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Synaptics is planning to change the spacebar key in a huge way

The spacebar is the most used key on the keyboard, and for good reason. However, it could become even more useful should Synaptics, the maker of many laptop trackpads, get its way. What the company wants to bring into the […]

New Windows 10 PCs, laptops, and tablets highlighted at Computex

Windows 10 is coming on July 29, and Microsoft and its partners are preparing for the launch with a host of new hardware. The company revealed the new devices after showing off Windows 10 at the Computex trade show in […]

Microsoft patents “Private Display” to block prying eyes

In what could be a major relief to computer users, Microsoft has come up with a screen that will allow only users looking straight at it to view the display contents. Often, when you are computing in public – whether […]

Canvas LapTab

Micromax launches Canvas LapTab Windows 8.1 Notebook at Rs.14,999

India’s No. 1 mobile manufacturer Micromax has made a grand entry into the laptop-tablet hybrid market, launching an affordable Canvas Laptab with Windows 8.1 operating system. The 2-in-1 device is aimed at those who are looking for a cheap laptop […]


CHIP – World’s cheapest Computer coming soon at $9

It would be crazy to even dream that a computer can be sold at $9 but a Company called as “Next Thing” may well turn this dream into reality, come December 2015. The $9 microcomputer named as CHIP by Dave […]

Logitech Keys-To-Go Keyboard for Windows unveiled

Logitech recently unveiled a super-slender ultra-portable keyboard in terms of shape/size – Logitech Keys-To-Go. The design of the product makes it a perfect partner for on-the-go typing, since it’s quite thin and easy to type on. The Keys-To-Go Ultra-Portable Keyboard […]

Intel Compute Stick goes for sale at 150$

Intel Compute Stick, a USB stick running Windows 8.1 which was first announced in CES is now available for 150$ at various online stores. Intel Compute stick is an HDMI stick that comes installed with Windows 8.1, just like Google’s […]

US Inventors create chip to convert phones into 3D scanners

Phones can now be enabled for 3D capture of everyday things. Researchers in the US have created an IC (Integrated Circuit) that can be embedded in phones so that phones cameras can be used as 3D cameras. That will amount […]

Microsoft to release the all new Surface 3 in May 2015

The all new Surface 3 is set to release in May 2015. Do not confuse it with Surface Pro 3 as the Surface 3 is result of researching on a tablet that is below the cost of Microsoft Surface Pro […]

Microsoft to introduce $149 low cost laptops to combat Chromebooks

In an attempt to put a hold on Chromebook sales, Microsoft is working on two laptop models that will compete with Chromebook in both usability and price. Microsoft already has a hardware unit that is into manufacturing Surface convertibles. They […]

Low cost SSDs from Intel and Toshiba to hit markets soon

Solid State Drives were thought of as a replacement for Hard disk drives but proved to be very costly compared to the latter and hence not many people wanted them. Eventually, Hybrid Drives were created that used a bit of […]


More Windows Phone devices to get Windows 10 Technical Preview

When Windows 10 Technical Preview was announced, only a limited set of phones namely Lumia 630, Lumia 635, Lumia 636, Lumia 638, Lumia 730 and Lumia 830 were able to run Windows Phone 10 OS. One of the main reasons […]


Microsoft presentation talks about The Journey To One Windows

Microsoft has released a PowerPoint presentation that will help common users and developers understand how it is going to be with Windows 10. The initial slides suggest that there will be just one Windows 10 instead of Windows Home, Windows […]

Microsoft releases PC-on-a-stick Windows 8.1 dongle

At an event in South Korea, Microsoft unveiled first of its kind PC-on-a-stick dongle which runs Windows 8.1 OS. Lucoms Daewoo is the company behind this PC-on-a-stick dongle which shrinks the desktop PC down to nearly USB flash drive size. […]

