Latest Firefox news.

Firefox 40 lets you use any search engine with Cortana

The latest version of Firefox 40 lets users use any search engine with Cortana and that too without any third party apps. You don’t need to stick with Bing to make searches with Cortana. However, you have to set Firefox […]

Firefox for Windows 10 arrives

Mozilla has now made it official that that the version 40 of its browser is made for Windows 10. The welcome page says Firefox + Windows 10 = Perfect Together. We’ve designed Firefox to work seamlessly with your Windows 10 […]

Mozilla decides to block Adobe Flash due to security flaws

Seeing some critical yet unpatched vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash, Mozilla Firefox has decided to block all versions of Adobe Flash. As per the report posted by Adobe Flash last week, some critical vulnerabilities were identified in Adobe Flash Player […]

firefox favicon bug

Favicon bug can crash Chrome & Firefox browsers

Are you, at times, facing some strange Chrome or Firefox crashes these days? If yes, this might be due to the Favicon bug. Yes, a Favicon bug reportedly can crash your Chrome & Firefox browsers. Strange but true, the small […]

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla lets Firefox Account connect users with Hello and Sync

Mozilla Firefox has come up with ways to control your online life. It has brought Firefox Account, which can connect users with other Firefox services like Firefox Hello and Firefox Sync. Mozilla believes that Firefox Account will offer a more […]

Extension signing

Extension signing for Firefox add-ons introduced by Mozilla

Mozilla now introduces a new ecosystem for safer add-on experience. This ecosystem is called as the extension signing. The extension signing for add-ons will help in having a better supervision on the add-ons ecosystem while not making AMO to be […]

Google starts urging Firefox users to change their Search Engine

A while back, Mozilla decided to replace Google with Yahoo as the default search in its Firefox browser. Not willing to take this quietly, Google has started urging Firefox users, who are using Yahoo as the default search engine to change […]

Mozilla showcases its new Search Interface in Firefox

Mozilla Firefox, once again, is bringing a new and refreshing change in the world of search engines. Now, with a single click, you can search for the relevant information and that too, from a selected source with the help of […]

Yahoo Search to become the default search for Firefox

Replacing the leading search engine Google, Yahoo has now become the default search engine of Firefox browser in the U.S. Ending its decade long partnership with Google Inc., Mozilla Corp. today announced its new partnership with Yahoo Inc. for next five […]


Firefox to start displaying ads

If you are a Firefox user, now get ready to see advertisements in your browser as Mozilla has started displaying ads in it. The decision comes on the eve of the launch of Firefox 33.1 which was launched this Monday. […]

Mozilla introduces the Firefox Developer Edition browser

A few days ago, Mozilla embarked upon a new mission in creating a browser catering specially to developers’ needs. Fast forward a week, we learn the browser maker has revealed some additional details about the Firefox Developer Edition browser. On […]

Mozilla kills Modern UI Firefox; explains reasons!

Last week Mozilla decided to suspend development of Firefox for Windows 8 owing to the low adoption rate. The numbers, it believed were not just sufficient to find the amount of bugs that could be encountered by the larger Firefox […]

Firefox celebrates its 9th Birthday

Belated Happy Birthday Firefox! Mozilla Firefox celebrated its 9th birthday a few days back on November 9, 2013. The browser so far had been downloaded over a billion times and is presently the second most popular browser worldwide. Late back […]

Preview of Firefox Aurora Optimized for Windows 8 Tablets released

After a prolong postponement, Firefox Aurora optimized for Windows 8 tablets is finally available for preview. Mozilla yesterday announced the Aurora update for Firefox. This update was designed particularly for the modern interface and Metro UI of Windows 8. Firefox […]

New Yahoo! Toolbar for IE, Firefox, Chrome launched

Yahoo! some months ago shut down Yahoo Axis, Alta Vista and a handful of other offerings from Yahoo! but that hasn’t dampened the spirits of the team as it has now decided to come up with a brand-new browser toolbar. […]

Firefox gets a new logo, presents crisper and cleaner design

Over the recent years, Firefox has become a stable browser on desktop, and successfully stepped on to the emerging open-source mobile operating system, Android. As end users, we discovered several changes in terms of technology getting used since quite a long […]

Mozilla Firefox 22 released

The much awaited Mozilla Firefox 22 has been released officially, and this time it is a huge improvement over its predecessor. It is way too fast, and there are no time gaps between sending and receiving small packets thus making […]

Rogue ‘Free Firefox Download’ ads entice people to install PUAs on their PCs

There is a warning for the potential users of Mozilla Firefox. The “Free Firefox Download” ad could leave your computer with privacy-invading Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs). As per a warning released by Webroot, there are many rogue “Free Firefox Download” advertisement […]

Firefox Now Supports CSP 1.0 to Block XSS Attacks

After a long wait and debate Mozilla Firefox 23 finally supports Content Security Policy 1.0 (CSP 1.0), a set of content restriction for a web page. Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 are already supporting CSP 1.0. Google Chrome added […]

Mozilla Firefox 21 Released With New Features

Firefox 21 is no longer in Beta and is now available for download with improved performance and various new features. However, the official release is still a few hours away, but Mozilla has already uploaded it to its servers, for […]

Internet Explorer 10 beats Chrome, Firefox, Opera at blocking malware

Yet another study has shown that Internet Explorer 10 beats its competitors when it comes to blocking malware. NSS Labs compared the built-in protection capabilities of Internet Explorer 10 with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera browsers and concluded that […]

Chrome & Firefox browser extension that hijacks Facebook profiles found

Microsoft has been receiving reports from Brazil about a browser extension with malicious intent, that attempts to hijack the Facebook profile of the victim. The malware, Trojan:JS/Febipos.A, is being specifically targeted at Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Once installed, […]

msnNOW sidebar for Firefox released

msnNOW, a new social reader service, launched by Microsoft a few months back, is now available as a browser sidebar for Firefox. The msnNOW sidebar for Firefox lets you see what’s trending while you surf using Firefox. It offers quick insights […]

Firefox 20 released – What is new?

Mozilla has finally rolled out the 20th edition of their popular browser Firefox. Following the rapid release cycle, the 20th edition goes live after testing of six beta’s. Previously 19.0.2 was the stable release. The latest version available is Firefox 20 […]

Firefox 19 released; introduces built-in PDF viewer

The new version of Firefox has been released and is now available for download. Firefox 19 introduces a built-in built PDF viewer making reading PDFs easier and allowing users to read PDFs directly within the browser. Firefox users will now, no longer need to install […]