Microsoft confirms Windows 7 Box art designs

Microsoft approached the packaging for Windows 7 the same way we approached the product – by listening to what our customers told us they wanted: make it a simple clean design, easy to open, and reduce waste. Customers told us […]

Windows 7 RC program closes August 15th

If you are still on the Windows 7 Beta you may want to move to the Windows 7 RC fast. Starting July 1st, the Beta will start to reboot every 2 hrs and expire Aug 1st.

Windows 7 RTM sign off set for July 13?

Wzor is claiming that the final sign off is set for July 13th. According to a translation, this is the final roadmap for Windows 7:

Get your Playboy magazine archives, courtesy Silverlight.

Silverlight is bringing magazine memories back to life through Bondi Digital Publishing’s Cover to Cover. Starting with classic issues of Playboy and Rolling Stone, Cover to Cover features stunning quality and lets you browse and search decades of content that […]

Bloggers … be careful with your reviews now !

Many bloggers accept perks such as free laptops, trips to Europe, $500 gift cards or even thousands of dollars for a 200-word post. Bloggers vary in how they disclose such freebies, if they do so at all.

You can’t Bing for Kamasutra in India !

I just noticed that in India and a few other countries, if you search for a simple term like kamasutra , Microsoft’s Search Decision Engine will throw up the following:

Participate in Microsoft’s Real Life Stories program

Does your family use the home computer to create chore lists, manage schedules or do homework?  Are you a parent with children under age 18 that use the computer to do their school work?  Are you part of a small […]

Morro to be launched as Microsoft Security Essentials

SmartSaverGuide from Microsoft

How Microsofts adCenter system was scammed…

Use IE8 and get a shot at winning AUS $ 10,000

Mozilla Service Week – Make a Difference

Microsoft thanks IE8 testers with a Workers Toolkit.

Microsoft’s new Anti-Virus, Morro revealed.

What can Windows 7 run on?

Windows 7 on a Pentium II.

Google is worried about Bing.

Mozilla Introduces Add-on Collections.

13 cents from Microsoft.

Microsoft Money … No More !!!

Bing overtakes Yahoo Search global share.

What will Windows 7 cost ?