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Bing Search introduces Autosuggest Ghosting feature

Bing has made a change in the way the AutoSuggest feature now works in its Search. In a blog post, Microsoft showcased some subtle changes it has made in its autosuggest algorithm and the interaction design behind it. Specifically, Bing […]

Facebook launches personalized search engine: Graph Search

There were immense speculations about the surprise launch from Facebook today and if you guessed it a Facebook Search Engine, you win! The surprise is finally over and Mark Zuckerberg and his herd of journalists are out with the big […]

Bing ranks No.2 in U.S. Search Engine Rankings

ComScore Inc., a global leader Internet analytics company today announced Bing at number two, in U.S. Search Engine Rankings for the month of December 2012. ComScore Inc. today released the monthly report on comScore qSearch analysis on US search market. According to the report 69.1% […]

Advanced Power Searching with Google – Registrations Open

Following up and building upon its previous online course Power Searching with Google, the search giant has introduced Advanced Power Searching, and opened registration for it. This online course will help you gain a deeper understanding of how to become […]

Blekko launches Izik, a search engine for tablets

Blekko, the search startup yesterday launched a new search engine Izik, specifically designed for the tablets. Izik brings a tingly search experience for the tablet users, especially the iPad and Android tablet users. Based on Blekko’s search technology this new search […]

Bing introduces new search design for image results

Bing, the search engine from Microsoft is upping its ante by introducing a host of new features and changes in the User Interface, web portal etc. from time to time. From today, Bing has rolled out a new experience for […]

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Yahoo teams up with AVG to provide secure search

Yahoo today announced that it was partnering with AVG, the Internet Security Providers, to provide safe and secure search to its consumers. The new Search & Distribution relationship between the two companies would  help provide Internet users with peace of mind […]

Google Search app for Windows 8 now available at Windows Store

Google decided that it would not take a back seat while Microsoft decided to push Bing on Windows 8, via its beautifully designed Bing App. As a result it launched the Get Your Google Back campaign recently.  As a part of […]

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Microsoft challenges Google with ‘Bing it on’ campaign

When it comes to search engines, Google still holds the numero uno position but Microsoft feels the other way! According to it, users prefer search results of Bing (a search engine from Microsoft) to Google in a 2:1 ratio. These […]

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Bing now lists Britannica Online Encyclopedia Answers in Search Results

A few weeks ago, Microsoft introduced the Social Search feature to Bing by integrating the best search results from the popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Now Bing is – kind of – competing with Google’s Knowledge graph feature, […]

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Google to punish sites with too many ads above the fold

Here is some great news for Internet surfers. Google has announced that it will penalize all websites which put too many advertisements above the fold. Above-the-fold means the area you see on your computer screen, as soon as you land […]

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FairSearch Coalition prepares report on Google’s alleged Anti-competitive Conduct

You may be aware that the U.S. FTC, the European Commission and several U.S. state AGs are currently investigating Google’s anticompetitive search and search advertising practices. The FairSearch Coalition has recently sent a 44-pager paper, titled, “Google’s Transformation From Gateway To […]

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Google to allow you to hide or block sites you dont like, from anywhere

Earlier this March, Google had introduced the option to allow users to block websites you did not want appearing in your search results. Starting today, Google has decided to allow its users to hide or block websites on all Google domains, […]

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Bing Search will now power Yahoo Search in India and 5 EU countries

It was just last week that Yahoo had announced that they had transitioned their algorithmic results to Microsoft in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, New Zealand, Peru and Venezuela. This week, 6 more countries have been added. Now Yahoo searches in India, […]

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Google launches Inside Search website

Google has launched an Inside Search website, a one-stop shop for all search-related features, tips and tricks. This website discusses the new features introduced, search stories and more.

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Microsoft, Google, Yahoo partner for better search results.

Yes you read it right! Microsoft’s Bing, Yahoo and Google have joined hands to improve web search results. These companies have launched a new website which consists of a common set of HTML tags that webmasters would use to mark […]

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Microsoft-Yahoo! Search Alliance expands to Australia, Brazil and Mexico

The Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance team has reached yet another important milestone today. The Microsoft-Yahoo! Search Alliance operated in US and Canada, but now with the inclusion of  Australia, Brazil and Mexico it will cover 5 important markets.

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Google displays a preview of every page in the search results

Google is showing a sort of a preview next to the search results on every page. All these days we needed to use a 3rd party browser add-on to achieve the same functionality, which in effect displayed a thumbnail preview […]

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Yahoo’s Instant LiveSearch came long before Google’s Instant Search

Yahoo had, back in 2005, built its Instant Search called LiveSearch! But Yahoo did not ship LiveSearch on or as a part of Yahoo’s search engine.  Instead is was launched in 2006 on, a smaller, lower-traffic search engine […]

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Google unveils Google Instant

Google today unveiled Google Instant. Google Instant is a new search enhancement that shows results as you type. The most obvious change is that you get to the right content much faster than before because you don’t have to finish […]

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Google launches Realtime Search

Today Google announced significant enhancements to Google Search, giving real-time information its own home and more powerful tools to help you find what you need.  Google Realtime Search lets you see up-to-the-second social updates, news articles and blog posts about […]