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Microsoft rolls out free Tools to help IT Pros adopt Cloud Technology

As the volume of data continues to increase with the rise in business establishments, so does the adoption and deployment of cloud storage services for providing a backup. In an effort to encourage cloud adoption further, Microsoft has introduced two […]

15,435 vulnerabilities recorded in 3,870 applications from 500 vendors

When compared to the previous year, an 18 percent increase in the vulnerabilities have been found according to Secunia, a software vulnerability management company. According to a vulnerability review published by Secunia, 15,435 vulnerabilities have been discovered from 3,870 different […]

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New Windows 10 Resources For Partners are now available

A new set of Windows 10 Resources for Partners are now available. The General Manager at Worldwide Partner Group, Gavriella Schuster today talked about the initial resources of Windows 10 – Windows 10 for Small and Medium Businesses and Windows 10 […]

Microsoft partners with EdX to offer Online Development Course

Microsoft Corp. recently partnered with the nonprofit online learning initiative EdX to offer online development courses. Microsoft is reportedly the first corporate partner of EdX to offer Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). The enrollment for these online courses on edX start […]

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Kinect for Windows website is now live

Microsoft has launched the Kinect for Windows website. In fact it’s more than just a website – it really kick starts the journey for the Kinect for Windows commercial program that’s coming in early 2012. Whether you’re educating students, entertaining […]

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Free Accessibility Tools and Training for Developers from Microsoft

Microsoft has released its Accessibility Tools & Training package of free online accessibility training courses, tools and other resources to help developers worldwide create technology products, services and websites that are accessible to people with disabilities.

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Channel 9 Learning Center launched

New Channel 9 Learning Center has been launched. It is a new destination on Channel 9 that’s designed to provide free developer training on emerging Microsoft products and technologies.

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Windows 7 Learning Portal Launched.

Built on the foundation of Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista, Windows 7 is the desktop operating system you need as an IT professional to enhance your organization’s desktop environment. Windows 7 provides greater security and manageability for remote and […]

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Talking About Windows With Microsoft

Talking About Windows is a new website that offers a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Windows 7 from the Microsoft engineers who helped build product as well as showcasing real IT Professionals talking candidly about their implementations and experiences […]

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Enjoy Windows 7 Snacks in Silverlight Snack Player.

Learning Snacks are short, interactive presentations about popular topics created by Microsoft Learning experts. Each Snack is delivered by using Microsoft Silverlight technology and includes various media, such as animations and recorded demos.