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Vertu announces expensive Android phone for $10,500!

Vertu, a former Nokia subsidiary famous for manufacturing expensive mobile devices laden with gold, diamonds and other jewels, is back to doing what it does best. It has announced the Vertu Ti, a smartphone running on the Android platform for […]

App-based threats continue to haunt Android Phones

While the fourth quarter of the year 2012 may have witnessed a rapid increase in the Android smartphone market, it also marked malicious apps as a growing menace, especially for the Android ecosystem. The number of High Risk Apps found […]

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Apple May Pay IGB For The iPhone Brand Name Rights

Apple Inc. will reportedly pay to the Brazilian Company Gradiente Eletronica SA, (now turned into IGB Electronica) for using iPhone brand, says a Brazilian telecommunications analyst. Brazilian company Gradiente SA won the legal right to use the brand name iPhone last week […]

Android Phones Exposed To Spam Botnet Attack

Android users beware, a new virus attack can whip up your next month’s phone bill. This virulent attack is infecting the Android Smartphones. Each infected Android phone then sends thousands of virulent spam text messages a day whooping up your […]

IGB Released New iPhone Running On Android 2.3.4!

IGB Electronica launched a new “iPhone” running on Android OS on Tuesday. Yes, you read it right!! Brazilian electronics company IGB Electronica announced a new line of its devices naming it as ‘iPhone’. The Company announced its ‘iPhone’ in a […]

Dell Scraps Android Smartphones for Windows 8 Tablets

Michael Dell – the Founder of Dell, previously hinted that the company was planning to drop Android in favor of Windows 8. We see that coming to be true. The company as our sources report isn’t planning on returning to the Android […]


Intel To Introduce Budget Android Phones In India Next Year

2013 will bring some budget Android Smartphones powered by Intel processors. Chip Maker Intel is now gearing up to introduce budget Android handsets according to a press release by Intel. Intel will reportedly bring Android handsets worth 7,000 INR or […]

Android All Set To Replace Windows As Malware Writers Favorite Target

Sophos recently released its Security Threat Report 2013 for public consumption. The report was based on new platforms being developed and the changing threats and such as BlackHole, Java attacks, Polymorphic attacks, Mac malware and Android threats. The security threat […]

Outlook app for Android released

Android users who use Outlook or Hotmail as their main email service provider are going to love this piece of news! Microsoft has developed and released an email app for Android devices. Windows Phone and iPhone devices support Exchange ActiveSync and […]

Aakash 2 to be showcased at the United Nations

The cheapest tablet in the world, Aakash, now has a new successor, the Aakash 2 and in all probability, it will be showcased at the United Nations global headquarters in New York later this month. Citing the tablet as a […]

MS Office for android

Android, iOS likely to get Microsoft Office in 2013

November 2012 is quite interesting and exciting for the Android users around. After getting two luxury Android devices Google Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 Tablet, there is now a special version of Microsoft Office being planned for the Android and […]

Android Turns Five, Celebrates Birthday!

5 years ago, it was this day when Google announced an open-source operating system called ‘Android’ . The operating system was based on a Linux kernel and was free to use for both device manufacturers and app developers. Years after, […]

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OneNote Mobile for Android available now!

Microsoft has released OneNote Mobile app for Android today. OneNote Mobile gives you instant access to your Microsoft OneNote 2010 notebooks on SkyDrive. “If you’re already using OneNote on your PC, the mobile versions of OneNote let you take your […]

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Microsoft announces Compal deal, now collects licensing fees on 55% of Android devices

Microsoft has announced that it has concluded a licensing agreement with Taiwan-based Compal, one of the world’s largest Original Design Manufacturers, which makes Android-based devices like tablets, mobile phones, e-readers,etc. Together with the license agreements signed in the past few months […]

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Say Hello to Web Intents on Firefox and Chrome

Excuse me, do we see a Mozilla+Google ‘team-up’ in reckoning? At least to facilitate web developers on creating web apps much more efficiently on their respective browsers? Yes! Chromium developers have announced that they are working closely with Mozilla to […]

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Bing launches free mobile apps for Android and iOS; skips WP7

Android and iOS get some Bing love ! In the spirit of the holiday season, Bing has launched free mobile applications – Snowboard Hero and Powerboat Challenge for iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad) and Holidays 100 for Android […]

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Google: 200,000 Android devices sold each day

Google CEO Eric Schmidt while speaking at the  Techonomy conference in Lake Tahoe, California, said  that some 200,000 new Android devices are being sold & activated each day, leading to significant revenue in the form of increased mobile search traffic.