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Susannah Lindsay quit her job a few years back to settle down in a life of domesticity. She has been living in Los Angeles for the last three years, and enjoys following new gadget releases and the latest happenings on the technological front.

Google Plus new feature ‘Collections’ under testing

Folks using Google Plus are offered a way to connect with friends and family, explore their interests and do lot more. The site has evolved into a pretty good social network with changes always underway to make it more acceptable. […]

Now you can access Microsoft OneNote on Apple Watch

A new app update to Microsoft OneNote app for iPhone and iPad brings support for OneNote on Apple Watch. OneNote is a popular note taking application by Microsoft generally bundled with the Office suite. In accordance with Microsoft CEO’s Mobile […]

WhatsApp calling for iPhone arrives

WhatsApp, the popular mobile messenger has updated its iOS application with voice calling feature. The calling feature update was first released yesterday (21 April 2015). Earlier this year, CEO of WhatsApp announced about WhatsApp getting calling feature in CES 2015 event. […]

Microsoft’s first Flagship Store in Asia Pacific to be in Australia

Microsoft has announced that its first flagship store in Asia Pacific is going to be located in Sydney, Australia. This is the first time Microsoft is launching its store outside North America. As of now, Microsoft has over 110 physical […]

Microsoft and Interpol partners to tackle Simda network

Microsoft has joined hands with a group of leading IT  and security companies like Kaspersky Lab, TrendIn a global operation coordinated by the Interpol Global Complex for Innovation in Singapore, Trend Micro and Japan’s Cyber Defense Institute, in collaboration with […]

Open Source is no longer taboo to Microsoft, according to Mark Russinovich

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has been the historic closed-software producer in the world, with its proprietary products, services and now online services. However, along with being the doyen of paid-for-software services, the company has also significantly contributed to the development of […]


Microsoft launches Biz4Afrika SME Portal

Microsoft has ambitious plans to reach out to African businesses. The company announced on Thursday the launch of its new business portal Biz4Afrika to connect entrepreneurs in Kenya. At the launch the software-giant reiterated that the platform would be a […]


EU’s prepares to file Antitrust Suit against Google

Europe’s competition regulator is preparing to file charges against Google Inc in the antitrust investigation over the next few weeks. If charges were filed against Google Inc, this would be the EU’s highest-profile antitrust suit since its lengthy campaign that […]

Facebook invading Privacy, Tracks all visitors in breach of EU Law

According to a news report, Facebook installs cookies on the users’ computers and tracks their internet use, even after the user has logged out, opted out of tracking or deleted the Facebook account Facebook, like any other website, does this […]


Amazon launches Home Services

Amazon the biggest e-tailer on the planet launched Amazon Home Services on Monday, a handpicked marketplace for household chores and services. The list includes an array of services ranging from Tech Support to Goat grazing. Amazon Home Services Amazon Home […]

Xbox One April update available for Preview

The latest round of Xbox One April update has already started rolling out. The update is coming in two different waves and the first wave is already available for preview, says Major Nelson. Xbox One April Update As always this […]

Microsoft add Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian languages to Translator

Microsoft Translator now supports 50 languages with three new languages added to the list. Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian are the three languages recently added to the list of Microsoft Translator’s support languages. Primarily spoken in South East Europe, Italy, and […]

Autodesk Tinkerplay is now available in Windows Store

Making the project models for your kids now becomes easier. The latest app Tinkerplay helps you making the custom 3D models. With the help of a 3D printer and the Tinkerplay app, you can create the 3D models of different […]

Microsoft bring specialized medicine to remote areas

Microsoft in collaboration with the Botswana Innovation Hub has launched a new TVWS pilot project names Project Kgolagano. The word Kgolagano literally means, ‘to be connected’. The project is aimed to bring telemedicine services to the remote areas via internet […]

Bing Maps start showing Movie set locations

Movie fans can now explore the area around their favorite movie scenes, may it be the famous cliff jump scene from the movie Six Days and Seven Nights or the iconic steps at Philadelphia Museum of Art from the movie […]

Cortana Predicts Results Of Premier League Matches

While Microsoft’s search engine Bing is predicting the results of 57th Grammy Awards, company’s digital assistant Cortana is foretelling the result of Premier League Matches. As posted by Katie Stainer on Microsoft’s news blog, Cortana, the virtual assistant of Microsoft can […]

Bing predicts the results of the 57th Grammy Awards

There are still three days left for The Annual Grammy Awards event, but Microsoft’s Bing Search engine is ready with its Grammy awards predictions. It is not for the first time for Bing as it has done this in the […]

vivaldi browser

Former Opera CEO to launch Vivaldi web browser

Just a few days after the announcement of Microsoft’s new web browser Spartan, we have a new offering from the former CEO of Opera, Jon Ton Tetzcher. After being away from Opera for four long years, Jon Ton Tetzcher is […]

Twitter Rolls Out New Feature “While You Were Away”

Twitter is rolling its new feature ‘While you were away’. As the name suggests, this feature shows you a recap of all the tweets posted while you were not on Twitter. The recap of important tweets will be displayed with […]

Work Folders Now Available For iPad

  Microsoft has released the Work Folders feature for iPad. Previously available only for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and 8.1 RT, Work Folders app is now available for free download in Apple AppStore. With Work Folders, users can store and […]

Microsoft releases Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager

After months of beta testing and experimentation, Microsoft has finally released the much awaited feature for Windows Azure, Hyper-V Recovery Manager. Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager Through Hyper-V Recovery Manager, you can make realtime asynchronous copy of Virtual Machines (VMs) […]

Radionomy officially confirms that it has bought Winamp

A few days ago we reported that ever so popular media player Winamp may have been bought by an online streaming service Radionomy. After days of silence, today, the company confirmed that it has in fact acquired Winamp. So finally, […]

Registration is now open for Microsoft’s BUILD 2014 Developer Conference

Microsoft’s iconic BUILD Developer Conference is now, or will be in a few hours will be open for registration. Depending on your geographic location, the timing may differ. Microsoft’s website says it will be open the registration at 9AM PST, […]

Syrian Electronic Army hacks Microsoft MSFTNews Twitter account

Just a few hours ago, we saw Microsoft’s Xbox Support Twitter account being hijacked by Syrian Electronic Army, and now Microsoft’s News Twitter account, @MSFTnews has gone down the same path. Microsoft hasn’t yet acknowledged either of the hack attacks, […]

Microsoft’s Xbox Support Twitter account hacked

Just a few hours ago, I wrote about LinkedIn’s security breach, now we have another one going down the same road. Microsoft’s Xbox Support Twitter account has reportedly been hijacked by Syrian Electronic Army. Although Microsoft has, what it seems gained […]

Sony wants to make Windows Phone, awaits Microsoft’s decision

Sony is interested in making Windows Phones. The Japanese manufacturer is in talks with Microsoft to make an arrangement. The two have worked in the past, and although it didn’t really work out, the former believes that this collaboration will […]