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Microsoft to stop accepting new app submissions for Windows 8.1

With the release of Windows 10, the audience on Windows 8.x and Windows Phone 8.x platform is really less. The users on Windows 8.x were provided with a free upgrade to Windows 10 and the majority users on Windows Phone […]


Microsoft admits Windows Phone is dead

Windows Phone was dying a slow death for a year, and it was pretty clear. Now, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore made it official through a series of tweets, that they aren’t developing new features or hardware for the phone. While the […]

Badlock vulnerability

Microsoft gets hit by Windows hack from Russia

Microsoft, recently, made a statement that their Windows operating system was hit by a newly discovered flaw that had been responsible for cyber attacks in the past. The company claims these attacks come from the same group that was previously linked to […]

Microsoft & others support Apple’s stance against FBI backdoors

Apple’s battle with the FBI over the encryption of criminal’s iPhone is getting famous across the globe. Surprisingly, the entire Silicon Valley and most of the tech giants are supporting Apple’s decision to decline FBI’s request to encrypt the iPhone. […]

Microsoft demoed Office for iPad Pro. The end of the Surface Pro?

Microsoft has done something incredible, and that is showing up on Apple’s conference stage to announce Microsoft Office for the iPad Pro. It is the first time an employee from the company has shown up at an Apple event in […]

Why Microsoft supported iPad Pro with Office

Just recently Microsoft hopped on the Apple event stage to show off its Office apps for the iPad Pro, but this didn’t sit well with some fans of the company. The big question is, could this move become an issue […]

bug bounty

Microsoft expands Bug Bounty Programs, doubles bounty amount

It is a good news if you are bug hunter as Microsoft has announced further extension of its Security Bounty Programs. In an effort to woo bug finders, the Company is  doubling  bounty amount for defence, launching authentication bonus and […]

Splendo PC-on-a-stick from iBall and Microsoft launched

Microsoft India, in partnership with iBall, announced the launch of iBall Splendo. The compact Splendo PC-on-a-stick device is affordable runs Windows 8.1. iBall is an Indian electronic manufacturer. Splendo when connected to TV via HDMI, converts it to a fully […]

Defenders should design the best Graph to combat attackers, says Microsoft

Microsoft has shared few important tips to folks who are into network security, administration and design. Microsoft has shared details on aspects like having a right defender mindset, security dependencies and effectively designing and managing graphs. Defender Mindset In the instances […]

Socl adds new features to create Experiences

Microsoft Fuse Labs is all set to promote the existence of its very own social network service – Socl via addition of some new and interesting features. The service which is still under the beta stage with over 400,000 registered users has […]

Apple tops, Microsoft 7th in Brandz 100 Most Powerful Brands List

The eighth annual BrandZ list of the world’s most valued brands sees Apple topping the list of world’s most valuable global brands. The list puts Microsoft – the software giant in seventh place, down two places from last year. Most […]

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Microsoft changes Twitter handles

Microsoft is changing the name of its Twitter Feed. You will automatically remain a follower of its news feed, as this is just a name change to more accurately reflect the content of the feed.