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Microsoft PowerApps opens for Invites

Technology can be defined as the application of latest knowledge. It has changed the way we do our work today, different what it was a few years ago. Mobile revolution has played a significant role in this regard. To take […]

Raspberry Pi Zero

Availability of Rasberry Pi Zero priced at $5 announced

A new cult has entered the world of computers that is offering computers at extremely cheap prices. The UK based company Raspberry Pi has brought their latest computer Raspberry Pi Zero, which will cost you only $5. Moreover, for promotion […]

Get into the Halloween spirit with free Ashampoo Halloweenizer

If your door rings this week and you’re greeted by a few small zombies, witches and vampires … don’t be surprised, it’s HALLOWEEN again. Just in time for Halloween, Ashampoo again has come up with a new spooky skin for […]

Microsoft opens its first Flagship Store in New York City

Microsoft’s first flagship retail store is now open the New York City. The grand opening was done yesterday on October 26, 2015. The MS Store located at 677, 5th Avenue is just a few blocks away from the Apple’s store in the […]


Patreon donation site’s user data published online after hack

If you have ever made any donation via crowd funding website Patreon, your personal details and donations details are supposedly published online. A recent hack on the website reportedly resulted in a huge data theft which include the names, addresses […]

China creates own operating system Neokylin

So it seems China has taken one huge step to rid itself of Microsoft’s Windows operating system. Another reason why the company recently treated President Xi Jinping like a king. The government of China has released a new operating system […]

Microsoft-NATO information-sharing partnership agreement Re-signed

Microsoft is engaged in partnerships with different governments around the world to help them build a secure network for protecting and sharing data. High profile data breaches have become a common sight. As such an organisation capable of providing information […]

Would it benefit Microsoft to acquire AMD?

There have been rumors of Microsoft making plans to acquire AMD and all its assets. But what if it actually happened, how would it benefit the software giant going forward? AMD is a company that has been around for quite […]

Antivirus creator John McAfee launches Cyber Party, enters Presidential Race

The presidential race in 2016 might be a bit surprising with the entry of John MacAfee in presidential elections 2016 candidates. John MacAfee, the founder of software firm McAfee has already filed the paperwork with Federal Election commission and is […]

Microsoft Garage App

Snap to Pin, Keyboard for Excel, Snip new Microsoft Garage apps

The latest Microsoft Garage apps, include Snap to Pin, Keyboard for Excel and Snip. Snip, lets you capture a screenshot, photo or whiteboard drawing, annotate it with voice and ink, and share it with friends, family and colleagues. Microsoft News […]

Microsoft failed to consider focus group feedback about Clippy

Over the years, many have come to view Clippy as one of Microsoft’s most hated projects. It was the company’s first digital assistant, and from what we’ve come to understand, things could have been much different if Microsoft had listened […]

Box announces integration with Office Online

Box has announced that it is integrating seamlessly with Office Online for enterprise collaboration. Box’s new integration with Office Online powers its customers to easily collaborate with documents and digital content. The new features introduced in the Box enables users […]

Microsoft Office Mix gets LTI Support and Integration with major LMS Providers

Office Mix, designed especially for teachers will now support Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI) on its platform. Along the side-lines, Microsoft also announced the company’s addition to the IMS Global Learning Consortium as a Contributing Member. Office Mix Gets LTI Support […]

Microsoft empowering people with disabilities via Ability Summit

Microsoft wants to empower people with disabilities. So far, every Surface product Microsoft has released is not really capable of allowing folks with disabilities to feel at home. The latest Surface tablet is capable of tracking the eye movement of […]


Amazon launches Home Services

Amazon the biggest e-tailer on the planet launched Amazon Home Services on Monday, a handpicked marketplace for household chores and services. The list includes an array of services ranging from Tech Support to Goat grazing. Amazon Home Services Amazon Home […]


Meerkat decide to take Periscope head on; launches new features

Meerkat has announced that it was taking the battle with Periscope seriously, by laying out several new features. Periscope is a new live video streaming app that is backed by Twitter, and threatens to challenge Meerkat head-on. Since the launch, […]

Microsoft India completes 25 years

Microsoft India completed 25 years. The company first established a small office at Hyderabad, India in 1990. It was initially supported heavily by the Redmond based headquarters until Microsoft India found itself functioning closely with the Indian government as well […]

wearable shoe lecjal

Lechal: World’s First Interactive ‘Wearable’ Shoes

Lechal, a pair of beautiful fiery red sneakers was the high spot at the Techkriti 2015 in Kanpur, India. The pair of sneakers is the world’s first interactive haptic footwear and actually stole the show with its features and specifications. […]

Ninja Cat Unicorn sticker

Microsoft fans going crazy over Ninja Cat Unicorn stickers

A few days back there were reports of a sticker on laptops seen at the Microsoft Redmond campus . It was a ninja cat riding a fire-breathing unicorn and holding a Windows flag. This special sticker was reportedly seen on […]


Vulnerability in BIOS exposes millions of computers to risk

This is the most innovative technique of breaching security that I have come across. You will surprised to know about this new vulnerability. Recently, two security researchers, during the demonstration last week at  the CanSecWest conference in Vancouver showed how […]

Microsoft annual Employee Giving Campaign helps raise over $1 billion

Bill Gates co-founder of Microsoft is also very well known for his philanthropic activities. Bill and Melinda Gates foundation which is dedicated to improving the quality of life of individuals around the world has been widely appreciated world over. The […]

rebrand internet explorer

Microsoft to kill Internet Explorer

A recent report on MSN Money confirms the new that Microsoft is going to kill the Internet Explorer brand very soon. It was confirmed by an announcement made by Chris Capossela, Microsoft’s head of marketing, at the Microsoft Convergence conference that took […]

Microsoft bring specialized medicine to remote areas

Microsoft in collaboration with the Botswana Innovation Hub has launched a new TVWS pilot project names Project Kgolagano. The word Kgolagano literally means, ‘to be connected’. The project is aimed to bring telemedicine services to the remote areas via internet […]


Microsoft working on new Technology to combat Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a huge problem in several countries around the world. We’ve known this for decades, but for some reason authorities have found it difficult to get a hold of the situation, so what can be done? Non-governmental organizations, […]

DirectX 12

Unity going to add support for DirectX 12

DirectX 12, the latest version of the graphics API by Microsoft, was introduced last year in the Game Developers Conference or GDC. Ever since its announcement, DirectX 12 has been the favorite API amongst the game developers, since it is […]

EU takes a step further to kill Privacy on the Internet

Privacy has been an issue all along past many decades, especially since Google started sneaking into what you are searching on the Internet. In an age where people are concerned more about their privacy than ever, law makers and law […]