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Google offers 2GB Extra Space on Safe Internet Day

Safe Internet Day is here again and Google is again offering additional 2GB space in your Google Drive. All you need to do is to complete a Security Checkup of your privacy settings and you get the free 2GB of […]


Avast reprimanded by Google for weakening browser security

The common belief is that security products from big brands like Avast make browsers secure, even if free. This belief fades to some extent if the latest report from Google on security product is to be believed. Google, recently reported […]

No more Deceptive Download Buttons, says Google

No more Deceptive Download buttons, says Google! Google Safe Browsing, launched around eight years back is now targeting the fake and deceptive download buttons. Regardless of the web browser, you are using, Google’s Safe Browsing technology will now warn you […]

Microsoft pushing to have Node.js support ChakraCore JavaScript engine

Microsoft is making a big push by going after Google’s V8, the JavaScript engine that powers Google Chrome and several apps on the web. According to the software giant, it had requested to have its own engine, ChakraCore, run alongside […]


Google paid $6006 to a student who owned for a minute

Google has disclosed the amount paid to security researchers around the world who participated in company’s security awards program to find security flaws and bugs within Google. However, one reward that company would have been embarrassed to give was the […]

Microsoft no longer throws money into anti-Google firm, FairSearch

Microsoft is making a big move by slowly moving away from FairSearch, the anti-Google watchdog that is behind a lot of the antitrust cases that have bemoaned the search giant in recent years. Microsoft has used FairSearch in both the […]

Google offers Free, High-Speed Wi-Fi to Railway Commuters in India

A study reveals, more than the combined population of the whole of Australia travel daily via Indian Railways in India. As such, Indian Railways have become a lifeline of India. People spend more time at stations looking for the ways […]

Brotli is the new Compression Algorithm for Chrome and Firefox

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox will soon be faster than they are now.  Soon we will see a change in its speed as a new compression algorithm called Brotli will find its place in these two browsers. In comparison to […]

Google starts replacing Gmail by Inbox

Logged in to your Gmail account lately? Got the pop-up notification saying, “Thanks for trying Inbox”? Relax, that’s the new experimental service from Google which will supposedly replace Gmail, the email service. As users log-in to their Gmail account, they […]

Google Site Status section will now display more info about site warnings

With the increase in online activities, attackers are getting smarter and disguising themselves in different avatars to attack the user. Google has launched a new Site Status section in the Transparency report which will let you know why the website […]


Google and Microsoft end their war over Intellectual Property

The two software giants, Microsoft and Google Inc. finally decide to give their war over Intellectual property a break. As per the report on Business Finance News, the two software giants have called truce on their tiff. The report says, […]

Latin American students prefer Microsoft over Google

A new survey has shown that Latin American students prefer Microsoft to Google. This comes as an enormous surprise to some since Google takes the top spot in most sections of Europe. This should be seen as a big plus […]

Google cuts unwanted ad injectors out of advertising

After getting complaints over 300,000 about the ad-injectors in Chrome, Google has finally decided to block the unwanted and annoying ads which pops up and covers the whole screen even before the bid is made. To fight these malicious actors, […]

Google is making Chrome speedy again, hooray!

Recently, Google has updated its popular web browser, Chrome, to be faster and more efficient. After what seems like forever, the Internet giant has finally felt the need to address some of the huge concerns users have had with Chrome. […]

Microsoft, Google, etc, join forces to create Alliance for Open Media

Several companies, including the likes of Microsoft and Google, have formed a new front called Alliance for Open Media. The aim here is to create next generation media formats and codecs. As the web grows and becomes more media intensive, […]

The new Google logo is evolution done right

The Google homepage we’ve come to love over the past decade has changed a lot, and it has since changed once more. The changes are not huge, but enough for the whole world to notice. The most striking thing about […]


Alphabet to be the holding company of Google

There were 2 major announcements that Google made, first – Sundar Pichai becoming the CEO of the company, second – Birth of a new umbrella company “Alphabet” which will be the mother firm of all companies including Google. In case […]

Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai is the new CEO of restructured Google

Sundar Pichai is the new CEO of Google. The announcement was made today morning by the company’s co-founder Larry Page.  Larry also announced the formation of a new umbrella firm called as Alphabet, of which other companies will be a […]

Google fighting back to hamper Microsoft’s rise on Android

Google is showing its fear of Microsoft taking over its Android platform by changing the splash screen logo on its most used apps. The logo is a clear shot at Microsoft, and we are going to explain why this is […]

Google testing optimization of search results for slow networks

For users on slow mobile networks, it is a hard time waiting for a page to load. Such pages also consume much data thereby increasing the users’ costs. Google is now transcoding webpages on mobile so that heavy pages are […]


Google mulling to add Buy feature to Search Results on Mobile

Google is looking for ways to allow its customers to make purchases without leaving its site. As such, the company will allow people to purchase certain items directly from its search results pages. Google will do this by featuring a […]


Google wants to remove the space bar from the keyboard

The aim of today’s computer manufacturers is to make computers as small as possible. For this they are trying everything; from making the keys movable (Mac) to removing the bezel (Dell XPS laptops). Now, Google has come up with a […]

google project fi

Google Project Fi wireless service unveiled

Google Project Fi, a new mission that Google has embarked upon aims to leverage the strongest possible network based on a consumer’s location, and intelligently switch between networks, as need be. Google Project Fi Project Fi has broad implications for Google. […]

Google AdSense Matched Content Tool

Google AdSense introduces Matched Content

Google AdSense today announced that they were introducing Matched Content, a free content recommendation tool for AdSense publishers. Google AdSense Matched Content Tool This Matched content tool would promote the other content of your website to your site visitors, by genetaring […]

Google now helps you find your missing phone

Google brings a new feature that allows Android users find their lost Smartphone or Tablet simply by typing, ‘Find my Phone’ in the Google search box. While Windows Phone  and iPhone users have been using such a feature for a while, […]

Google Maps

The updated version of Google Maps is here

Google Maps has seen a lot of improvements over the past few years. Even now, Google has rolled out the updated version of Google Maps. After the update, users won’t be able to use the older version, i.e. the classic […]


EU charges Google of irregularities in shopping searches

The European Union today, formally accused Google of using it Search Engine dominance to divert search results in favor of its own Shopping services thereby gaining an unfair advantage over its competitors. The European Union formally announced a probe against […]