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Microsoft & others support Apple’s stance against FBI backdoors

Apple’s battle with the FBI over the encryption of criminal’s iPhone is getting famous across the globe. Surprisingly, the entire Silicon Valley and most of the tech giants are supporting Apple’s decision to decline FBI’s request to encrypt the iPhone. […]


Opera 37 will not be available for Windows XP and Vista users

Opera’s latest version seems to herald with some major decisions about the Windows version support and according to folks from Opera they have not included the changes in the change log. After Chrome recently cut off the support for Windows […]

log into Gmail using Outlook or Yahoo

You can now log into Gmail with Outlook or Yahoo account

Good news for the non-Gmail users, as they can now log into Gmail account with Outlook or Yahoo account with all features offered by Gmail. The new feature is called as Gmailify. With this feature, users can enjoy Gmail features such […]

bing network

Bing ads introduces the Bing Network for advertising

Now advertisers across the globe have more options for advertising their products and services. Microsoft today introduced the new Bing Network. Bing announced the launch of this platform via a blog post. The new Bing Network Stephen Sirich from Bing mentions in […]

Line doing away with MixRadio to focus on Asian market

MixRadio is on the way out folks, the former Microsoft music service that was once own by Nokia will be shuttered in the near future. Its current owner, Line, is breaking down its ambitions to Asia, and MixRadio is not […]

Google has finally put an end to Picasa. Long live Google Photos

After what seems like forever, Google is finally putting an end to Picasa. This is a big move, and a smart one since it doesn’t make much sense for the search giant to invest its time in two different photo […]

SourceForge to stop Installer bundles after its acquisition

SourceForge Media has finally decided to end DevShare program as a “first order of business.” Slashdot and SourceForge businesses, together known as ‘Slashdot Media were sold to BIZX, LLC by DHI Group, Inc. earlier this year. The deal was completed […]

Flash ads

Google to dump Flash ads and go 100% HTML5

On Feb 09, 2016, Google announced that it will no longer display Flash ads on AdWords as well as on DoubleClick Digital Marketing. Google display ads now go 100% HTML5. Google announced about this on Google+, where it also encourages […]


Chinese company to probably buy Opera software

Opera software recently got a buyout offer of $1.2 billion from internet focused Chinese consortium which includes Kunlun Tech, Qihoo 360, and some investment firms including Yonglian. Qihoo is one of the most notable internet firms of China and Kunlun […]


Cyber criminals are targeting eBay: Buyers and sellers beware

eBay, one of the biggest e-commerce websites on the web, is not as safe as some might believe. We understand that the platform has come under intensive cyber-attacks in recent times. A security company , Check Point, has come across […]


Google offers 2GB Extra Space on Safe Internet Day

Safe Internet Day is here again and Google is again offering additional 2GB space in your Google Drive. All you need to do is to complete a Security Checkup of your privacy settings and you get the free 2GB of […]

Kangaroo Plus is a smartphone-sized PC in your pocket

A PC in your pocket, ever thought about getting one of those? They are real and are the size of a smartphone of all things. This particular PC is called the Kangaroo Plus, and yes, it is powered by, well, […]


Google paid $6006 to a student who owned for a minute

Google has disclosed the amount paid to security researchers around the world who participated in company’s security awards program to find security flaws and bugs within Google. However, one reward that company would have been embarrassed to give was the […]

Oracle to discontinue its Java browser plugin

Oracle, American global computer Technology Corporation has finally announced the discontinuation of its Java browser plugin. As per the official statement given by the company, the plugin will be removed completely in future Java SE release. The company, however, will […]

Google offers Free, High-Speed Wi-Fi to Railway Commuters in India

A study reveals, more than the combined population of the whole of Australia travel daily via Indian Railways in India. As such, Indian Railways have become a lifeline of India. People spend more time at stations looking for the ways […]

Brotli is the new Compression Algorithm for Chrome and Firefox

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox will soon be faster than they are now.  Soon we will see a change in its speed as a new compression algorithm called Brotli will find its place in these two browsers. In comparison to […]

HoloLens battery life will last for up to 5.5 hours

HoloLens, remember that? Of course, you do, how could you not. It’s the newest piece of technology from Microsoft that is designed to add holograms within our space of confinement. At the moment, there is much we do not know […]

Want an Oculus Rift? Get it for $200 off from Dell

The Oculus Rift is an expensive piece of technology, yet we know you’re interested nonetheless. So here’s the thing, for those who are looking to pick up the Rift and a new computer to go with it, we suggest taking […]

Microsoft Surface tablets stopped working during NFL match

Technology can be a tremendous improvement in our lives, but it can also lead to problems when it stops working. The Dallas Cowboys had to experience what it is like to work without technology after the team’s Surface tablets stopped […]

Windows Live Writer is now Open-Sourced as Open Live Writer

Are you still using Windows Live Writer and wanted it to be improved? Here’s a very positive news about it. Windows Live Writer is now open sourced by a team of developers from within Microsoft – and called Open Live […]

Speedtest ditches Adobe Flash. HTML5 Page live...

Speedtest ditches Adobe Flash in favour of HTML5; Public Beta live

Internet’s popular name, the website that provides utility tool to measure speed of Internet connection has started phasing out dependency on Adobe Flash. The speedtest tool, the service which is used by millions of people across Internet is live […]

Google starts replacing Gmail by Inbox

Logged in to your Gmail account lately? Got the pop-up notification saying, “Thanks for trying Inbox”? Relax, that’s the new experimental service from Google which will supposedly replace Gmail, the email service. As users log-in to their Gmail account, they […]

Adobe to discontinue Flash Player Offline Installer Distribution Page

Both Adobe Flash Player Distribution page and Adobe Flash Player direct download links will be decommissioned by January 22, 2016, says Adobe – although it is still not clear if the Flash Player binaries links will also be discontinued or […]

Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla sees no future for Thunderbird

Mozilla sees no future for Thunderbird and has thus decided to cut off the ties with this stand-alone email client. Mozilla however stop active development of in 2012 and now the company wants to split off completely. In a long post […]

NuAns Neo makes for an interesting Windows 10 Mobile handset

When it comes down to the Windows 10 Mobile platform, there aren’t many OEMs up and ready to support it; however, a certain Japanese company has stepped up to the challenge. The phone is called the NuAns Neo, and it […]

Lenovo and Razer join hands to build a range of Gaming Devices

Razer is a brand that needs no introduction especially for the gaming folks this is the brand that has always listened to them and come out with some of the best gaming accessories. Now Lenovo has partnered with Razer to […]