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Control Panel will be phased out in Windows 10

The Control Panel had been an integral part of Windows since the beginning and helped in tweaking and customizing the operating system. In a tweet by Gabriel Aul, the chief of Windows Insider Program, he said that Control Panel will […]

Indian Government moves forward towards replacing Windows with BOSS OS

News is that the operating system BOSS (Bharat Operating System Solution) may soon replace Microsoft Windows in government offices in India. There will be a meeting this week to discuss this and other uses of BOSS. In the meeting, Home […]

Firefox for Windows 10 arrives

Mozilla has now made it official that that the version 40 of its browser is made for Windows 10. The welcome page says Firefox + Windows 10 = Perfect Together. We’ve designed Firefox to work seamlessly with your Windows 10 […]

Yahoo affected by malvertising attack

Cybercriminals use different methods to gain access to your computers in a hope to get information they can use for their benefits. Most of the Internet users think that cybercriminals’ activities are limited to smaller websites only. But this proved […]

Twitter adds new feature: Hover over handle name for profile view

Twitter, the micro blogging site had added “inline animated GIF support” last month and now has come up with a new feature – you can simply hover over a handle name to view the profile related to that handle. Earlier, […]

No more Windows Insiders; Microsoft stops Insider builds for new PCs

Many were banking on the Windows Insider Program to lay their hands on the latest version of Windows operating system. The idea was to register with Windows Insider Program and then install Windows 10 latest build from the Insider website. […]


Citicoin – Citigroup’s own Bitcoin coming soon

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that knows no borders and can be traded anywhere without problems. Following the lead of Bitcoin, Citigroup is trying to introduce Citicoin, whose concept is almost the same as the Bitcoin. Citigroup testing Citicoins To […]

microsoft edge browser logo

Microsoft Edge will not support Silverlight

In a blog post yesterday, Microsoft made it clear that it will not be using Silverlight plugin in its latest browser named Edge. Silverlight, Java and Flash are three plugins that are most exploited by cybercriminals for taking over browsers. […]

Stay Anonymous and access WiFi from 2.5 miles away

This is not just about how to increase range of WiFi. Ever since Edward Snowden dropped the bomb about NSA snooping the data packets travelling in and out of the US, people have become very nervous. They are taking all […]

PowerShell now available for Office 365

Microsoft has released a new website for Office 365 users after adding PowerShell to Office 365. The new website is about using Powershell to automate tasks in Office 365. There is no doubt that the Office 365 graphical user interface […]

Satya Nadella re-emphasizes Microsoft Mission Statement

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has sent out the a circular to his employees where he clearly outlines Microsoft Mission Statement. “…to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more”. This is just one line taken from the […]

US lags behind in Internet speed; Not even in the Top 10!

According to Akamai’s State of the Internet Report, US ISPs are not able to provide good speeds to its customers. The report does not feature the US even in the top ten countries’ list. According to the report, the Internet […]

Bill Gates Foundation working on “Birth Control Chip”

Bill Gates and Melinda Foundation is working on a birth control chip that can be remote controlled. The birth control chip can be implanted into people’s body – in hip, inside arms or even beneath the back – and can […]

Hadoop on Demand comes to Microsoft Azure

Apache Hadoop will now be available via Microsoft Azure with tools to sort and perform other functions on data. This is the first time, Microsoft is testing Hadoop on demand via one of its partners called MapR Technologies. The intention […]

Google testing optimization of search results for slow networks

For users on slow mobile networks, it is a hard time waiting for a page to load. Such pages also consume much data thereby increasing the users’ costs. Google is now transcoding webpages on mobile so that heavy pages are […]

Microsoft to support OpenSSH community for Windows Powershell

Microsoft has announced that it has chosen to support and contribute towards OpenSSH community. OpenSSH, also known as Open Secure Shell, is a suite of security related tools that work at network level in TCP/IP and helps secure the communication […]

Microsoft patents “Private Display” to block prying eyes

In what could be a major relief to computer users, Microsoft has come up with a screen that will allow only users looking straight at it to view the display contents. Often, when you are computing in public – whether […]

Venom, bigger than Heartbleed, affects all datacenters as a zero day bug

Even as people are still patching Heartbleed, another zero day bug called Venom, has surfaced, that leaves almost all data centers vulnerable to hackers. Heartbleed is a bug where hackers can use memory overflow to compromise computers. It had been […]

What does Windows 10 without Patch Tuesdays mean to users

At Ignite, Microsoft announced that they will do away with the Patch Tuesdays. Right now, Microsoft chooses the second Tuesday of every month to deliver updates related to security and features. That’s why the second Tuesday of every month is […]

Windows 10 will be its last operating system, says Microsoft

We had earlier stated that the shape of Windows operating system was going to change and that it will be provided as a service rather than an software package. We also said that the future of Windows operating system would […]

Microsoft patents Emotion Detection and Feedback System for Hololens

Get ready to become more social with the Microsoft Hololens. The company has filed a patent for emotion detection and feedback system for Hololens. The patent has been filed in the name of a single inventor, Robert Jerauld while Microsoft […]

Microsoft Open Technologies

Microsoft absorbs MS Open Technology, on its way to Open Source

While declaring that someday the code of Windows operating system will go public, creating a buzz for days, the software giant has now Microsoft Open Technology back to its main company after creating over 2000 open source programs. The MS […]