Windows 7 RC garners a market share of 0.47 %.

Windows 7 Release Candidate has taken an overall market share of around 0.47%.

Google to promote Chrome through TV?

Google may promote it’s Chrome browser through TV ads. This ad, was made by the Google’d Japan Team to promote Chrome, and according to Google’s official blog, will be featured on TV. However, a Google spokesperson said there currently aren’t […]

New MSN City Guides Launched.

With nearly 70 percent of people online claiming they “care” about what is happening in their town or city, MSN is launching a new version of its local offering, MSN City Guides  that will help users stay in the know, […]

Genuine Advantage makes way for Windows Activation Technologies.

With Windows 7, Microsoft is making some subtle changes to the ways it tries to thwart piracy. It has changed the name of its anti piracy technology, from Windows Genuine Advantage to Windows Activation Technologies, since the Windows Genuine name […]

Second wave of Microsoft layoffs sees 3000 job cuts!

Microsoft on Tuesday notified more than 3,000 workers that it was eliminating their jobs. The layoffs are part of a second wave of notices tied to job cuts announced earlier this year.

Apple to go in for price cuts.

Apple is seriously considering price cuts on its desktop machines and on the 13” MacBook. Word of the changes comes just weeks after Cupertino-based company became the target of a renewed advertising blitz from rival Microsoft Corp., which is using […]

The Story behind the Windows 7 RC wallpapers.

The Windows 7 RC wallpapers have evoked a strong response. While some have liked it, others have not. Windows is for the whole world; and with this in mind, Microsoft to recognize the global audience of Windows by seeking out […]

Microsoft Local Impact Map launched.

“How’s the Weather?” Contest is Open!

Microsoft Tellme Launched

Windows Vista SP2 RTM release announced.

Windows 7 Learning Portal Launched.

Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack 2 Released

Microsoft introduces Vine.

Talking About Windows With Microsoft

Windows Vista SP2 to be released in May (?)

Windows 7 RC To be Released on April 30 2009.

Windows 7 to have a Windows XP mode.

Microsoft’s income falls by 32%.

Microsoft pubCenter enters public beta.

Enjoy Windows 7 Snacks in Silverlight Snack Player.

DAISY & Microsoft announce release of Save as DAISY.

Secunia rates Firefox as most vulnerable browser

Goodbye Ms Dewey.