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Is Google buying Twitter, the same as Microsoft buying Yahoo?

Rumors of the search engine giant Google, buying-out micro blogging website, Twitter resurface time and again. Apparently the unexpected rise by 4% of Twitter stock price was triggered by one such new rumor. Further, there were claims by media reports […]

Google patents Robot personality development technology

Google has patented a technology where a robot can download the personality from a cloud based system just like the way how someone downloads an app on their phone. The filed patent reads, The robot personality may also be modifiable […]

Google Mobile Network to offer Free International Roaming

Google is in talks with several mobile operators including Hutchison Whampoa the owner of Three in order to let subscribers to use its upcoming mobile phone network to introduce free international roaming. By creating a global mobile network Google aims […]


EU’s prepares to file Antitrust Suit against Google

Europe’s competition regulator is preparing to file charges against Google Inc in the antitrust investigation over the next few weeks. If charges were filed against Google Inc, this would be the EU’s highest-profile antitrust suit since its lengthy campaign that […]

Asus Chromebit: A Dongle which turns any Display into PC

ASUS and Google together announced a computer stick Chromebit which can turn any display into a computer. Chromebit is a small candy shaped Chrome based device and is priced somewhere around hundred U.S dollars. Asus Chromebit features Asus Chromebit is […]


Google launches; Experience Google in reverse

Google has launched, a service that shows Google in reverse. The launch came around April Fools’ day. It is not clear however that if the new service is just for fun or is related to April Fool Day. The […]


Google adds custom Snooze option in Inbox

You can now snooze your emails according to your own preferences. In its recent update to Inbox by Gmail app, Google added a customizable Snooze button and a quick access to Contacts. By default, the snooze times are set to […]

Microsoft experimenting to bring Android apps to Windows Phone

With the Windows App store having too few apps for Windows phone and other versions of Windows 10, the software giant is trying to bring and run Android apps on Windows Phone. This news comes soon after the company announced […]

Google VPN to hit Android devices soon

Google is everywhere. You have been using it as a search engine for years. Then you used its cloud offering in form of Google Docs that are not part of Google Drive. You probably used Google DNS too. You may […]

Microsoft losing education sector? Chromebook sales reach 5 million.

Even though Microsoft is offering free Office 365 to students and educational institutions worldwide, it is losing out its hold on educational sector. Instead of Office 365, educational institutions are preferring Google apps for education: Google Docs, Google Classroom etc. […]

Google Art Project

Google Art Project brings Street Art to your daily life

Preserve street art before its color fade out. This is what Google aims at. 5Pointz, a building in Long Island City called the “Graffiti Mecca”, has been a piece of appreciation since long because of its brightly colored, ever-changing walls. […]


Google announces closure of Code Project Hosting System

Google will soon be shutting down its Google Code project hosting system on January 25, 2016. The service has already been disabled which means that users can view the project source and issues but won’t be able to make any […]

The Google Store launched – Replaces Google Play

The search giant – Google derives a major chunk of its global profits from web searches. This profitability has enabled the company to come up with a brand new online store, dedicated just for hardware products. Google Store The new […]

Key Points from Google Keynote at MWC15

As the Mobile World Congress kicked off on March 2, 2015, there were several speakers from stalwarts to newcomers showcasing their products. Among the speakers was Sundar Pichai, the senior vice president of products at Google. He spoke with a […]


Google Plus to be split into Google Photos and Streams

After around a week of rumors, Google finally has announced two of its new products Photos and Streams. Google is supposedly reorganizing its social networking site Google+. In a post, Horowitz today announced that the company will soon be splitting […]


No adult content, Google warns Sex Bloggers

Now bloggers have to be more careful while creating adult content on Google’s Blogger website. Google has warned sex bloggers that any blog that contains sexually explicit images, videos or graphic nudity as well as content will be marked as […]

Google launches YouTube Kids

With an aim to provide internet safety to kids, Google has released its new app YouTube Kids for all Android and iOS devices. The YouTube Kids app comes with a built-in filter which removes the inappropriate videos from the search […]

Google to warn users about malicious websites with unwanted software

Google seems to be pretty serious with its safe web browsing initiative. Taking its SafeBrowsing services to next level, Google will now show a warning message with all malicious websites or the ones which may land the malicious software to […]


Google extends its 90 days vulnerability disclosure policy by 14 days

Google security team has recently announced changes in their vulnerability disclosure policy after facing flak in the past from other big giant companies like the Microsoft. Project Zero, the security research team of Google recently disclosed  a zero-day vulnerability in […]


Google India is calling teenagers to become Web Rangers

The Google Web Rangers contest is now open for Indians. Google is calling teenagers from across the country to get a complete training on the safe use of internet. Furthermore, the contenders will also get the training to create their […]

Tips and Tricks focussed .how domain launched

Tips and Tricks focussed .how domain launched

A few days back, Google jumped into domain industry, and today they launched .HOW domain. a new generic top level domain (gTLD), which is designed for those who have knowledge about a specific topics that they want to share with […]

Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Pro, once $399 a year, is free now

A good news for all as recently Google has made an announcement that now Google Earth Pro is available for free. In the past Google used to charge $399 a year for Google Earth Pro but now it’s free of […]


Google agrees to tell people how it collects their personal info in UK

After facing huge pressure from Europe’s data protection regulators, Google, the search engine giant, has finally agreed to change its ‘Privacy policy’. By accepting the promise of Privacy policy change, Google agrees to inform their users in a better way […]

Google starts urging Firefox users to change their Search Engine

A while back, Mozilla decided to replace Google with Yahoo as the default search in its Firefox browser. Not willing to take this quietly, Google has started urging Firefox users, who are using Yahoo as the default search engine to change […]


Google publicly discloses two more Windows vulnerabilities

Google Project Zero team has once again disclosed the two unpatched Windows vulnerabilities in CryptProtectMemory memory-encrypting function found within Windows 7 and 8.1. Microsoft, on the other hand, has come up with a statement saying that they will patch only one […]