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OneDrive mobile apps now let you access work account too!

Its nice to see Microsoft continuously improving its OneDrive. This time Microsoft OneDrive mobile apps have been updated for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Let us check some more details: Updates to OneDrive for Android Access OneDrive for Business:  This […]

OneDrive app for Android and iOS updated; makes uploading easier

Just few days back OneDrive had announced about increasing storage space for its users so that users can store specially more photos. Photos are the most popular type of files people store on OneDrive. Now the OneDrive app on Android […]

Cisco 2014 Annual Security Report: Bad times for Android, Java

Cyberthreat has only grown stronger and more complex over time reveals latest Cisco 2014 Annual Security Report. It now appears more mature, far-reaching and most importantly, well-funded. Why? The inclination of gadget-friendly generation more towards mobile and cloud technologies balanced […]

OutlookAndroidUpdateVacreply Android App updated; includes over 150 improvements & features

The team provided another significant update to its Android app. The team listened to its customers after gathering feedback from them and made several changes. Earlier, the Android app was updated in April and the Outlook team was working hard to […]

Windows devices are safer than Android, says Microsoft

If you have to buy a tablet to cater your educational needs, which one would you prefer; an Android tablet or a Windows tablet? Tablets are undoubtedly the best devices to stay connected to each other via internet. If you […]

Microsoft expands Trade-in program, adds Android & BlackBerry

Microsoft’s Trade-in Program just got interesting! It was only last week, when the software giant announced this program which offered at least $200 in terms of Microsoft Store Credit. Back then, it was valid for purchasing the newly launched Surface […]

Office for Android finally arrives in Asian market

After about a month of its release in US market, the productivity suite from Microsoft, Office for Android platform has made its arrival in 14 Asian countries. The Android version and web edition offer programs like Word, PowerPoint and Excel. […]

Microsoft releases Office Mobile for Android

Office is faster, it has more functions, cool UI, integrated SkyDrive and more! That’s why Microsoft has planned to release mobile version of Office, now for Android. Microsoft Office Mobile for Android supports smartphone-optimized Word, Excel and PowerPoint docs with charts, […]

Microsoft bringing ‘Age of Empires’ to iOS and Android

Software giant Microsoft is planning to bring a few of Windows PC games and consoles to Android and iOS devices as part of a deal with Japanese smartphone game maker KLab. One of those Windows PC games includes the classic […]

G Data records more than 666,666 mobile malware for Android

G Data Security Labs, the anti-malware software provider have recorded more than 666,666 unique mobile malware programs for the Android platform in their database. The report is updated till June 2013. The report also added that the number is expected […]

Android malware spread via compromised Yahoo! Accounts

In most cases, hacked websites are believed to be the main source of malware infection but recent research has proved that spam sent from compromised email accounts too, contributes to the spread of infection. Spam sent from compromised accounts is […]

Google joins hand with Spice to open an Android Nation store in India

Google has finally realized the importance of Indian middle class population and its growing acceptance to the Smartphones. According to a report, Google is planning to enter the Indian retail market with physical stores called Android Nation in partnership with Spice […]

Samsung ATIV Q Combines Android Jelly Bean and Windows 8

Samsung introduced a new tablet ATIV Q in London today which can run both Windows 8 as well as Android 4.2.2 based applications. This 13.3 inch latest tablet from the Smartphone king allows the users to share files between Android […]

Vine for Android now available!

Twitter after launching Vine for iOS few months back, has now launched Vine for Android. As you know using Vine, one can create short 6 seconds looping videos in a simple and fun way and share them with family and […] app for Android devices gets a major upgrade

A major upgrade for the app for Android devices was announced last week. This update overhauls the entire user interface and also adds number of new features. While Exchange ActiveSync provides a rich, powerful, network-optimized experience for Windows Phone, […]

Facebook Home Launched : Free Download From Google Play Store

A big announcement from Facebook created a huge buzz of excitement over the web. Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook Home in an Android-centric event at Facebook headquarters. Another announcement in the launch event says that HTC First would be the first […]

Vertu announces expensive Android phone for $10,500!

Vertu, a former Nokia subsidiary famous for manufacturing expensive mobile devices laden with gold, diamonds and other jewels, is back to doing what it does best. It has announced the Vertu Ti, a smartphone running on the Android platform for […]

App-based threats continue to haunt Android Phones

While the fourth quarter of the year 2012 may have witnessed a rapid increase in the Android smartphone market, it also marked malicious apps as a growing menace, especially for the Android ecosystem. The number of High Risk Apps found […]

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Apple May Pay IGB For The iPhone Brand Name Rights

Apple Inc. will reportedly pay to the Brazilian Company Gradiente Eletronica SA, (now turned into IGB Electronica) for using iPhone brand, says a Brazilian telecommunications analyst. Brazilian company Gradiente SA won the legal right to use the brand name iPhone last week […]

Android Phones Exposed To Spam Botnet Attack

Android users beware, a new virus attack can whip up your next month’s phone bill. This virulent attack is infecting the Android Smartphones. Each infected Android phone then sends thousands of virulent spam text messages a day whooping up your […]

IGB Released New iPhone Running On Android 2.3.4!

IGB Electronica launched a new “iPhone” running on Android OS on Tuesday. Yes, you read it right!! Brazilian electronics company IGB Electronica announced a new line of its devices naming it as ‘iPhone’. The Company announced its ‘iPhone’ in a […]

Dell Scraps Android Smartphones for Windows 8 Tablets

Michael Dell – the Founder of Dell, previously hinted that the company was planning to drop Android in favor of Windows 8. We see that coming to be true. The company as our sources report isn’t planning on returning to the Android […]

Intel To Introduce Budget Android Phones In India Next Year

2013 will bring some budget Android Smartphones powered by Intel processors. Chip Maker Intel is now gearing up to introduce budget Android handsets according to a press release by Intel. Intel will reportedly bring Android handsets worth 7,000 INR or […]