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Facebook popularity dipping among Teenagers; Twitter gaining

We love Facebook, don’t we?  It is still the most popular social networking site today. But often you will find people complaining about non-replies, delayed response, non-acceptance of a requests, missing birthday wishes, and many more activities where social expectations […]

Is the Dorkbot worm stealing your Facebook information?

Facebook which connects millions of people around the world is also becoming a primary source for the spread of Dorkbot worm, first discovered in 2011. Since then, the worm has been spreading through removable drives, IM programs and social networks. […]

Chrome & Firefox browser extension that hijacks Facebook profiles found

Microsoft has been receiving reports from Brazil about a browser extension with malicious intent, that attempts to hijack the Facebook profile of the victim. The malware, Trojan:JS/Febipos.A, is being specifically targeted at Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Once installed, […]

Bing integrates Facebook comments and Likes in search results

Bing and Facebook are now strongly integrated, allowing its users to interact with their Facebook friends directly from the search result page. Bing users who have connected their Facebook accounts to Bing can now interact with their Facebook friends directly using […]

Microsoft releases Facebook Beta, a new Facebook app for Windows Phone

Facebook Beta is a new Facebook app for Windows Phone that has arrived in the Windows Phone Store. Published by Microsoft, the new Facebook Beta app features a redesigned Facebook experience for Windows Phone 8 users. Keeping lock screen wallpaper […]

Facebook Home Launched : Free Download From Google Play Store

A big announcement from Facebook created a huge buzz of excitement over the web. Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook Home in an Android-centric event at Facebook headquarters. Another announcement in the launch event says that HTC First would be the first […]

Facebook hackers attack Apple Inc employee’s computers

The same group of hackers who recently hacked Facebook, appear to have attacked computers belonging to Apple Inc. No data was however stolen, says Apple. Facebook Security team had revealed that hackers from China had carried out a sophisticated attack […]

Facebook Was Hacked, Security Team Confirms

The world’s most popular social site Facebook was hacked recently. Many of us may have experienced the down time. There were some messages to the effect that the site was down for maintenance. But now the official Facebook Security team has confirmed […]

Bing Search adds more Facebook results in its sidebar

Microsoft’s Bing and Facebook have forged a strong partnership over the years and taking this forward is the announcement of the availability of more Facebook features to the Bing sidebar. Not just this but it also introduced a host of […]

Facebook chose to partner with Bing to bring Web Results in Graph Search

While launching the Graph Search tool in a press event yesterday, Facebook came up with a “one more thing” trick and announced its partnership with Bing, the Microsoft search engine.  Announcing this partnership Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that they […]

Facebook launches personalized search engine: Graph Search

There were immense speculations about the surprise launch from Facebook today and if you guessed it a Facebook Search Engine, you win! The surprise is finally over and Mark Zuckerberg and his herd of journalists are out with the big […]

Facebook Midnight Delivery Feature Flaw

A week ago Facebook launched ‘Midnight Delivery Feature’ for its users to allow them send New Year wishes and deliver messages automatically at the stroke of midnight. But, the very feature is found to have a serious flaw that anyone […]

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Facebook is taking serious steps to delete fake accounts

‘With great power comes great responsibility’ is a famous quote from Spiderman and it holds true not just for the super hero but also for leaders, politicians and in our case, huge businesses. Arguably the biggest social media platform today, […]

Facebook rolls out better Privacy Controls for managing your Content

The more you understand your Facebook features, the better your experience with it can be! Especially after the foray of updates that the social-networking giant released 24 hours ago. Facebook, considering users feedback it has rolled out certain ‘Better Controls […]

Facebook subdomain vulnerable to SQL injection

Leading websites are prone to being attacked – and Facebook is no exception. Just a few weeks back we had read that a zero-day vulnerability was found on Facebook, which allowed a hacker to login to anyone’s Facebook account without […]

Facebook Rolls Out Several New Features and Platform Updates

After receiving much required feed-backs from users about things Facebook should do to improve its Platform, the social networking giant rolled out several new features and updates via its program – Operation Developer Love. Facebook was criticized consistently for years by developers for enforcing […]

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Facebook announces the Antivirus Marketplace

Facebook today announced the Antivirus Marketplace and welcomed Microsoft, McAfee, TrendMicro, Sophos, and Symantec to the Facebook Security family. Starting today, we will be incorporating the combined intelligence of Microsoft, McAfee, TrendMicro, Sophos, and Symantec to Facebook’s existing database of malicious […]

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Facebook launches inline translation tool using Bing Translator

Facebook has launched a new translation tool that will now let its users to translate posts directly inline on Facebook Pages through Bing Translator. This service will prove to be very useful for people who want to translate a particular […]

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Stay away from Kaamil Mahmoud on Facebook!

The malware analyst team of Emsisoft has detected a new wave of fake Facebook emails leading to malware contaminated websites – and being careless could infect your computer with  the Zbot trojan. Emsisoft has revealed that cyber criminals are making […]

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Facebook Competitor, Google+ Social Network is here!

Google has unveiled it ambitious Google+ social networking website. Pronounced as Google Plus, the project will allow you to connect with family and friends, similar to what Facebook offers.

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Facebook announces new security measures including partnership with WOT

Facebook has announced a series of new security measures introduced, including a partnership with Web of Trust.  Facebook already has a system that automatically scans links to determine whether the websites associated with those links are spammy or contain malware.

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Bing to present search results influenced by Facebook Like’s

Last year, Microsoft collaborated with the social networking giant Facebook to discover more things with your friend’s ‘Like’. Microsoft is now expanding the Facebook “Liked Results” which promotes the links shared or liked by your friends via Facebook.