Google Launches Family Safety Center

Google today, launched its new Family Safety Center; a one-stop shop about staying safe online. Google has included advice from leading child safety organizations around the world, tips and ideas from parents here at Google, as well as information on […]

Dell Says, No More Windows XP After 22nd October

Windows XP has been one  of the best selling Operating Systems after Windows 7 from Microsoft. It had a successful run for many a years. Even after the launch of its successor Windows Vista, there was still a great demand […]

Bing launches REDU website to meet education challenges in US

There is an increasingly critical national conversation developing around the state of education in the United States. This conversation is happening at all levels of American life, from the White House to the local school district.

Google unveils Google Instant

Google today unveiled Google Instant. Google Instant is a new search enhancement that shows results as you type. The most obvious change is that you get to the right content much faster than before because you don’t have to finish […]

And now Google UK home page loses some color!

So you saw the animated Google logo yesterday, and now see what the Google UK home page displays! The Google UK home page displays a white mono-colored Google logo.

Google displays animated logo on home page

Have you seen Google’s home page today? The Google logo is animated and comprises of several multi-colored dots which come together finally to read ‘Google’!

Facebook testing out ‘Subscribe To’ new feature

Facebook is quietly rolling out many new features. Previously we had seen several new features including the security feature of remote log out; and now the next feature is Subscribe To feature for its users. This new feature allows subscribing […]

Facebook adds Remote Logout feature to boost Security

Google Wave to reappear as … Wave in a Box!

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Overview

Twitter applications will work with OAuth only henceforth

Gmail unveils new Priority Inbox feature

Wyse delivers Windows Embedded Standard 7 cloud clients

Google launches Realtime Search

Gmail increases the ‘Undo Send’ time to 30 Seconds

Google testing new feature: Get Live Search Results As You Type

Facebook buys Hot Potato, a sharing site

Facebook Places launched using Bing Maps

Intel Purchases Software Security Giant McAfee

Yahoo! Search … Now Powered by Bing!

Age of Empires: Back, and online

Microsoft introduces new game – Microsoft Flight

Demo Video: The $35 Tablet PC, Sakshat, from India

Facebook launches Facebook Live