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YouTube makes its logo and videos do the Harlem Shake

Harlem Shake is a dance form which originated in Harlem in 1981′. In the last few weeks or so, you may have noticed that interest in the Harlem Shake seems to have increased considerably. In facet you may have even […]

Google Business Photos Program Launched in India

Google Business Photos Program is a Google Maps project that allows users to see inside any hotel store or a business establishment. The idea behind this project being that the consumer would be in a better position to take decisions […] Launches Initiative To Bring Code To Every School

The cyber celebrities are out for a big film promotion this week. This is a film encouraging students to learn programming on computers. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and many more made their cameo appearances in the short film supporting the […]

5 websites captured 20% of Search Results Clicks

In a study released recently, it was found that just 5 sites captured 20% of all search activity in Q4 2012. The top 500 websites captured nearly 50%, whereas the top 1,000 websites captured nearly 75% of Search Results Clicks. […]

Google unveils Chromebook Pixel with Touchscreen

After a few weeks of rumors, search giant Google unveiled is first touchscreen Chromebook yesterday on February 21, 2013. The latest laptop in Google’s Chromebook lineup, ‘The Chromebook Pixel’ looks to be gorgeous with a high-resolution display. The Chromebook Pixel […]

Opera to donate INR 5 to Indian charity for every Opera Mini downloaded

Opera has launched a social initiative in India, where it has pledged to donate INR 5 for every Opera Mini browser downloaded, during the next three months. This initiative has been named “Smile with Opera Mini” and has been launched […]

Google Chrome 25 released; will disable silent extension installs

Google Chrome 25 has been released and is now available for download. The changes introduced include improvements in extensions and add-ons management, performance,  security and minor bug fixes. Chrome 25 will by default, disable extensions which are installed by third-party […]

Google develops App Launcher For Chrome Packaged Apps

Google has released a new app launcher for Windows users. The Chrome app launcher is designed specially to help Chrome users opening the web apps outside the browser. With this Chrome app launcher the packaged apps can be launched from outside, […]

Sony Announces PlayStation 4 with New Features and Updated UI

One of the most widely speculated gaming consoles, PlayStation 4 has finally been announced officially. Sony has officially announced its next generation console PlayStation 4 at a press event yesterday in New York City. CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment said in […]

Google Glass reveals new features & UI – Video, Images

Google has finally taken the wraps of the UI of its amazing Google Glass product. Google Glass is a project by Google to develop an augmented reality head-mounted glasses. It will display information like any smartphone, would be hands-free and […]

New Yahoo home page gets a Modern look

Yahoo today announced the launch of a new design for its home page. Sporting a modern look, and designed to be more intuitive and personal, Yahoo promises a seamless experience while checking the latest news, sports scores or just searching. […]

Firefox 19 released; introduces built-in PDF viewer

The new version of Firefox has been released and is now available for download. Firefox 19 introduces a built-in built PDF viewer making reading PDFs easier and allowing users to read PDFs directly within the browser. Firefox users will now, no longer need to install […]

Trailer of The Internship, a Google Movie released

20th Century Fox, this June, plan to release The Internship, a movie about two men who lose their jobs, know nothing about computers and yet decide to try and get a job at Google. The Internship is a comedy movie about […]

Opera to use WebKit rendering engine & V8 JavaScript engine

Opera in a surprising announcement made it clear that it is going to transition to the WebKit platform, taking its 300 million plus users with it. Beginning from today, Opera is planning to change things a bit. The browser maker […]

Two-In-One Google Doodle On Valentine’s Day

Surprised to see theme park based Google Doodle today on Valentine’s Day? Don’t be!! It George Ferris’ birth anniversary today and Google is celebrating both the events together on it two-in- one Doodle. Google is celebrating the 154th birth anniversary […]

Linux Foundation UEFI Secure Boot System released

UEFI Secure Boot System has now been released. This was released to Linux Foundation by Microsoft. This release will allow Linux to work on computers running UEFI firmware. “The Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) is a specification that defines a […]

India’s Fastest Computer Param Yuva II With 524 Teraflops Capacity Revealed

Param Yuva II, India’s fastest computer was inaugurated last weekend in Pune (India). Developed by the Centre for (C-DAC), Development of Advanced Computing; Param Yuva II was inaugurated by J Satyanarayana, Secretary, department of electronics and information technology. Param Yuva II is ten […]

Google announces revamped Create menu for Google Drive

Google, along with the launch of Google Drive had introduced the Google Drive SDK. The software development kit from Google helped users integrate their apps into Drive. With this, users of the service were able to integrate as many as […]

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Gangnam Style generates $8 million through YouTube views

Korean pop singer PSY became an international sensation overnight after uploading his latest title on YouTube named as Gangnam Style. This video immediately went viral and broke many records; it’s the first YouTube video to cross 1 billion views ever, […]

Mega crosses 1 million users within a day of its launch

Talk about doing things the way he wants! Kim DotCom had launched a new file sharing website, Mega, after having his previous venture, Megaupload been shut down by authorities exactly a year ago. And within a day of its launch, Mega […]

Temple Run 2 is now available on iOS Free

If there is a contender to Angry Birds for one of the most addictive mobile games, then Temple Run is right on top of the list. Moving on the same lines, the creators have announced the launch of Temple Run […]

Kim Dotcom Launches New File Sharing Website ‘Mega’

Internet tycoon Kim Dotcom has launched starts up a new file sharing website named Mega. This is a new website based on cloud sharing service allowing users to upload and store any of their files.  Kim Dotcom’s previous website Megaupload was […]

Amazon Reduces Dependency on iTunes Store; launches MP3 Web Store

In an effort to reduce dependency on Apple’s iTunes Store for downloading and playing music, the retail giant – Amazon today announced the launch of mobile version of its MP3 store for iPhone and iPod Touch. believes, the offering […]