Latest Azure news.

Microsoft Azure to support streaming of HDR and 4K UHD videos

Microsoft is making big moves in the entertainment industry with the Xbox One and the planned Project Scorpio. The company wants to bring true 4K gaming with HDR with its 2017 console. To be frank, HDR gaming will come first […]

Microsoft opens Office 365 local datacentres in U.K

Microsoft has officially announced the availability of Office 365 and Microsoft Azure, the most trusted cloud service platforms in multiple data center locations across the United Kingdom. Microsoft’s  cloud data centers have spread across the world rapidly since October 2014, […]

Sign up for the Preview of Azure Service Fabric on Linux

Service Fabric makes the work of managing and developing cloud applications simpler. Its deployment is simple and manageable since applications are built and run in small building blocks — known as microservices. Microsoft had earlier introduced Azure Service Fabric somewhere […]

Microsoft announces Azure Information Protection

Microsoft has announced the Azure Information Protection, a new initiative that will be an extension of Azure Rights Management and the Secure islands. Microsoft had acquired Secure Islands six months back and the intention of the acquisition was to expand […]

Microsoft releases its own Distribution of FreeBSD operating system

Microsoft earlier was averse to the idea of Open-source software but that’s a thing of the past. The recent announcement from the software giant indicates the change of guard. Yes, Microsoft has decided to add Azure support of FreeBSD. As […]

Microsoft announces Azure IoT Hub and Ropes in New Device Partners

The IoT wave is indeed taking the tech industry by storm, the advent of smart devices and smart interconnected homes are already in vogue. It is very likely that the Internet of Things will play a very crucial role in […]

Microsoft cutting Azure cloud service prices to pressure competition

As competition with Amazon and Google heats up in the cloud market, Microsoft is cutting some Azure service prices to keep up with its competitors. The company made a promise to stay price competitive with its closest rivals, and this […]


Microsoft introduces new Certification for Azure on Linux

Microsoft has announced the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Linux on Azure Junction. The non-profit organization has been created in tandem with the Linux foundation and will cater for the mass innovation needs thanks to its open source approach, further […]

Microsoft offering limited support for Azure where Linux is concerned

Linux on Azure is a thing, but Microsoft will only provide limited support. It means that if you’re not very knowledgeable about troubleshooting Linux for Azure, then don’t go to Microsoft for help with your problems. We’re not exactly certain […]

Microsoft Azure is the leader in Gartner’s Public Cloud Storage Services

For the second consecutive year, Microsoft’s Azure was named the leader in Gartner’s Public Cloud Storage Services. This news should bode well for the software giant as it seeks to bring meaningful competition to Amazon Web Services and Google. Not […]

Hadoop on Demand comes to Microsoft Azure

Apache Hadoop will now be available via Microsoft Azure with tools to sort and perform other functions on data. This is the first time, Microsoft is testing Hadoop on demand via one of its partners called MapR Technologies. The intention […]

Find out your twin with Microsoft Twin Detector Website

Microsoft has come up with a website that helps you find out if you have any secret twins. Both the earlier launched Microsoft Age Detector website and this Twin Detector website, TwinsOrNot are attempts to showcase the capabilities of Windows Azure. Microsoft […]

Microsoft Bounty Programs

Microsoft Bounty Programs to include Azure and Project Spartan

Microsoft has announced an expansion of the Microsoft Bounty Programs. They are planning to evolve Online Services Bug Bounty. This is a new bounty for Azure and Project Spartan. Besides this they are also updating the Mitigation Bypass Bounty. Azure […]

Microsoft announces Azure Service Fabric for Hyper-Scalable applications

Microsoft has announced a new cloud offering called Microsoft Azure Service Fabric which is essentially a platform that enables developers and ISVs to create cloud services with a high degree of scalability and customization. Service Fabric is in production internally for more […]

Microsoft releases Azure Premium Storage for Public

A blog post from ScottGu revealed that Microsoft is now releasing Azure Premium Storage for general availability. Azure Premium Storage stores data durably on Solid State Drives (SSDs) providing high performance, low latency, disk storage with consistent performance guarantees. Microsoft […]

Microsoft announces adding of New Features to Azure Media Services

Microsoft announced the launch of several new services and corresponding certifications to their Azure cloud platform. These new additions to the Azure Media Services are geared towards enabling its media and broadcasting partners to manage “end-to-end cloud based media workflows, […]

Microsoft launches its NoSQL Azure Database – DocumentDB

Microsoft has announced that Microsoft Azure DocumentDB is now out of preview and is generally available. DocumentDB is a NoSQL document database service that permits applications to query and process JSON data at scale. NoSQL Azure Database – DocumentDB launched […]

Microsoft Azure helps Researchers build Traffic Prediction service

Microsoft Research recently joined forces with the Federal University of Minas Gerais which is home to one of Brazil’s foremost computer science programs, in order to come up with a solution for the seemingly intractable problem of traffic jams – […]

Windows Azure gets on-demand backup and restore

Microsoft announced a set of new features to Windows Azure on Friday. These features are aimed at the demands of enterprise and IT Pro users and include small variations of what they were getting earlier. However, the noteworthy feature is […]

azure marketplace

Microsoft launches Azure Marketplace

Microsoft today launched more than three thousand services and products in Azure Marketplace which may help users to enhance the productivity and performance. To be precise, the new and revamped Azure Marketplace is an online store for thousands of products […]

Free Microsoft Azure for Student Developers announced

Microsoft has a great news for Student developers. The company has made an announcement that it is providing Azure services at absolutely no cost for student developers. Students can take full advantage of this new offering as it provides a […]

Ford partners with Microsoft to deliver Connected Car Services

The partnership of Ford and Microsoft is not a new thing. It earlier partnered with Microsoft years ago to provide the initial version of Sync, a cloud based system present on all models of Ford and Lincoln. Due to customer […]

Sphere 3D

Microsoft and Sphere3D develop Windows Containers for Azure

Microsoft now adds Sphere 3D as its strategic partner to deliver Windows containers for Azure. This move will help in the further simplification of migration of Windows applications, to cloud infrastructures, without any dependencies on hardware or software platforms. To begin […]

Azure Internet of Things suite

Microsoft announces Azure Internet of Things suite in the Convergence 2015

Microsoft Convergence 2015 saw a lot of new announcements made by the software giant. On this occasion, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made an important announcement, which was disclosure of Azure Internet of Things suite. Microsoft mentions that the Azure IoT […]

Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Programme

Microsoft launches Cloud Accelerator Programme for Indian Enterprises

Microsoft today announced the launch of Cloud Accelerator Programme for Indian enterprises and government at 2015 Microsoft Azure Conference in Pune, India. The new programme will facilitate the enterprises and government organizations to adopt the Microsoft Azure and Office 365 […]