Latest Firefox news.

Firefox, and now Apple decides to block Java

After discovering a potential security vulnerability in the current version of Java (Java 7 update 10) Mozilla added it to the add-on block list. Now, Apple seems to be following suit. The company on Thursday quietly disabled Java 7 on […]

Firefox 18 now available for download

When Internet Explorer 9 was released, it was Firefox 4. Today, it’s Internet Explorer 10 but Firefox 18! Yes, Firefox 18 is now available for download. The latest update for the web browser from Mozilla may not bring in many […]

IE 10 trailing behind Chrome 23 and Firefox 17

The New Year doesn’t seem to bring good news at all for Microsoft. First, this morning Net application report suggested Windows Phones are still way behind Android and Apple’s iOS and now the website’s  preliminary data from December shows the […]

Firefox will warn users if Search Engine is hijacked

Any unknown activities caused by risky add-ons or extensions serve malicious purpose. They sometimes aim to change or alter your browsing behavior by modifying the home page and/or change your search engine. Taking note of this, Firefox has decided to introduce a new […]

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Firefox Metro Preview for Windows 8 announced

One of the most loved web browsers, Mozilla Firefox has now announced the first preview release of it Firefox browser for Windows 8. Mozilla on its blog announced the first preview release of the browser. Here is a short summary of the features […]

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Mozilla ends support for Firefox v3.6 – Time to move on!

Like it or not, it is time for you to get use to user interface changes as  Mozilla Firefox team after 2 years of regular updates have decided to end their support for Mozilla Firefox 3.6 on 24th April. The […]

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Mozilla Renames Browser ID as Persona, and Persona as Themes, After Much Confusion

Sometime ago, Mozilla officially announced that Personas would become the new name for Mozilla’s Web-scale identity system (formerly called BrowserID). This however led to much confusion as the same name i.e. Personas was assigned to other feature that allowed Firefox, Thunderbird […]

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Mozilla to release Metro version of Firefox for Windows 8

Mozilla, the developers of the popular browser, Firefox, revealed today that it will be offering a Metro version of Firefox for Windows 8. The new Firefox for Metro, like all other Windows 8 Metro apps will focus on touch interaction […]

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Mozilla ditches Bing, renews search deal with Google

As we were about to report on how costly it might affect Mozilla on not renewing the Google contract where Google stays as the default search engine on the Mozilla Firefox web browser, up came an update about the deal having […]

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Mozilla Firefox to release a browser for a Tablet version soon

Ssshhhhh…. There is something going on inside the Mozilla Firefox office. Oh no, it’s not just that they are working on Firefox 8 or 9 or 10 … that won’t be surprising! It’s actually something related to a tablet. Mozilla […]

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New UI for Mozilla Firefox 8 ?

No. I am got going to do any ‘Firefox-bashing‘ in this post. Neither will I say that the story about Internet Explorer users being stupid was a hoax (it indeed was)! Instead, lets take a small flight into the ‘possible’ […]

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Microsoft ships cupcake to Mozilla Firefox Team

June 21, 2011 saw the official release of Mozilla Firefox 5, just about three months after releasing Firefox 4 to the general public. Keeping up to its tradition, Microsoft shipped an Internet Explorer 9 cupcake to the Mozilla Firefox team […]

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Bing Search comes to Firefox

Bing and Firefox today announced that Bing will be included as one of the search engine choices within Firefox on both the Mac and PC.

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Silent Updates Coming to Mozilla Firefox

Recently Mozilla launched the Beta of the upcoming Firefox 4 within a few weeks we saw the second build release for the same. Now with the next new version they  are planning to add a new feature for updates in […]

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Firefox to shut down development for Windows Phone

In our earlier post we mentioned what Mozilla expected from Microsoft; but latest development shows that they are actually no longer interested in working for making Windows Phone NDK compatible with Firefox!

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Switch to Bing, Mozilla exec tells Firefox users

Catalyzed by Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s comments on privacy, Dolzler, a Mozilla executive, on his private blog, is telling Firefox users to ditch Google for Microsoft’s Bing, stating that Bing provides superior security.

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Mozilla Service Week – Make a Difference

Mozilla is celebrating its very first Mozilla Service Week. During the week of September 14-21, 2009, we’re asking people to step up and make a difference by using the Web to better their community. Mozilla is a global community with […]

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Mozilla Introduces Add-on Collections.

Mozilla on Wednesday announced its new Add-On Collections, which allows users to showcase the apps they like best; not like, but similar to the IE Addons Gallery.