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No more Windows 10 Technical Preview for Lumia 500 series phones

Microsoft has allegedly “halted” Windows 10 Technical Preview for its most popular range of phones: the Lumia 500, Lumia 520 and Lumia 526 and some other phones. The reason why they are not allowing users of Lumia 500 phones to […]

The Great Cannon of China can bring down websites across the globe

According to a report from Citizen Labs, China may have developed a tool to attack websites hosted at any part of the planet. The Internet in China is already heavily censored and all the filters are collectively dubbed as the […]

HP leaves public cloud business; Not in the race anymore

HP hardly played the game. It started into the public cloud business just a year ago. Now it says it is useless to compete head to head with Amazon and Microsoft public clouds. The reason that there were no takers […]

You can now use Facebook to send divorce summons

What do you do if your spouse is not available or is purposefully avoiding receipt of divorce papers? In an judgement passed by a New York judge, the court has allowed a nurse to file for divorce via Facebook messaging […]

US Inventors create chip to convert phones into 3D scanners

Phones can now be enabled for 3D capture of everyday things. Researchers in the US have created an IC (Integrated Circuit) that can be embedded in phones so that phones cameras can be used as 3D cameras. That will amount […]


Run 26.2 miles to take away a Microsoft Band for free

Running, jogging or walking is a good habit to keep you fit. But if you can make it 26.2 miles, you get to win a Microsoft Band for free. The two companies – Microsoft and Runkeeper – have come together […]

Intel, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Huawei among top R&D spenders

Among the companies that spend a fortune of their revenue on research and development, Huawei is among the front runners. The recently released annual performance report by Huawei says that the company spent 40.8 yuan in research and development in […]

Microsoft to release the all new Surface 3 in May 2015

The all new Surface 3 is set to release in May 2015. Do not confuse it with Surface Pro 3 as the Surface 3 is result of researching on a tablet that is below the cost of Microsoft Surface Pro […]

Microsoft Research Data Science Summer School

Microsoft Summer School offers $5000 and a Free laptop

Summer schools are boring except when they provide you knowledge on cutting edge technology along with a few freebies. Microsoft is offering a summer schools for a limited number of students and will not only pay them a stipend of […]

Microsoft India completes 25 years

Microsoft India completed 25 years. The company first established a small office at Hyderabad, India in 1990. It was initially supported heavily by the Redmond based headquarters until Microsoft India found itself functioning closely with the Indian government as well […]

Microsoft to introduce $149 low cost laptops to combat Chromebooks

In an attempt to put a hold on Chromebook sales, Microsoft is working on two laptop models that will compete with Chromebook in both usability and price. Microsoft already has a hardware unit that is into manufacturing Surface convertibles. They […]

Low cost SSDs from Intel and Toshiba to hit markets soon

Solid State Drives were thought of as a replacement for Hard disk drives but proved to be very costly compared to the latter and hence not many people wanted them. Eventually, Hybrid Drives were created that used a bit of […]

Windows Azure gets on-demand backup and restore

Microsoft announced a set of new features to Windows Azure on Friday. These features are aimed at the demands of enterprise and IT Pro users and include small variations of what they were getting earlier. However, the noteworthy feature is […]

Twitter to launch Periscope, a live video streaming app

Periscope is an app that lets you live stream just about anything. In addition, you can add text messages or emoticons to the video being streamed. All you have to do is to press a button to inform your friends […]

Microsoft experimenting to bring Android apps to Windows Phone

With the Windows App store having too few apps for Windows phone and other versions of Windows 10, the software giant is trying to bring and run Android apps on Windows Phone. This news comes soon after the company announced […]


Criminal Justice as a Service – Microsoft’s Viewpoint

In a recent blog post, Microsoft talks about criminals being global threat. It says crime travels borders and has high mobility. According to Microsoft, Criminal Justice as a Service (CJaS) can help a long way in solving cases as well […]

Windows Apps

Windows Universal Apps are now officially Windows Apps

In a presentation released by Microsoft, titled Journey To One Windows, it has used the term Windows Apps for Windows Universal Apps. Thus Metro apps or Modern apps or Windows Store apps or Universal apps will now go by the […]

Google VPN to hit Android devices soon

Google is everywhere. You have been using it as a search engine for years. Then you used its cloud offering in form of Google Docs that are not part of Google Drive. You probably used Google DNS too. You may […]

Ford partners with Microsoft to deliver Connected Car Services

The partnership of Ford and Microsoft is not a new thing. It earlier partnered with Microsoft years ago to provide the initial version of Sync, a cloud based system present on all models of Ford and Lincoln. Due to customer […]

Microsoft losing education sector? Chromebook sales reach 5 million.

Even though Microsoft is offering free Office 365 to students and educational institutions worldwide, it is losing out its hold on educational sector. Instead of Office 365, educational institutions are preferring Google apps for education: Google Docs, Google Classroom etc. […]

Windows Phone 10 will include sensors for physical actions

Microsoft Windows Phone 10 is expected to be released somewhere around September 2015. The presenters in the Jan 21 2015 event had earlier made it clear that features will vary by devices. What we did not know – until WinHec […]

Microsoft betting on Windows 10 to change Phone market share

Microsoft is trying to do almost everything to increase its Windows Phone market share. As of now, Android has a command in the mobile phone market share, especially in the eastern and middle-eastern part of the world. On an average, […]

Microsoft aims to earn money by providing freemium products

Microsoft is offering a free upgrade to Windows 10 for users of Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. After offering freemium games, it has announced “freemium” products for Xbox and PC console users of Windows 10. It is even […]

Facebook user fakes suicide; Lands in Mental Asylum

Facebook user Shane said he wanted to test the Facebook suicide prevention tool and hence he posted suicidal material on the social networking site. Anyway, he had to spend 72 hours in a mental asylum as no one was willing […]

Microsoft all set to be the future of Internet of Things

What we had speculated few weeks ago in our article on Windows 10 aiming to be the future of IoT has now been confirmed by Microsoft. In its blog on March 19, 2015, Microsoft says a special version of Windows […]