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Bing Partners with HackerRank to bring Interactive Code Editing to Search

Microsoft’s search engine Bing, and HackerRank recently have teamed up to offer millions of programmers an easy way to find useful search results. Until now, the regular practice for programmers has been to resort to search engines to get answers […]

Bakusa Seal 8 is a rugged Windows 10 tablet you can preorder at $499.99

Computing is something we need in each and every field, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The advancements in technology have brought about a paradigm shift in the role of technology in many fields like life sciences, biology and even agriculture. In […]

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Microsoft Edge will give you more control over Flash content

Microsoft Edge is a great combination of amazing features, convenient an moreover; it is designed keeping the users in mind. As a result, Edge makes the web a safe, a good performant, and reliable place for the users. Now, Edge […]

Microsoft’s Project Rome to bring cross-platform app communication

Microsoft is working on something known as Project Rome, and it is designed to allow for cross-platform app communication. With this platform, it should be possible for users to jump from a Windows 10 Mobile app to one that is […]

Microsoft Envision

Microsoft Envision is bringing thinking minds together

This year’s Microsoft Envision brings together the most forward thinking minds in business and technology. This is an event where a business leader, a decision maker and even a technology enthusiast will be interested. This is a one-of-its-kinds opportunity that […] premium

Microsoft testing new Premium Email Service

A new feature-rich and add free will soon roll out for users worldwide. Microsoft, the software giant is currently testing a premium version of its email service The service which is named as Outlook Premium is free for […]

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Microsoft gets Oracle’s Linux man on board

Wim Coekaerts, the senior vice president of Linux and virtualization engineering for Oracle is now a Microsoft man. Famously called as “Mr. Linux” at Oracle, Coekaerts helped Oracle become a Linux superpower in his 20 year tenure. Coekaerts joined Oracle […]

India to get updated Cortana, this summer

India will be getting an updated version of Cortana this summer, says Microsoft. During a session at Annual Conference Build 2016 in San Francisco, Cortana’s Group Programme Manager Marcus Ash announced that India will be among 13 nations to get […]


Xamarin is now free and integrates completely with Visual Studio

In its day 2 keynote speech at Microsoft Annual Build 2016, Microsoft announced that Xamarin will now be in every edition of Visual Studio for no extra cost. Scott Guthrie, executive vice president at Microsoft announced that Xamarin cross platform […]

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Skype Bots bringing new life to Skype: 300 million active users

Microsoft is looking to increase the effectiveness of Skype in an ever competitive market. With the likes of WhatsApp and others making waves, the software giant needed something to keep Skype on edge, and bots could be that something. Recently […]

Ubuntu soon to run on Windows 10

You may soon be able to run Ubuntu on Windows 10. The Redmond giant Microsoft has reportedly partnered with Canonical with a goal to bring Ubuntu on Windows 10. Users will now be able to run Ubuntu as a subsystem […]

Watch the Live Broadcast of Microsoft Build 2016 here with us

If you have been unable to attend the Microsoft Build 2016 Conference, you can watch the live streaming of the event here with us. Microsoft Build is an annual conference event held by Microsoft for Developers. And this year its […]

Build 2016 app for Windows 10, Android and iOS now available

Microsoft has released Build 2016 app for Windows 10, Android and iOS. As you know, Microsoft Build is an annual conference event held by Microsoft for Developers. And this year its being held from March 30 – April 1 in […]

Microsoft completes work on special version of Windows 10 for China

We have long known that Microsoft was working on a special version of Windows 10 for the Chinese government. This was bound to happen after it was revealed that the United States government was spying on other governments and corporations […]

Microsoft Edge support of Chrome extensions is a great idea

When it comes down to Microsoft Edge, the web browser has turned out to be something we all want to use but has so far refuse to due to missing features, bugs that seem to never go away, and extensions. […]

Galaxy Explorer for HoloLens still in development and looks great

How many folks remembered the winning app idea for HoloLens back in 2015? The winning app idea was an app that we know as Galaxy Explorer, and guess what? It is being brought to life. Galaxy Explorer is all about […]

ESPN for Xbox 360 is dead; Long live ESPN for Xbox One

Microsoft Xbox One got another boost recently after ESPN decided to end its app on the Xbox 360 and focus on the version available for the Xbox One. This is no doubt sad news for those who are still using […]


SandDance from Microsoft Research lets you visually explore your Data

The research division of Microsoft, Microsoft Research has released a new tool – SandDance a free data visualization app that allows users to get insights on their research projects. The application will be currently available as a standalone Web-based tool. […]


Microsoft to extend support for Skylake PCs with older Windows

Although Microsoft encourages Windows users to migrate to Windows 10 as soon as possible, it has provided some breathing space for machines running the latest Skylake CPUs, not upgraded to Windows 10. Most individual users and business establishments haven’t upgraded […]

Microsoft Edge to get Paste & Go, Pinned Tabs and more

Microsoft Edge web browser might or might not be the best or the most accomplished browser out there, but it sure is catching up by regularly adding on new features and functionalities. Extensions was one of the quintessential feature missing […]

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Microsoft refutes claims of forcefully updating Windows 7 to Windows 10

Microsoft has been in a fray recently with users reporting that Windows 10 is being automatically installed on their system. Further the allegations also point out that Microsoft is intentionally hiding the “Decline” button for the update and in some […]

Skype for Web gets 4 new Updates; the 3rd one may excite you

Users who did not have Skype application installed on their machine could still use the service for communication via Skype for Web. Now, in an effort to align the web version of the app with the existing mobile and desktop […]