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Susannah Lindsay quit her job a few years back to settle down in a life of domesticity. She has been living in Los Angeles for the last three years, and enjoys following new gadget releases and the latest happenings on the technological front.

Microsoft releases Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager

After months of beta testing and experimentation, Microsoft has finally released the much awaited feature for Windows Azure, Hyper-V Recovery Manager. Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager Through Hyper-V Recovery Manager, you can make realtime asynchronous copy of Virtual Machines (VMs) […]


Radionomy officially confirms that it has bought Winamp

A few days ago we reported that ever so popular media player Winamp may have been bought by an online streaming service Radionomy. After days of silence, today, the company confirmed that it has in fact acquired Winamp. So finally, […]

Microsoft Build 2014

Registration is now open for Microsoft’s BUILD 2014 Developer Conference

Microsoft’s iconic BUILD Developer Conference is now, or will be in a few hours will be open for registration. Depending on your geographic location, the timing may differ. Microsoft’s website says it will be open the registration at 9AM PST, […]

MSft twitter hacked

Syrian Electronic Army hacks Microsoft MSFTNews Twitter account

Just a few hours ago, we saw Microsoft’s Xbox Support Twitter account being hijacked by Syrian Electronic Army, and now Microsoft’s News Twitter account, @MSFTnews has gone down the same path. Microsoft hasn’t yet acknowledged either of the hack attacks, […]

Microsoft Xbox Support Twitter

Microsoft’s Xbox Support Twitter account hacked

Just a few hours ago, I wrote about LinkedIn’s security breach, now we have another one going down the same road. Microsoft’s Xbox Support Twitter account has reportedly been hijacked by Syrian Electronic Army. Although Microsoft has, what it seems gained […]


Sony wants to make Windows Phone, awaits Microsoft’s decision

Sony is interested in making Windows Phones. The Japanese manufacturer is in talks with Microsoft to make an arrangement. The two have worked in the past, and although it didn’t really work out, the former believes that this collaboration will […]

LinkedIn hacked

LinkedIn hacked, many of your connections might not be real

LinkedIn, the social network for professional people and recruiters has reportedly been hacked. This vicious act has been going around since late May 2013 and have had profile data of many of its users compromised. LinkedIn says that it has […]

Google +

Gmail now lets you send emails to your Google+ contacts

Google has pushed a new feature that integrates its email client, Gmail and social network Google+ in a very handy way. Gmail users will now be able to send emails to people they have in their Google+ circles. This feature has outdone […]


Windows Phone 8.0 is upgradeable to Windows Phone 8.1, confirms Microsoft

Windows Phone 8.0, the most popular and current version of the said mobile OS is upgradable to Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft has confirmed. In an interview to ComputerWorld, the director of Windows Phone public relation at Microsoft confirmed that Windows […]


McAfee software to be rebranded as Intel Security

Intel is finally rebranding the McAfee as Intel Security, dropping the “McAfee” moniker. The chipset manufacturer bought McAfee, a renowned name in the field of information security in the year 2010. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, in addition to wearable technology […]

Solitaire for Windows Phone

Popular Solitaire game arrives in Windows Phone Store

The popular solitaire game from Windows desktop operating system has arrived on Windows Phone store. Solitaire is a collection of several card-centric games that have made their way to the mobile ecosystem. These games include Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, TriPeaks and […]


Windows XP Zero-day vulnerability exploited to target Middle Eastern embassies

Back in November, Microsoft cautioned us about a zero-day vulnerability being in use to taint Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 operating systems. After further investigation, it has been found that this attack was primarily targeting 28 Middle Eastern embassies.  […]


Microsoft fixes the Surface 2 BitLocker recovery key bug

Microsoft has finally issued an update to fix the much talked of BitLocker issue in Surface 2 tablets. The problem made some of its users to put the BitLocker key every time they restarted their device, powered it on, or […]


Microsoft launches Windows XP End of Support Countdown Web Page

One of the most popular and widely used desktop operating system, Windows XP will be leaving us very shortly. In fact, Microsoft has made a count-down timer widget available on its website that tells us how long Windows XP will […]


Yahoo ad server hacked, thousands of people affected

Yahoo ad server is distributing malicious codes to its users. Two security firms have found that the juggernaut seem to have had its ad server hacked, and as a result over 27,000 users are becoming a victim of this vicious […]

Surface Pro 2 new prococessor

Microsoft quietly upgrades Surface Pro 2 Processor

Did you purchase a new Surface Pro 2 this holiday season? Chances are the one you have on your hand has a faster processor than what was sold a few months ago. Microsoft has quietly upped the Surface Pro 2 […]


Windows 8 and 8.1 gain users, now run over 10% OS market share

As we had expected, Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 8.1 has started gaining momentum. The OS with Windows 8 now for the first time account for over 10% of all the desktop running in the world. The decade old operating […]

Winamop WhoIS

Radionomy buys Winamp, your favorite media player is here to stay

As the New Year begins, we now have super awesome news for you. Your favorite music player Winamp won’t be dying after all. Popular online radio broadcasting service Radionomy has just bought the music player we all seem to love […]

age my face

Age My Face app for Windows 8.1 lets you see your future self

Have you ever wondered what you will look like, when you grow old? Don’t worry, there is an app on Windows Store that is now available, which will help you do just that. Popular software firm, PurplePenguin has brought its top-chart […]

snapchat info

Snapchat hacked, 4.6 million accounts compromised

The photo and video sharing app, Snapchat has reportedly been hacked. Not just that, the login credentials of compromised accounts are also available at a site called Snapchatdb.info. Although the site isn’t working for some at the moment, I was […]

national security agenecy, nsa

NSA reportedly hacked Microsoft Error Reporting Service

NSA has been hacking Microsoft Error Reporting Service to capture data sent from users’ computer. As though we haven’t already had enough, we have witnessed yet another revelation via the latest issue of German magazine Der Spiegel. The report also hammers […]


Spotify launches Spotiamp, a tribute to Winamp

Last month when Winamp announced that it is shutting down, it took the entire world by shock. In the real sense of the word, it marked the end of an era. In order to honor the “engineering skills and passion”, […]

Windows Phone extra 20GB

Microsoft is gifting 20GB SkyDrive storage to Windows Phone users

Microsoft is giving out 20 GB of additional SkyDrive storage space to all its Windows Phone users. Although it hasn’t been officially announced yet, a bunch of Windows Phone users (including me) have reportedly received the confirming emails. I’m attaching […]