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NuAns Neo makes for an interesting Windows 10 Mobile handset

When it comes down to the Windows 10 Mobile platform, there aren’t many OEMs up and ready to support it; however, a certain Japanese company has stepped up to the challenge. The phone is called the NuAns Neo, and it […]

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile strategy doomed to fail?

Microsoft is still making strange decisions when it comes down to its mobile initiative, and we do not know why. Every time the company releases a new device, they are exclusive to a single carrier in the United States for […]

Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10 Mobile to bring new changes to Lumia apps

It’s almost time when Windows 10 Mobile is going to hit most of the Windows Phones. Microsoft Lumia, which is currently running Windows Phone 8.1, might soon get Windows 10 Mobile. However, before that, Microsoft sis making sure that the […]