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Facebook and Yahoo develop new method to handle recycled email addresses

Last year we covered about Yahoo releasing inactive Yahoo IDs and making them available for new users.  Microsoft, too, has been recycling inactive email accounts. However the act of releasing inactive IDs has raised concerns of intruders using deleted […]


Facebook introduces the App

In today’s world, the Internet has become a necessity more than a luxury. It connects us to the whole world. However, there are still majority parts of the world which do not have access to the internet. This is mainly […]

Facebook Launches Slingshot

After a failed attempt to buy Snapchat last year, Mark Zuckerberg has now come up with Slingshot, an app similar to Snapchat, which deletes the photos and videos shortly after sharing. The new Facebook app, Slingshot allows the users to […]

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Facebook to use your Browsing History to deliver Ads

Facebook will soon be launching a new ad program which will display the ads on your timeline according to your browsing history. Your timeline will now show the ads based on the websites you visit over the web. For example, […]


Facebook to offer free malware cleanups to infected computers

Imagine the count of visitors that Facebook attracts every day. More the traffic, increased is the chances of many getting affected by threats such as malware. Though it is almost impossible to protect against all modern security threats, Facebook seems […]


Facebook to buy WhatsApp messaging service for a whopping $19 billion

A move that can be termed as surprising, if not shocking, Facebook Inc announced on Wednesday afternoon that it was acquiring WhatsApp for $19 billion in stock and cash. WhatsApp is a world leader in mobile messaging over the internet […]

Facebook was hacked on its 10th anniversary by Syrian Electronic Army

Only yesterday when Facebook was celebrating its 10 year anniversary, a group called the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) reportedly claimed that it had taken control over the domain. However, within half an hour or so, Facebook took back control its […]

Facebook completes a decade and takes you down the memory lane

The social media website which transformed the way we network, Facebook turns 10 today. Here’s wishing a very Happy Birthday to the world’s most popular and successful social network. On the occasion, Mark Zukerberg, founder of Facebook released an open […]

Malicious Febipos browser extension targets Facebook profiles

The annoying Facebook spamming malware Trojan:JS/Febipos.A has now hit the Internet Explorer too. Febipos was first spotted in May this year but at that time it was only affecting Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Fortunately, the Internet Explorer team spotted […]

Facebook Graph Search Is Live, Makes Old Posts Searchable

This past January Facebook introduced the Graph Search, a technology which makes it easier for people to search for things. They took quite a while to roll this feature to the majority of their users, and it was just last month, […]

Facebook steps up & introduces Facebook Suicide Prevention Resources

According to a survey conducted by The World Health Organization, almost 1 million deaths are caused by suicides every year. Not only that, each of these deaths affects at least 6 people who are closely associated with the dead person. […]

Embed posts from Facebook to blog or web site with Embedded Posts feature

Sharing Facebook posts publicly has just got easier after the announcement of Facebook Embedded Posts feature. The much wanted feature will allow the social media giant users post Facebook posts on other Web pages easily and embed any public post […]


Facebook for Every Phone App Crosses 100 Million Mark

Facebook has achieved a new milestone! The company announced that its app – ‘Facebook for Everyphone’, launched in 2011 has crossed the 100 million mark. The fast and easy-to-use native app has successfully placed Facebook into the hands of the […]

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Twitter follows Facebook, starts cookie based ad targeting

Taking a cue from Facebook, Twitter Inc. said on Wednesday that it is experimenting new ways to tailor ads where it will scan your account info to show you promoted tweets. With this move, Twitter joins firms like Facebook, Google, […]

Facebook 5.0

Facebook 5.0 for Windows Phone 8 is live

Calling it as a major update for its Windows Phone 8 applications, Microsoft announced Facebook 5.0 for Windows Phone 8.Crediting its Facebook Beta Program, launched a few months ago, Microsoft said that the new version is the first big dividend […]

Facebook vulnerability allowed researcher to hack it by sending an SMS

There are more reasons now for Facebook users to tighten up their security. A UK researcher claims to have discovered vulnerability that could allow hackers to easily hijack hundreds of millions of accounts via a simple technique. Fin1te, a UK […]

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Facebook trying out New Chat Rooms

Facebook, the social networking giant is testing a new feature what it is internally referring as ‘Host Chat’. The company already has a group chat feature for friends and the new testing feature is expected to extend to friends of […]


Facebook privacy bug exposed by hacker using Facebook Graph Search

Brandon Copley, a mobile developer from Dallas, Texas has compiled a database of 2.5 million Facebook users’ personal phone numbers by exclusively exploiting Facebook Graph Search. Even though Facebook agrees with him that the users left the information public, it […]


Facebook may be developing a news ‘Reader’ app for mobile users

Facebook’s stock is well below its IPO price, and this has forced it to keep experimenting with mobile-centric ideas. After LinkedIn’s acquired Pulse news reader, Facebook has also jumped in the arena with the reports of a similar news reading […]


Bug leaked contact Information of 6 million users, admits Facebook

Facebook, today admitted that contact information of approximately 6 million users was leaked due to a bug penetrating its DYI (Download your information) tool. The social media giant said that the bug could have disclosed email addresses or telephone numbers […]

Facebook introduces hashtags, soon will add trending hashtags too

Starting today, Facebook is introducing hashtags! This is just the first step, as it will be rolling out series of features to bring in front, a larger view of what’s happening or what conversations people are having. Hundreds of millions […]

Google acquires Waze fort $1.1 Billion : Beats Facebook and Apple

After too many rumors and speculations, Google has finally acquired Waze; the community-based traffic and navigation app. Google today confirmed the deal via its official blogspost, although, there is no word about the terms of the deal in the post. […]

Facebook takes a cue from Twitter, launches Verified Pages & Profiles

Facebook has at last introduced ‘Verified Pages‘, a feature that would help Facebook users to easily find official accounts of celebrities and other prominent personalities they would like to follow. Much like verified accounts on Twitter, Facebook will display a […]

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Don’t restrict employees from using Social tools, says Microsoft

The latest report from Microsoft is an eye opener for companies that have laid restrictions on the usage of social tools within their workplace. As per the new Microsoft survey, nearly half of the employees say that the use of social tools […]