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Google India Launches ‘Helping Women Get Online Campaign’

Indian Women are known worldwide for expressing different traits. They are graceful and elegant, adept at balancing work and home. They are go-getters and personify motherhood. But most of them are not, digitally literate.  To overcome this deficiency too, and […]

Microsoft Store starts selling anti-Google Scroogled products

It was fair when Microsoft started the anti-Google ‘Scroogled’ campaign to spread around the word about what happens to your online privacy and data if you use Google products like Chrome, Gmail, G-Chat, Google+ and Google Search. But, Microsoft really […]

Google Tour Builder will help you narrate stories in a better way

Humans love telling stories. How our grandfathers fought in the war, how our family emigrated from one place to another. How our parents met, or how we become friends with that person on that tour. We love sharing our stories […]

Google Drive

Google Drive used to load malicious redirects

This can be considered as the best example of how a useful feature of a cloud storage application can be used nefariously to deliver viruses and malicious redirects. It was recently found that Google Drive was being used as a […]

100 Indian Monuments to be seen on Google Street View

Google has recently initiated the project of making around 100 monuments of India to be accessed on Street View. That means, anyone with an Internet connection, can easily get a 360 degree panoramic view of these 100 cultural structures and […]

WOT changes rating system; launches updated extension for Chrome

Web Of Trust or simply to put it as WOT is a popular and effective tool to protect oneself from real dangers on the internet. It is a website rating system that rates websites based on the reviews it receives and […]

google new logo

Google gets a new logo and navigation bar

Following in the footsteps of Yahoo and Bing, the Search Engine Giant, Google announced a new logo and navigation bar for all its websites. The new logo is much flatter with enhancement in the color palette and letter shapes.  Current […]

Microsoft Blasts Google For Breaking Its YouTube App

A few hours ago Google blocked Microsoft’s YouTube app for Windows Phone. Microsoft is obviously not happy about that. Following to the story, David Howard, Corporate Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Litigation & Antitrust, Microsoft pinpoints the reasons for […]

Google blocks Microsoft’s YouTube app for Windows Phone, again

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows between the two software giants Microsoft and Google. Last week Microsoft released its YouTube app for Windows Phone, and, it hasn’t even been 7 days, and just a few minutes ago, Google on the […]

Google adds touch controls to Chrome’s Canary browser release

Google has hinted that it is working on building more support and compatibility for touch interfaces. In its recent most nightly Canary build, Chrome browser has included slide-to-navigate feature which essentially enables you to go backward and forward on a […]

Google to retire location-based service, Latitude

After Reader, it’s Lattitude’s turn to be the latest victim of Google’s killing spree. The location sharing service will go off the web on August 9, 2013. The move doesn’t surprise Google service users as it isn’t the only service […]

ICO Asks Google to Amend Google Privacy Policies, Again

Earlier, ICO or Information Commissioner’s Office along with five other European agencies had investigated Google over privacy policies to check if the advertising major was breaking regional laws. Following the investigation, ICO had requested Google to remove any remaining payload […]

Google introduces new Google+ Plugins & Badges For Websites

All rumors that doubted Google + existence 2 years ago have been put to rest. The social networking platform has turned 2 today. And to promote itself, Google + has rolled out some updates and improvements. New Google+ Plugins For […]

Chitika talks of the Value of Google Search Result positioning

A finding from an online ad network Chitika confirms the importance of SEO for online businesses. According to the findings in the study, the top listing in Google search result receives 32.5 % of the traffic compared to 18 % […]

AOL Reader, a Google Reader replacement launched

As Google Reader is set to shut down, many new replacements have started showing up. AOL Reader is the latest to come through. Although little less on details, AOL Reader is expected to work on all your portable devices such […]

Google joins hand with Spice to open an Android Nation store in India

Google has finally realized the importance of Indian middle class population and its growing acceptance to the Smartphones. According to a report, Google is planning to enter the Indian retail market with physical stores called Android Nation in partnership with Spice […]

Feedly Cloud Now Available as a Google Reader Replacement

As announced earlier, Google Reader will shut down on July 1, 2013. While Google has been considering many different companies, Feedly is finally ready and available as the replacement of Google Reader. Feedly which was mere a simple RSS application […]

Google introduces Scorecard for AdSense Publishers

Google has introduced a new, ‘Scorecard’ feature to the AdSense platform. The feature has been added to help website publishers understand how well their ad settings, web pages and content are performing compared, to those of other AdSense publishers, claims […]

Google AdSense is 10 years old

A decade ago, Google launched an ad program named as Google AdSense to help and support online publishers earn money by placing relevant ads on their websites. Today, the service acts as huge revenue generator for the company Fast-forward 10 […]

Google’s initiative against Child Pornography

Bowing down to mounting pressure, Google is planning to build a collective database of abusive imagery to eradicate child pornography from the web. Some charities and law enforcement agencies are expected to endorse this initiative. Google’s New Initiative against Child […]

Google’s Project Loon : Offers Internet via Balloons

After bringing Driver-less cars and Google Glass, team Google [X] is now set to launch the internet beaming antennas into the stratosphere.  This project is named as ‘Project Loon’ and is in its experimental stage presently. Google is experimenting with […]

Google acquires Waze fort $1.1 Billion : Beats Facebook and Apple

After too many rumors and speculations, Google has finally acquired Waze; the community-based traffic and navigation app. Google today confirmed the deal via its official blogspost, although, there is no word about the terms of the deal in the post. […]

Is ‘The Internship’ at Google worth a watch? Yes definitely!

As a movie buff, I was pretty gung-ho about The Internship – a movie about two dudes who win an internship opportunity at Google – one of the biggest tech giants in today’s world. It seemed even more interesting when […]