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Microsoft Edge Web Browser for Windows 10 announced

Microsoft has revealed a new default web browser for Windows 10 called Microsoft Edge in Build 2015 event. Microsoft’s new web browser was first revealed in the Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10049, code named “Project Spartan“. Soon, “Microsoft Edge” […]

Opera 29 introduces tab synchronization

The new version of Opera – Opera 29 has been released for Windows. The latest version brings significant improvements including added support for more mouse gestures, the addition of a History button to the Speed Dial and other start pages, […]

spartan browser

JavaScript experts give Thumbs Up to Microsoft’s Spartan Browser

Microsoft Corporation according to JavaScript experts scores full-points with its brand new browser ‘Spartan’ in latest release of Windows 10. Many claim that there is no hint of Microsoft’s signature feel to Spartan. Reviewing the browser, JavaScript expert Simon Bisson […]

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Do Not Track will not be the default setting on Microsoft browsers

Microsoft today announced that it was reversing its approach to Do Not Track. It will henceforth, by default, disable Do Not Track in its browsers. In Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 and Windows 7, the ‘Do Not Track’ option […]

Project Spartan is fast but not ready for Prime Time

Microsoft recently made Project Spartan available alongside the newest update of Windows 10. It is the company’s second web browser after Internet Explorer, and from hours of testing, we can only conclude that Spartan is not yet ready for prime […]

Project Spartan

Microsoft to join hands with Adobe for the development of Project Spartan

Microsoft has started rolling the wheels of development of “Project Spartan” and its catching speed. Now, Microsoft also brings on board other giants of the industry, such as Adobe. In a recent blog on MSDN, Microsoft mentioned about its partnership […]

Popular Browsers hacked at Pwn2Own 2015 Event

Every year, browser vendors tighten up the security features of their browsers ahead of the Pwn2own browser hacking competition in a bid to prevent exploitation and prove their browser is most secure. However, these efforts rarely impress the hackers in […]

Pale Moon and together bring new start page

The popular web browser Pale Moon now comes with a new cloud-based start page service. Moonchild Productions has launched the new start page in collaboration with The new start page somehow resembles the old one and the only notable […]

vivaldi browser

Former Opera CEO to launch Vivaldi web browser

Just a few days after the announcement of Microsoft’s new web browser Spartan, we have a new offering from the former CEO of Opera, Jon Ton Tetzcher. After being away from Opera for four long years, Jon Ton Tetzcher is […]

Spartan: Microsoft’s new feature packed Browser

After a month long speculations, Project Spartan has finally been announced as the official web browser of Windows 10. 21st January 21, 2015 was a big day for Microsoft as it took the wraps off its latest operating system Windows […]

aviator browser

WhiteHat replies to Chrome’s allegations that Aviator browser is insecure

Aviator web browser recently went open source. Surprisingly, within the first 24 hours open sourcing Aviator to the community, Google publically shared the major vulnerability issues attached with the Aviator browser. Since its launch, the privacy-concerned Aviator browser developed by […]

Browser Choice

Microsoft discontinues Browser Choice update website

Recently, Microsoft published an article stating that the Browser Choice Update website is no longer working, as the obligations imposed by the European Commission have expired. Now, the new users won’t be able to see this website since it has […]

rebrand internet explorer

Microsoft may introduce Public-Key Pinning feature for Internet Explorer

A vast amount of information becomes readily accessible online today. It is therefore, essential to have adequate safeguard mechanisms in place to protect such vital resource. As such, browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox that provide key to this resource, […]

Microsoft explains change to Browser modifiers and Adware

Microsoft explains detection change for Browser modifiers and Adware

Recently Microsoft released important changes to detecting browser modifiers and adware, with a view to improving Internet Explorer security and browsing experience. Microsoft has mentioned the changes to how it detects browser modifiers and adware and they are: Unacceptable behaviors […]

Microsoft to rebrand Internet Explorer

Microsoft to rebrand Internet Explorer?

There was a time when some of us used Internet Explorer to download Chrome or Firefox or for Windows Update. Many still us it to download alternative browsers, even today. Microsoft released that Internet Explorer 6 had given a bad […]

block out-of-date ActiveX controls

Internet Explorer will block out-of-date ActiveX controls

Starting August 12th, Internet Explorer will start blocking out-of-date Java ActiveX controls. Oracle Java, along with Adobe Flash, have been a major vector used to plant malware on Windows systems for quite some time now. These Java or ActiveX controls […]

Opera 22

Opera 22 introduces new themes and silent updates

As per reportsdated March 2014, Opera is the 4th most popular web browser in the world. Recently Opera 22 was launched for Mac and Windows. The makers of Opera browser say that Opera 22 is, “A safe and highly compatible […]


Avira Safe Search and SafeSearch browser extension launched

Whenever we surf the web, for online transactions, for shopping or for searching information; our personal information is always at risk. And that’s why online security is always on priority for web browsers. The same is the case with Avira […]

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Use the latest browser version or get switched to Yahoo Basic Mail

It is an update in Yahoo Mail’s browser policy that users will now need to switch to latest browser versions or they will be directed to Yahoo Basic Mail. According to this update, Yahoo Mail’s supported web browser policy is […]

Aura-powered Opera 21 released for Windows

The latest version of Opera desktop browser for Windows and Mac machines has been released today. The major highlight of Opera 21 is added support for Aura. ‘Aura’ provides a hardware-accelerated browsing experience with a faster feel and smoother animations. Opera […]

Chrome may hide full web address URL in address bar in future

Do you want to hide those cluttered URL with so many slashes and dashes ? If yes then get ready for the disappearance of those long URLs. Google is all set for its new experiment of removing the URL from the Omnibox […]

Do Not Track

Yahoo sites to ignore Do Not Track browser settings

Following the footsteps of Google and Facebook, Yahoo has announced that it will no longer be adhering to Do Not Track setting on the browser. This effectively means that regardless of whether users have enabled “Do Not Track” or not, […]

Internet Explorer 11 popularity surges, runs 10% of all desktop browsers

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 11 has surged a record elevation in the latest statistics of web browsers for the desktop provided by Net Market Share. As expected, Internet Explorer has continued its world domination and is used by over 57% people to access […]


Microsoft unveils Holiday Lites Test to benchmark your browser’s performance

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team brings the new themed browser Benchmark Site for Internet Explorer 11 these holidays. With the seasonal theme, this Benchmark is named ‘Holiday Lites’ and is based on the classic toy Lite Brite. It is a light box toy containing […]