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Microsoft ends shady tech support ads on Bing

Finally Microsoft decided to get rid of all the shady third-party ads that promises Windows and Microsoft related tech support from Bing. Most times, these ads are not from companies seeking to genuinely help computer users, so we’re pleased to […]

Microsoft building 4 Data Centers in Ireland

Microsoft is doing some interesting work in Ireland right now that will cost the company $1 billion. From what we have come to understand, the software giant is moving to build 4 data centers in Dublin, though we have no […]

Microsoft to shut down the Sunrise calendar app

Microsoft is killing its Sunrise Calendar App which it acquired last year. The team recently announced in a blog post, that the app will soon be pulled out from Google Play Store as well as iOS Store. However, the official […]


Microsoft unveils Tattio, a Skin Wearable

The job of a researcher is to anticipate developments in the future. Researchers at Microsoft realize this well. As such they have embarked on the mission to explore how technology could be effectively used to augment the human body via […]

Microsoft introduces new documentation site

Based on the feedback gathered from the interviews of hundreds of developers and IT Pros, Microsoft has introduced a documentation site called as To start with, Microsoft is first revamping the existing content infrastructure on TechNet and MSDN. TechNet […] premium

New will not be compatible with Windows Live Mail 2012

Microsoft has served a reminder for its customers intending to shift to new The description on the official page hints users migrating to new would no longer be able to use Windows Live Mail 2012 to access the […]

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft to store data on a DNA-based archival Storage System

The amount of unstructured data for large enterprises continues to grow. As such, there is a need for them to deploy more storage setups that can preserve data for the long haul while also providing rapid access and performance. The […]

Windows market share drops below 90% for the first time

Windows market share has dropped below the 90% threshold for the first time in the decade. Despite the introduction of its latest Windows 10 operating system, there is a substantial drop noticed in Microsoft’s total market share. As per the […]


Microsoft updates OneNote with video sharing and other new features

Microsoft has updated its information management app, OneNote, with a series of features, most notably providing an access to insert videos. If you use OneNote, then after Microsoft’s April update you will be able to insert videos from portals such […]

bot framework

Microsoft adds Facebook Messenger support to BOT framework

Barely a month old Microsoft’s BOT Framework, will now have Facebook Messenger as a supported channel. Microsoft introduced Bot framework at Build 2016, a service that allows developers to build and connect intelligent bots to interact with the users wherever […]

Microsoft blocks other browsers from using Cortana

Microsoft has invested a lot of effort in making Windows 10 well-endowed when it comes to search capabilities. The search in Windows 10 is beyond the regular search and is more of an intuitive and helpful feature. I have been […]

Parents used Microsoft Sway to tell Cancer story

Microsoft Sway is a brilliant software, so it comes as no surprise to see a parents of a child with Cancer using the platform to tell their story. It’s quite touching, and we do hope the child pulls through commandingly. […]

Microsoft Flux

Microsoft Flux launched to help the Finnish startup community

Microsoft is back with yet another innovative initiative and this time it is for the startups. The company has started a Finnish startup community called as Microsoft Flux that helps startups succeed by providing them access to free network, high […]

microsoft cloud resource

Microsoft rolls out free Tools to help IT Pros adopt Cloud Technology

As the volume of data continues to increase with the rise in business establishments, so does the adoption and deployment of cloud storage services for providing a backup. In an effort to encourage cloud adoption further, Microsoft has introduced two […]


Microsoft announces 3 business productivity apps for Android smartphones

With more number of people using smartphones to manage their business now a days, Microsoft has launched 3 smartphone business apps that can help small businesses become more productive. Recognizing the growing use of the Android OS on smartphones across […]

Microsoft Trust Center gets new Compliance Attestations

We have been hearing a lot about the Microsoft Trust Centre lately and that is because the company is ramping up its efforts. The Trust Center will now cover Microsoft Commercial Support, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Power BI. Microsoft […]

Skype to get new Angry Birds emoticons

Angry Birds are now ready for being featured in your Skype chats. Skype is introducing a new set of Angry Birds Movie characters in Skype chats making your conversations even more communicative. The new set includes Red, Stella, Bomb and […]

Instant Translation in Cortana now supports 4 more languages

Microsoft announced that its digital voice assistant Cortana will support instant translations for its French, German, Italian, and Spanish versions of Windows 10. What does it mean? When a user is running Windows 10 in the above mentioned languages and […]

Microsoft Groove Music app is now available in Universal avatar

Microsoft has been trying to being most of its apps on the universal platform this means that irrespective of the Windows device you are using the experience with the Windows app will be consistent. Microsoft has now announced an important […]

Microsoft offers Plugin-free Skype for users

Skype has been a huge success for Microsoft. It keeps the world talking! The ease of use is what makes the app so special. However, earlier, Skype required you to download the application for chatting and calling on desktop and […]

iOS app

Microsoft shows how to bring an iOS app to Windows

If you ever missed those popular IOS apps while using Windows, Microsoft has just made the transition possible.  Using Microsoft’s Windows Bridge, iOS developers can now bring existing iOS apps to Windows. Windows Bridge for iOS The Windows Bridge for iOS […]

Microsoft releases Desktop App Converter Preview – Project Centennial

In the Build 2016 Developer Conference which was held last week, Microsoft among many other announcements had announced Project Centennial, a tool to convert Win32 desktop applications into Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps. And now Microsoft releases this Desktop App […]

bing code

Bing Partners with HackerRank to bring Interactive Code Editing to Search

Microsoft’s search engine Bing, and HackerRank recently have teamed up to offer millions of programmers an easy way to find useful search results. Until now, the regular practice for programmers has been to resort to search engines to get answers […]

Bakusa Seal 8 is a rugged Windows 10 tablet you can preorder at $499.99

Computing is something we need in each and every field, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The advancements in technology have brought about a paradigm shift in the role of technology in many fields like life sciences, biology and even agriculture. In […]