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We are building systems of intelligence: Satya Nadella

“The Microsoft identity is focused around one single thing: It is about empowering you, as individuals and as business organizations, to be able to drive your agenda and achieve more”. These were the words of Satya Nadella who was talking […]

Microsoft Updates to kill malicious Live.fi trusted certificate

After the Superfish adware that used trusted root certificates to help leak sensitive data, there is a new problem that popped and is being addressed by Microsoft. In the group of trusted root certificates, there comes a weak and fake […]

Intel Meshcentral now for Microsoft Windows

After Raspberry Pi offering support for Windows 10, Intel opens its open source MeshCentral for Microsoft Windows based IoT (Internet of Things) devices. The open source program is a peer to peer technology based on a diverse range of uses. […]

Turkey to ban Minecraft?

The last week has seen multiple reports that Turkey is on its way to ban Minecraft, a game newly acquired by Microsoft. Minecraft is a game that allows the imagination of players to run wild while coming up with their […]

FREAK Vulnerability patched by Microsoft

A week ago it came to light that Microsoft operating systems above Windows XP were vulnerable to FREAK. This was a bug that helped hackers in exploiting Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) to initiate a man-in-the-middle […]

Lumia 640 XL

Microsoft releases MWC highlights video reel

In what appears to be a pre-release advert of Microsoft Lumia 640 XL, Microsoft says it is presenting the highlights of the Mobile World Congress recently concluded in Barcelona, Spain on March 5, 2015. The video shows a person introducing […]

Microsoft vs Kyocera

Microsoft sues Kyocera over phones; seeks to bring US Injunction

Kyocera’s new phones Duraforce, Hydro and Brigadier have landed the company in a soup. The legal department of Microsoft has registered a case against Kyocera a Japanese manufacturer, in the US legal system. Microsoft alleges that the phones infringe seven […]

Key Points from Google Keynote at MWC15

As the Mobile World Congress kicked off on March 2, 2015, there were several speakers from stalwarts to newcomers showcasing their products. Among the speakers was Sundar Pichai, the senior vice president of products at Google. He spoke with a […]

Office 365 Deleted Emails’ new expiry date is “NEVER”

In what appeared to be a move based on complaints of IT admins that emails were irrecoverable post 30 days, Microsoft has updated the policy of Deleted Items in Office 365. Earlier, the deleted items were removed permanently, i.e., they […]

lenovo logo

Lenovo working with Microsoft and McAfee to counter Superfish

Lenovo is in a fix as its SuperFish was caught in the net. Superfish installs itself as a certificate in the trusted certificates section so that more of advertisements can be shown while running searches etc. Though Lenovo maintains that […]

Lenovo debacle makes buyers turn to Microsoft Signature Edition computers

Following the Lenovo Superfish debacle, people are looking for places and vendors who can provide them with “clean” computers. Clean means no adware, no crapware, no bloatware but only the required operating system and required apps. Microsoft Store has been […]

Windows XP Custom Support Agreement Costs to double for second year

Windows XP has been officially retired. Yet it continue to lives – on Windows XP custom support agreement between companies and Microsoft. In case you did not know, Microsoft still has custom agreements with many companies for receiving critical updates […]


Enter “What is next with Windows 10” event sweepstakes

Prior to organizing a “What is Next with Windows 10 event” webcast, Microsoft is conducting a sweepstakes where one can win prizes varying from gift cards worth $25 to Toshiba Encore 2 tablet worth $164. The webcast is scheduled for […]

Apple aims to pull away Microsoft Office customers with free iWork

There are plenty of alternatives for Microsoft Office such as Polaris Office, Google’s own Quick Office, Google Docs, and ThinkFree office. All of these alternatives are cloud based except for Polaris. Both Quick Office and Google Docs integrate into Google […]

Microsoft buys N-Trig, the Surface Pen maker

Continuing its series of acquisitions, Microsoft is now buying N-Trig, the company that provided stylus for Surface 3 Pro. The transaction details as to how much is Microsoft spending to acquire the stylus maker firm is undisclosed at the time […]

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft focuses on Startups for Cross Platform apps

The next few months will see Microsoft tapping into the different startups that currently provide apps for different platforms. The recent past has seen Microsoft acquiring Acompli, Sunrise and similar app startups. The aim is to get the app startups, […]

EU Parliament bans Outlook for iOS and Android over Privacy Concerns

The European Union Parliament has Outlook for iOS and Android blocked. According to reports they have called on their IT department to block Outlook access to its Exchange servers so that the new Outlook app cannot access the servers. It […]

Bing and Cortana Bring you Live Updates From Cricket World Cup 2015

As the cricket world cup was nearing, Bing team in Hyderabad (India) had been working to bring you live updates from all the matches. The updates will not only include scores but time-table of matches and progress of your favorite […]

Facebook provides free Internet in India

Facebook tied up with Reliance communications to provide free Internet in India. Reliance communications says the initiative by Facebook also includes a total of 33 free websites under different categories, mostly education, health and social networking. People who are using […]