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Microsoft Edge accessibility architecture

New Microsoft Edge accessibility architecture to improve user experience

The Microsoft Edge team constantly works on the new browser from Microsoft to provide better user experience every time. Now, the team has built a new accessibility architecture for Microsoft Edge that will improve user experience. This new Microsoft Edge […]

Web notifications

Microsoft implements Web Notifications for Edge on Windows 10

People who are running the Windows Insider Preview release 14.14312 are already getting a hang of the future, where Microsoft Edge pushes the website notifications for the Windows 10 desktop and tablets. These web notifications for the Edge browser are […]

microsoft edge browser logo

Microsoft Edge will give you more control over Flash content

Microsoft Edge is a great combination of amazing features, convenient an moreover; it is designed keeping the users in mind. As a result, Edge makes the web a safe, a good performant, and reliable place for the users. Now, Edge […]

Microsoft Edge support of Chrome extensions is a great idea

When it comes down to Microsoft Edge, the web browser has turned out to be something we all want to use but has so far refuse to due to missing features, bugs that seem to never go away, and extensions. […]

Microsoft Edge to get Paste & Go, Pinned Tabs and more

Microsoft Edge web browser might or might not be the best or the most accomplished browser out there, but it sure is catching up by regularly adding on new features and functionalities. Extensions was one of the quintessential feature missing […]

Extensions for Microsoft Edge now available for Preview

Microsoft has made available first set of extensions for Microsoft Edge for Preview. This has been made available to Windows Insiders. Since the Microsoft Edge project started, Microsoft roadmap included extensions so as to bring many new and interesting features […]

Microsoft to fix Edge Private Browsing bug

Microsoft Edge Private Browsing isn’t private says Forensic Focus! Microsoft’s Edge browser is not considered dependable in terms of privacy. A recent report posted by the investigation firm Forensic Focus, Edge web browser stores all your browsing data in a […]

Leaked Screenshots of Microsoft Edge Extensions

Microsoft Edge Extensions for Reddit and Pinterest spotted

Two popular extensions made for Microsoft Edge browser was accidentally revealed today. A Twitter user by name WalkingCan captured a webpage that revealed details on Reddit and Pinterest extensions which were exclusively built for Microsoft Edge browser. Microsoft Edge Extensions […]


Microsoft to Open Source Chakra; Microsoft Edge’s JavaScript engine

Today, on 5th Dec, Microsoft announced that Chakra, Microsoft Edge’s JavaScript engine, will now be open-source. With this, new opportunities will open up in the world of software, cloud-based services and Internet of Things. The core components of this engine which […]

Microsoft introduces EdgeHTML 13, the first platform update for Edge

Microsoft released a major update dubbed “Threshold 2”, also known as Windows 10 1511. The update was a major one and not only attempted to fix the bugs but also introduce some new features along with it. Microsoft Edge has […]

Microsoft explains what Edge version numbers mean

If you have been wondering about how Microsoft decided to change the Edge version numbers, Microsoft Edge Team today wrote a blogpost to explain  the same. As per the recently shared blogpost by Edge Team, the Edge version numbers change […]

Cortana will now display Shopping Coupons in Microsoft Edge

Cortana and Edge are few of the many additions brought to Windows 10. To enhance their experience, Microsoft is moving quickly to pack more features in it. As such, the company, today announced the release of a pilot feature to […]

Microsoft Edge browser shipping to Xbox One, soon

Microsoft Edge browser was advertised as a universal app, hinting it will be available across a range of different platforms. The browser already marked its presence on the mobile version and Windows 10 iteration but many were anticipating its entry […]

Microsoft ending support for RC4 cipher in early 2016

Microsoft has announced that it is ending support for RC4 cipher in both Internet Explorer 11 and Edge. This will begin in the early parts of 2016, and as such, it will no longer be used in TLS fallback discussions. […]

You can now test drive Microsoft Edge through Virtual Machine

Not everyone might be willing to install Windows 10 fully to give it a test run. Such persons would rather test the operating system in a virtual machine. With that in mind, Microsoft made it possible to run Windows 10 […]

Microsoft Edge Test Drive web demos go open-source

Microsoft yesterday announced a new Test Drive Site as a part of its new Edge Developer Site. With its all new Microsoft Edge, the company wants to deliver better interoperability across web browsers so that it works well on any […]

Edge Browser to get a Dark Mode for Reading

Earlier, at some point of time there was news that Microsoft was exploring ways to enable a dark mode for Windows 10 desktop. The development was is in the works, until now! Edge Browser Dark Mode Microsoft employee Jonathan Sampson […]

Edge Browser gets a new Home Button

Windows 10 build 10134 is out for Windows users and includes a couple new additions over its earlier build 10130. 2 changes that can be noticed on the browser side are addition of a new home button and the ability […]

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Microsoft Edge Browser will support Dolby Audio

Advertised as the faster and more streamlined browser, Microsoft Edge browser sees another feature added to its build. The successor to scrapped Internet Explorer will be the first browser from Microsoft to include support for Dolby Audio. Edge Browser Dolby […]

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Microsoft and Intel working together to improve Edge’s performance

Microsoft is working hard on its new browser, Edge, formally known as Project Spartan. The company is doing everything to make sure Edge performs well, even if it means working closely with Intel, the giant chipmaker. We understand that both […]


Microsoft brings asm.js to Chakra and Microsoft Edge

Microsoft mentioned recently that they are all set to bring asm.js to Chakra and Microsoft’s new browser in Windows 10, Microsoft Edge. Microsoft developed asm.js with Mozilla. With the help of Mozilla and Unity Microsoft could bring asm.js to Chakra […]


Edge Browser gets Sync Passwords, Bookmarks, Tabs Support

Microsoft’s earlier offering – Internet Explorer had many shortfalls to overcome. As such, the company decided to kill it and feverishly started working on Project Spartan, later changed to Edge for reasons best known to them. Edge Browser gets Sync […]

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Microsoft Edge moves on, says Goodbye to ActiveX, VBScript, attachEvent

Microsoft announced that a sizeable number of legacy IE technologies and features would not make it to Microsoft Edge – the recently announced modern web browser from the company. In one of their blogs, Microsoft detailed all the legacy technologies, […]