Microsoft to bring Windows 10 on Xiaomi Smartphones

Microsoft is now partnering with Chinese phone manufacturer Xiaomi to bring its latest Windows 10 OS to select group of Xiaomi Mi4 smartphone users. The Chinese OEM has now signed a program with Microsoft to test upcoming Windows 10 on […]


Windows Phone ecosystem keeps growing as new partners add more devices

In the recently  concluded Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 , Microsoft announced many new partners bringing more new devices. It’s all about mobility, in the technology industry today!  The most important thing for a mobile device to be always connected […]

Foldable Keyboard

Microsoft launches new Universal Foldable Keyboard for mobile devices

Any accessory that works well while you’re on the go with your mobile device is always preferable. A mobile keyboard for your smartphone or tablet is one such device that certainly add functionality. With a mobile keyboard,  you are no longer required […]

Mouse Box – The Mouse as a PC

In a project undertaken by a group of Polish students, the entire PC is bundled inside a mouse. The only thing it lacks is a monitor and there is provision for that too. The Mouse Box has two USB ports that […]

Swipe Ultimate Tab 3G launched with Windows 8.1

The successor of Swipe Ultimate Tab has just been launched. Pune (India) based Swipe Technologies recently launched their Windows 8.1 based tab Swipe Ultimate Tab 3G. Intel Processor-powered Swipe Ultimate Tab 3G  is said to be an updated version of its […]

CES 2015 sees launch of several new Windows devices

CES has always been the favourite event for the tech lovers and if you are a Windows users, CES 2015 has some very interesting and useful gadgets and devices for you. This year the Consumer Electronic Show brings some high-end […]


Intel Compute Stick puts Windows 8.1 on a stick

In the ongoing CES 2015 event in Las Vegas, Intel quietly announced Intel Compute Stick. Just like Google’s Chromecast and Amazon’s Fire, it is a HDMI stick that comes installed with the Windows 8.1 with Bing OS, which is designed […]

E FUN announces a 10.1 inch Windows 8.1 tablet for $179

A new Intel-powered Windows 8.1 tablet with a detachable keyboard will soon be available at Walmart Stores at just $179. An official blog post by Windows Blogs today announced that E FUN, the the fifth largest tablet supplier in the […]

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter announced

Microsoft launched Wireless Display Adapter that works on Miracast technology allowing users to connect HDTV, PCs, Monitor, Projectors, Smartphones and Tablets running on any Miracast supported device. The Wireless Display Adapter allows user to share contents on the big screen without […]

Arc Touch Bluetooth mouse

Microsoft announces Arc Touch Bluetooth mouse and other accessories for PCs

A few days back, Microsoft announced some really interesting accessories for Windows PCs. These accessories include the uniquely-designed Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse. The other accessories are limited edition versions of the Universal Mobile Keyboard and Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500. Besides […]

70 Touch, ERAZER X315

Lenovo Launches New Gaming PCs: Y70 Touch, ERAZER X315

In the ongoing IFA Consumer Electronics Unlimited Show 2014, Lenovo announced new PC and laptops for the consumers with a perfect price tag. Lenovo announced Y70 Touch, the first 17-inch touch based laptop from its house and ERAZER X315, a […]

Acer Aspire

Acer announces 2-in-1 laptop Acer Aspire Switch 10 and new PC’s

Yesterday, at a press conference in New York, Acer unveiled a series of new laptops and PC’s that included an attractive 10-inch, detachable laptop-tablet hybrid with four use modes.  The announcement saw Acer’s shift in focus from the traditional market […]

Microsoft announced their Smart Watch…10 years ago!

Smart Watch or effectively wearable minicomputer is believed to be the next big gadget after Smart Phones. It is estimated that more than 2 million Smart Watches were sold in 2013 with Galaxy Gear Smart Watches from Samsung dominating the […]

Microsoft adds new Windows Phone hardware partners

Microsoft is expanding its relationship with Windows Phone hardware partners to make cheaper Windows-based smart phones. The company announced it has joined hands with nine new hardware partners for its mobile OS. The list of vendors which includes some familiar […]