Latest Yammer news.

Office 365 group

New update for Yammer integrates it with Office 365 Groups

Individuals in an organization can discuss content right from Office applications and get smart suggestions based on their interactions using Yammer. This helps them stay productive. Another addition in the form of creation of new Yammer Groups will extend the […]

Yammer network

Yammer Network introduces external groups to include clients and partners

Yammer Network, the organization level social networking site owned by Microsoft, is now giving you the freedom to include people outside of your company. Till now, Yammer was limited to the organization level only. That means, employees and associates of […]

Microsoft lays off Customer Success Managers from Yammer Community Team

Microsoft is axing the Yammer Community Team,¬†and has already laid off 40 Customer Success Managers or CSMs from the social networking service. With this move, everyone is speculating whether Yammer will still remain the integral part of Microsoft enterprise or […]

Microsoft sets objectives for next generation of Yammer

Microsoft today announced that it is getting prepared for evolving the Yammer experience on Office 365 to make it ready for the next generation.¬†Yammer helps teams to come together, work collaboratively smarter and faster, and scale their impact. New era […]

Internet Explorer 9

Yammer to display warning banner to Internet Explorer 9 users

Yammer is an enterprise social network that helps employees connect with each other, share and find information among the whole team. Since its launch in 2008, Yammer has built a huge user base and subsequently attracted Microsoft to acquire Yammer […]