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Microsoft rolls out Mimicker Alarm App for Android

It is a daily struggle to wake up early morning. Whenever the alarm rings, we wake up, hit the snooze and roll over again in bed but that is a temporary relief with the new Mimicker Alarm app designed specifically […]

Microsoft bringing Word Flow keyboard to iOS

Microsoft’s love for other platforms outside of its sphere of influence is growing even stronger. The company is moving yet again to bring something from Windows Phone to Android and iOS, and we’re not sure how many fans are going […]

Microsoft focusing a lot on Android after launching app directory

When it comes down to Android, Microsoft is very serious about the platform. One could say the company seems more serious about Android than its own Windows 10 Mobile platform. To prove how serious the software giant has become, the […]

Skype for Business app now available for Android users

Skype for Business was long due for the Android users and finally Microsoft released the same for all Android users. This would be great for folks owning an Android Tablet and for people who work remotely. It seems that Microsoft […]

Cortana released to Android and iOS devices.

Cortana now available for Android and iOS

Microsoft has announced that its popular personal assistant service – Cortana is now available for download for Android and iOS. Cortana made its first debut on Windows Phone 8.1 which was later rolled out to Windows 10 PC and Mobile […]

Download your Android Apps on Windows Phone via AppComparison

In the latest bid to educate its users more about the OS and increase its adoption widely, Microsoft rolled out an app called AppComparison. The app automatically inventories the applications, installed on the Android phone and also suggests equivalent versions, […]

Microsoft appears to have delayed Project Astoria

It’s a well-known secret that Microsoft has been readying a tool to let developers port Android applications to Windows 10 Platform and this project christened “Project Astoria” was supposed to be completed by early this year. The project was aimed […]


iOS and Android Apps found to be leaking sensitive user information

Amid growing concerns of smartphones being exploited to leak sensitive user’s data, a research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard, and Carnegie-Mellon has revealed that mobile apps are leaking user’s information to the third parties in a massive […]

Microsoft brings “Send” app to Android

Microsoft continues to bring its services to other platforms such as Android and iOS. The latest is an IM-like app called Send, which was previous exclusive to iOS, now it has come to Android. Microsoft Send for Android Send is […]

Cortana for Android now available as Public Beta

Cortana for Android has now made available as Public beta. Early access to the Cortana the digital assistant for PC was made available in July for limited number of people for using Cortana on Android in a closed beta. And […]

Cortana for Android can now replace Google Now as default

Back in July of this year, Microsoft released a private beta version of the Cortana app for Android devices and the millions of users. As expected, it made headlines everywhere, but despite that, it didn’t possess the goods to replace […]

Arrow Launcher

Microsoft release Arrow Launcher for Android

In the midst of the all-important Windows 10 launch, Microsoft quietly unveiled a totally unexpected product – Arrow Launcher for Android. As you would understand from the name, the product is an Android launcher and it still unfinished. With Microsoft […]

Office app

Microsoft brings Office app to Android smartphones

Making it easy for those who love working with Word, PowerPoint and Excel tools, Microsoft has released the Microsoft Office App for Android smartphones. Microsoft office, which until now wasn’t available for Google backed Android platform, has now debuted at […]

OneDrive app brings photos to Android Wear…and more!

The OneDrive app for Android and Windows Phone received ant updated with some very interesting features. The OneDrive team introduced a feature for Android Wear and Cortana search integration for Windows Phone app. Let us check some details on it. […]

Microsoft releases Office for Android Phone Preview

Microsoft today announced the release of Office for Android Phones Preview. It has the preview for Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Android phones. Earlier in January, Microsoft Office Preview for Android tablets was made available for all to download. And […]

Google now helps you find your missing phone

Google brings a new feature that allows Android users find their lost Smartphone or Tablet simply by typing, ‘Find my Phone’ in the Google search box. While Windows Phone  and iPhone users have been using such a feature for a while, […]

Popular Office Lens app now comes to Android and iPhone

Office Lens for Windows Phone from Microsoft which was introduced over an year ago has become one of the most popular free apps from Microsoft on Windows Phone. Now Microsoft has released Office Lens for iPhone and Android phones. Office […]

Microsoft experimenting to bring Android apps to Windows Phone

With the Windows App store having too few apps for Windows phone and other versions of Windows 10, the software giant is trying to bring and run Android apps on Windows Phone. This news comes soon after the company announced […]

Xiaomi clarifies: Windows 10 Mi4 build will not be running on top of Android

Few days back at the Windows Hardware Engineering Community (WinHEC) summit in Shenzhen, China Microsoft while talking about its partnerships with various technology leaders had also mentioned Xiaomi. Microsoft had said that a new program with Xiaomi will invite a […]


Microsoft Cortana may come to Android and Apple devices

This may be a great news for the Android and Apple device users. Microsoft Cortana, after serving as the “personal assistant” to Windows Phones, may be coming to the Android and Apple devices. Microsoft revealed that they are working on […]

Key Points from Google Keynote at MWC15

As the Mobile World Congress kicked off on March 2, 2015, there were several speakers from stalwarts to newcomers showcasing their products. Among the speakers was Sundar Pichai, the senior vice president of products at Google. He spoke with a […]

EU Parliament bans Outlook for iOS and Android over Privacy Concerns

The European Union Parliament has Outlook for iOS and Android blocked. According to reports they have called on their IT department to block Outlook access to its Exchange servers so that the new Outlook app cannot access the servers. It […]

Skype 5.2

Skype 5.2 update for Android lets you share photos with offline contacts

After iPhone, now its Android’s turn to get the Skype update. Skype is one of the best apps used today for online conversation with friends and family. With the recent Andriod update from Microsoft your experience with Skype will definitely […]

Microsoft invests in Cyanogen; To hold share in rival Mobile OS

“We’ll take away Android from Google,” said the CEO of Cyanogen, a company that started Android project as an open source project. Though Android was an open source project and on record, it still is open source, Google has done […]