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NVIDIA Releases GeForce Experience for Closed Beta Testing

Gone are the days when a gamer had to enter a command to run the game. Today, you simply have to click on a game icon and you’re done. That said, you have to manually tweak the game settings to […]

Halo 4 makes a record $220 million in first 24 hours!

Prior to its launch, Microsoft fired from all guns to ensure widespread publicity among gamers and the general consumers about Halo 4, the latest game from the Halo franchise. It’s efforts did pay off especially when sales figures are considered. […]

Microsoft unveils Halo 4, the blockbuster Sci Fi game, only on Xbox 360

Microsoft has launched Halo 4, its biggest sci-fi blockbuster of the season, marking the return of the Master Chief, worldwide. With increased pace and action, greater epic encounters, new interactive story elements, and more combat freedom than ever before, “Halo […]

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Microsoft brings Contre Jour game to the web with HTML5

Contre Jour initially an iOS game and ‘iPad Game of the Year’ winner has now come to Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8. Microsoft announced that it has teamed up with the developers of the popular game to bring it to […]

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Atari and Internet Explorer bring to life, classic gaming at Atari Arcade

Atari has announced the release of 8 classic titles on the occasion of its 40th anniversary. The titles have been re-built from scratch specifically for HTML5 and touch controls and will be fully compatible on Tablets using multi-touch gestures and […]

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Microsoft Flight Released

Some time ago, via a tweet Microsoft mentioned it would soon release its flying stimulation game – Microsoft Flight. The company promised the game would even use a freemium model once it was released. Needless to say, the news created […]

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Google+ introduces Games

It had to happen! If Google+ wants to seriously compete with Facebook, they had to introduce games too! And that is what has exactly happened. Google today announced the addition of Games to Google+, the hottest new social site around. […]

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Coming Soon: The 2011 Scripting Games!

And here we are! The 2011 Scripting Games are coming! Beginning on April 4, 2011 and running through April 15, 2011.  Scripting Games are the premier learning event of the year for IT Pros and others who wish to master […]

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17 games to be released for XBox 360 Kinect 12 games at launch.

On November 4th, Microsoft will officially launch Kinect to the public with 12 games being available at launch followed by 5 more by the end of November. Preorders are quickly selling out as the much anticipated controller free device gets […]

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Age of Empires: Back, and online

Intel Pentium 4 was the fastest processor. Apple only made computers. Microsoft was developing service packs for Windows XP. Google was just a search engine. And we spent hours in playing Age of Empires multi-player in our college labs… UPDATE: […]

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Microsoft introduces new game – Microsoft Flight

Twenty-eight years after the debut of Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0, Microsoft Game Studios  announced the internal development of “Microsoft Flight,” a new Windows exclusive game.

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FarmVille pulled off MSN Games

It appears that Zynga has removed its hit game FarmVille from MSN Games, one of the bigger game portals around! This move is sure to disappoint many MSN Games users who enjoyed playing FarmVille! Zynga first added FarmVille to MSN […]

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Microsoft’s Project Natal will be named Kinect

Microsofts Project Natal will be named as Kinect! Kinect or Project Natal is a “controller-free gaming and entertainment experience” by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 video game platform. UPDATE-2:  Microsoft today officially unveiled Kinect for Xbox 360, a controller-free gaming […]

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Microsoft’s Kodu Game Lab: A Game Creation Tool, is now available

Microsoft is pushing to bring computer programming back into the classroom – and back into the realm of the imagination. That push comes through Kodu, a game developed by Microsoft Research that invites users to create their own worlds while […]