent Chrome users from accidentally installing malware, Google has taken a bold step of blocking Windows and Mac users from loading Chrome extensions which not hosted on the Google’s own Chrome Web Store. Beginning today, installing Chrome extensions from […]

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Chrome 42 released with Push Notifications; Will block Java, Silverlight

Google Chrome web browser blocks Java, Silverlight and many other plugins in its latest version. The search engine giant today released the latest version of its Chrome web browser version 42. The latest version of Chrome will block Java and other […]

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Google Chrome may blacklist thousands of Chinese websites

This news will make owners of thousands of Chinese websites nervous. As per the recent blog post on the Google Security blog, Google Chrome may blacklist thousands of Chinese websites due to the unauthorized digital certificates provided to them for […]

Ad Injecting Chrome Extensions

Google cracks down on 200 Ad Injecting Chrome Extensions

In a recent study that Google researchers carried out with colleagues from the University of California at Berkeley, they discovered that more than a third of Chrome extensions that injected ads were classified as malware. This translated into 192 deceptive […]


This Unicode string can crash Chrome on Mac

If you are a Mac owner and normally use the Chrome browser, then know, that this special string of 13 characters can cause your tab in Chrome  for OS X to crash immediately. Although these special text characters don’t have […]

Microsoft releases Bing New Tab Page extension for Chrome

Team Bing, has always been working to improve the browsing experience of their users. They have now released a new extension especially for Chrome users. Google Chrome users can now land on Bing’s homepage with every new tab they open. […]

Google to warn users about malicious websites with unwanted software

Google seems to be pretty serious with its safe web browsing initiative. Taking its SafeBrowsing services to next level, Google will now show a warning message with all malicious websites or the ones which may land the malicious software to […]

aviator browser

WhiteHat replies to Chrome’s allegations that Aviator browser is insecure

Aviator web browser recently went open source. Surprisingly, within the first 24 hours open sourcing Aviator to the community, Google publically shared the major vulnerability issues attached with the Aviator browser. Since its launch, the privacy-concerned Aviator browser developed by […]

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Google Chrome 64-bit, now available for Windows 8 / 7

There’s a good news for all Google Chrome fans. Now the Google Chrome 64-bit version is available for Windows 7 and Windows 8 as well. Along with it, the 64-bit Windows support is also coming to the Chrome Stable with […]

Google Adds Bing Search Box To Chrome

A large Bing search box is now showing up in Google Chrome. Microsoft announced today that latest versions of Chrome will now have the Bing search box on new tab pages. To use this newly added Bing search box, set […]

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Google to fix Chrome major battery draining bug

Which web browser do you use? If it is Google Chrome, then you may be required to keep your battery chargers ON more often than before. As a laptop user you will be surprised to hear that Google Chrome on […]


Chrome to give out bolder Malware and Phishing warnings

Phishing has become a growing menace where cyber criminals trick you into sharing information, usually via a fake website. As such, there is dire need to have some kind of mechanism in place to avoid such unwelcome instances in the […]

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Chrome to disable extensions not listed in Chrome Web Store

When we are online, malicious downloads and websites are the main sources that pose as threats to our personal information. All browsers are taking utmost care of protecting their users from such dangers by introducing different security blocks. Google Chrome […]

Chrome may hide full web address URL in address bar in future

Do you want to hide those cluttered URL with so many slashes and dashes ? If yes then get ready for the disappearance of those long URLs. Google is all set for its new experiment of removing the URL from the Omnibox […]

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Google Chrome 33 update includes 28 security fixes

Google Chrome 33 has undergone a change. The change in status of the browser comes with many updates – especially security fixes. A partial list of changes in the build is available in the SVN revision log that you can find […]

Get Notifications Cards from Google Now in Chrome

Google Now notification cards will finally be available for Chrome Beta users. After more than a year of ado Google has finally announced that Google Now notifications cars are now integrated into the Chrome beta browser for Windows, Chrome book […]

Google Chrome bug lets websites listen to your conversations

While voice recognition is a great technology to look up to it can also lead to a leak of your privacy if you are using it in Google Chrome. It has been found that web developers can exploit bugs in […]

WOT changes rating system; launches updated extension for Chrome

Web Of Trust or simply to put it as WOT is a popular and effective tool to protect oneself from real dangers on the internet. It is a website rating system that rates websites based on the reviews it receives and […]